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    WellThat didn't go AT ALL like I was expecting it to I saw some reviews of this floating around on Goodreads a few weeks a

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    This is a masterfully written book Chee just is masterful I loved this novel I loved the density of the prose and the almost obsessive attention to detail and the intricate plot that never stopped even when the last line had been written I do think some of the recaps of the various operas was just a bridge too far like let's wrap it up friend These recaps though full of interesting detail made the otherwise lively story drag a

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    Like a pretty courtesan trying to make a living this novel tried desperately to seduce me It flirted it danced it even sang for meBut the sedu

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    Opera circus travel a strong woman protagonist passion love author Chee tics every 'can't wait to read this book' box Som

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    Lilliet Berne has secrets many secrets hidden in her past and layered upon each other through time and circumstance Now she is a successful opera singer but during a ball one night a man brings a libretto to her attention that seems to be based on her lifeOnly a few people know the truth behind the secrets whi

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    The fictional female character in The ueen of the Night is an American born opera singer whom if meant to resemble anyone

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestThere's an author named Jennifer Wilde who wrote some of the trashiest longest winded bodice rippers I've ever encountered always both lewd and boring with heroines who go through hell and back and yet are somehow remarkably detached on an emotional level from anything happening to them whether it's the death of a loved one or brutal rape at the hands of a captor

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    This book was like a vacation that has lasted a little too long it's great while it's happening but you're glad w

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    This book much hyped and anticipated has been on my radar for ages I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it Operadivasscandalintriguewhat’s not

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    I’ve loved opera since I was a teenager and most of the time I soak it in and drink it up by myself But it’s okay because Alexander Chee is here with the most operatic novel I’ve ever read about wait for it an opera singer whose secret past is the story of a new opera Honestly even if you aren’t much of

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Kako bi preživela ona od cirkuske jahačice postaje kurtizana od caričine služavke pevačica a sve vreme je upletena u komplikovanu mrežu ljubavi dužnosti i političkih intrigaPored sudbine istorijskih ličnosti roman prati i Lilijet i ulogu Kraljice noći koja može da joj osigura ugled – ili je uništi tajnama koje otkri. This book much hyped and anticipated has been on my radar for ages I couldn t wait to get my hands on it Operadivasscandalintriguewhat s not to love And indeed it has all that and Actually maybe a little too much The plotline is basically this it is narrated by a woman who never provides her real name Her life is a surreal series of episodes that take her from a farm in Minnesota to New York to Paris to London and back to America She is a farm girl an orphan an euestrienne acrobat a courtesan a grisette a courtesan again a legendary soprano Intrigue and treachery surround her Plots and subplots abound There are lovers aplenty but of course only one true love It is a fairy tale but a very adult and twisted oneI have read this cover to cover twice The book like an opera is divided into Acts The first time I was totally into it until I got to the end of the Third Act All of the sudden I was lost Huh What happened Did I miss something I proceeded on cautiously paying close attention and concentrating with all my might The middle of the book was tough going Too many players too much intrigue and pulling of strings who is controlling who Repetitiveseemed like it would never end And then it picked up and got interesting again but by that time I was mentally exhausted and not really sure what was going on When I finished I sat and thought it about it a bit and realized I couldn t recall how our narrator got from point A to B to C very easily so I went back and read it again I enjoyed it the second time and didn t feel as lost although I do feel justified in saying this book is unnecessarily weighted down by repetition and could have used tighter editing I also didn t love the affectation of writing without using uotation marks to denote dialogue There were times I assumed I was reading straight narration when a conversation was actually taking place I d have to go back and re read the paragraph to absorb the context Frustrating and added to the dense weighty feeling of the bookStillI loved the story as a living and breathing piece of historical fiction I was drawn into the milieu of the French Third Republic just before the onset of La Belle poue Chee s characters include Giuseppe Verdi the Empress Eug nie de Montijo Napoleon III George Sand Countess di Castiglione Pauline Giardot Garcia Ivan Turgenev Charles Garnier Cora Pearl and If you don t know who some of these people are I didn t either until I read this book and did some research afterwards I had no idea most of Chee s characters were real people I also loved the connection of the storyline to various opera plotsThere are bits of pieces of lovely writing throughout Why is it so loud when you cry from grief Because it must be loud enough for the missing one to hear though it can never be Loud enough to scale the sky and the backs of angels or to fall through the earth where they rest Neither of us said anything for a moment I sat back again There was only the unearthly sound of the crystal and silver set on all the tables ringing as we went as if the train were a mystical bell of many parts This strange concert was oddly comforting Overall although I wrestled with the book and how to rate it I am awarding it a 4 If you love historical fiction and are drawn at all to the arts I recommend this to you If you have the luxury of time consider reading it twice to absorb the ambiance and make connections you may have missed in the first read through Although this is flawed it is still beautiful and uniue

