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When she finds herself involved with a man she had never seen beforeA man too old for her too forbidden and wrong yet a man she can't resist Is he really who he tells her to be Is there really a blood connection The reality could change a lot of things if Giulia ever finds out the truth.

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Dangerous Obsession

Giulia's life was devastated with tragic events and mysteries when she was too young to understand and to bear with the pain Years passed and she is still suffering Her parents had secrets a past life she wasn't aware of How will she cope when she finds herself dealing with their mistakes.

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Who is the man with the scar and what does he want from her Can true love go beyond age and morality Giulia thinks so It's a fact that forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest even when it's dangerous How far can love go What will happen when innocence is lost An R rated story of forbidden lov.

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    Best book ever It was like seeing a film The action the love and the chemistry there was between the main characters got me addicted I loved all the books by this author Hope she writes

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    AmazingKeeps you hooked I would recommend it to anyoneLoved it

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