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Dies and vignettes demonstrating best practice are used throughout the text illustrating how monitored collaboration between learners can result in an effective learning environment where targets are met Essential reading for practising teachers and students this book is a valuable guide for those looking to provide effective teaching and learning within a constructivist framewo.

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Psychology for the Classroom

Rary issues and strategies including the use of e learning and multimedia Throughout the book theory is linked with its practical implications for everyday teaching and learning and chapters incorporatethe history of constructivist and social learning theory and key thinkerspedagogical implicationspractical strategies for the classroomconstructivist theory and e learningCase stu.

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Psychology for the Classroom Constructivism and Social Learning provides a lively introduction to the much debated topics of talk and group collaboration in classrooms and the development of interactive approaches to teaching The authors provide a background to research in constructivist and social learning theory offering a broad and practical analysis which focuses on contempo.

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