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The ueen of the Night

Očaravajući roman o burnom putu jedne mlade žene od cirkuske jahačice i kurtizane do svetski poznate diveLilijet Bern je senzacija Pariske opere legendarni soprano sa svim priznanjima osim životne uloge koju svaki pevač želi kako bi postao besmrtan Kad joj takvu ulogu ponude ona shvata sa strepnjom da se libreto zasniva na. WellThat didn t go AT ALL like I was expecting it to I saw some reviews of this floating around on Goodreads a few weeks ago and when I decided to look up a plot description it sounded like everything I wanted from a novel The story begins with Lilliet Berne star soprano of the Paris Opera being offered an original role in a new opera But as she reads the story she realizes that the opera is based on her own life and exposes secrets from her past that she wants to stay buried There are only four people who know Lilliet s secrets and she decides to find out who s working behind the scenes to expose her As she does the reader follows her on her journey and learns how Lilliet went from orphan farm girl to circus euestrian to courtesan to imperial spy and ended as an opera singerBased on that description this book should have been my absolute jam Opera singers Belle Epoue Paris Intrigue Affairs Courtesans These are all things that I love yet I did not enjoy a single page of The ueen of the Night and I still can t figure out whyNothing in this book worked for me Other reviews praised Lilliet as an awesome heroine I found her dull Sure it was impressive the way she was consistently wiggled her way out of one scrape after another her best escape is stolen directly from The Count of Monte Cristo and I ll forgive the absurdity of it because I love a good Dumas homage but there didn t seem to be any spark to her it was just five hundred pages of oh now I have to deal with this Well that was a close one Maybe the problem was Chee s prose which struck me as very dry and removed I wanted narration that threw itself whole heartedly into the fantastical aspects of this story and was willing to have a little fun with it Chee s writing takes itself way too seriously and as a result I couldn t commit myself to what should have been a melodramatic adventure storyThe other major problem was the antagonist At the beginning of Lilliet s career as a courtesan she is purchased literally purchased by a man she refers to only as the tenor But he might as well be named the patriarchy because his job is to remind the reader of how thoroughly it sucked to be a woman in the 19th century Sure fine I can get behind a malevolent john character when Lilliet is starting out But then the tenor refuses to go away Every time Lilliet escapes him he just reappears a few chapters later and she s back where she started and by the time this had happened three times I was beyond bored with the tenor He has nothing to redeem himself to the reader but isn t evil enough to be a compelling villain When Lilliet finally view spoilerkills him it happens about three hundred pages too late Chee should have killed the tenor off way earlier in the story so he could be another skeleton in Lilliet s closet and made up a better villain to take his place Also the murder itself is so fucking easy there s no reason she couldn t have done it literally years ago And it s stupidly absurd she stabs him which yay But then she breathes fire at him and it s pointless and I m just glad that Chee resisted the urge to write SUITABLE FOR FILM ADAPTATION at the bottom of the page because that s clearly what he was thinking when he wrote the scene hide spoiler

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Tajni iz njene prošlosti Samo četiri osobe mogle su da je izdaju jedna je mrtva jedna je voli jedna želi A za jednu se nada da ju je zaboravilaDok kopa po svojim uspomenama kako bi našla trag priseća se svog života kad je kao siroče došla u Evropu iz Amerike i uletela u bleštavi i vrtoglavi svet Drugog carstva u Parizu. The fictional female character in The ueen of the Night is an American born opera singer whom if meant to resemble anyone author Alexander Chee says is Pamina from The Magic Flute this book is meant as a reinvention of the Mozart opera as a novel In first person narration the story beginsWhen it began it began as an opera would begin in a palace at a ball in anencounter with a stranger who you discover has your fate in his hands He is perhaps a demon or a god in disguise offering you a chance at either the fulfillment of a dream or a trap for the soul A comic element the soprano arrives in the wrong dress and it decides her fate The year was 1882 The palace was the Luxembourg Palace the ball the Senat Balat the beginning of autumn It was still warm and so the garden was used as well I was the sopranoI was Lilliet Berne Lilliet is flabbergasted horrified to discover that this stranger has discovered secrets about her which only a handful of people knowThe stranger invites her to star in a new opera but the words of a novel he shows her are of her life An entire team is working on this opera which came from a diary found in a hotel the man was refurbishing He has no idea it s of Lilliet s life Somebody does Who Lilliet does not let on to this stranger either Instead she is on a mission to find out who did betray her We learn of Lilliet s life storystarting in Minnesota in a log cabin to the present timea Grand Opera House in Paris This is a 600 chubby book is sitting next to me page turning fantasticIt s a sweeping historical epic a treasureThe plot takes center stage The plot being the mystery of who betrayed Lilliet s secrets yet I enjoyed the entire journeya rags to riches story an orphan to Lillett Berne the name she comes to be known as in Paristhe history the opera the details of the musical training the fashion the friendships the colorful characters betrayal twists and turnsand a love story a little complicated triangle and a little sex There is an overall lush atmosphere with so many lovely moments to simply smileThe writing was gorgeousHer skin was slightly sallow and she was not pretty but she exerted a nearly violent need for your attention Her cloud of hair was like smoke She was wearing and enormous cancan skirt the biggest I d ever seen filling the seats to either side of her on the bench as she slumped rakishly her half lidded eyes watching something directly ahead of her something only she could seePart of why I bought this book is because I use to have season tickets with San Jose Opera having enjoyed the productions of Carmen and The Magic Flute a couple times each My daughter and I went to the Opera together So my memories were my initial opening of interest with plans to give her this bookhowever you don t need to have an ounce of interest in Opera to enjoy this story It has a memoir feeling to itEngaging storytelling with a steady pace I stumbled in a few parts a little hindrance due to my lack of French comprehension But often than not I was completely drawn into the storyI think this is a Fabulous Book worthy of these 600 pages5 stars