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F the losing side to the sons of the winning group in a yearly ritual This year it is my turn My name is Ivy Westfall and my mission is simple to kill the president’s son my soon to be husband and restore the Westfall family to power But Bishop Lattimer is either a very skilled acto. A boy who doesn t want to lie married to a girl who can t tell the truth The moment I saw this stunning cover I ve made up my mind whatever happened I ll read it Because c mon Isn t it eye catching Her white backless dress indicated her early wedding The knife held behind her back meant the very purpose she needed to get close to him The silhouette of the city resembled where the story took place including WestfallWest and LattimerEast sides of itThis is a story about arranged marriage Following our beloved female mc Ivy Westfall she was forced to marry some guy she never met before her marriage when she was 16 Previously reminder Long before the war in the US the Westfall and the Lattimer family had been enemy politically the former was the founder of the place yet was under full control of the latter With the view of seeking peace between the two parties Lattimer legitimated the arranged marriage for boys and girls from both sides of the city to marry each other Since Ivy s father was supposed to be the President instead of Mr Lattimer she served as a spy and had an important mission when she married Bishop Lattimer the only son of President Lattimer In the beginning she thought it would be easy to accomplish her goal but as time went by she realized that he wasn t what her father and older sister Callie had prepared her for He wasn t the guy they thought would abuse her like some unfortunate typical arranged marriages Better yet he appeared to have a kind heart and his words were genuine enough to send warmth to her When his scream fades into silence he rests his forehead against the metal Sometimes he says voice raw I hate this place He twists his neck and looks at me hands still hooked in the fence above his headI know I say barely a whisper Me too However with her constant meeting with Callie her sister kept reminding her how crucial Ivy s phase of the entire plan was and stopped her from chickening out So Ivy was caught in a dilemma whether she had to choose a boy who helped her find freedom and the way to save herself or someone who shared the same blood You re easy to read Ivy but the whole book of you is complicated I love the plot a lot but somehow there s something missing in it The chapters are pretty short and light to read the action is addictive and really fast paced though I think if there are tension and interaction between the newly wed it will undoubtedly make this story so much captivating and complete Not that I m complaining it s just that I prefer twists and pages and chapters for such a fantastic page turner Honestly I just can t get enough of Ivy Bishop Bishop is definitely the best role model for an ideal boyfriend he possessed all kinds of uality I m expecting a bf has He was extremely considerate and could always put himself into others shoes or knew Ivy well despite the fact that she wasn t good at telling the truth of all time In a nutshell he knew how to sweet talk and still express himself truthfully It s hard not to melt under the influence of his cheesy words Why me I askBecause everyone needs someone to put their faith in Bishop says Life s too lonely otherwise And I m putting mine in you The ending was rather heartbreaking It s amazing how such a short story could still strongly make me emotional I m not easy to cry over a book but this one got me Perhaps some may consider the end too cliche but for me I just loved it As a result I can t wait to see how she dealt with her Poison Ivy behavior and the severe conseuence she was responsible forLast but not least I totally recommend this bookduology to everyone It s a very enjoyably light read to get pass reading slumps and also a beautiful love story for someone who were forced to marry strangers Love isn t something you can legislate Love is than charts and graphs and matching interests Love is messy and complicated and it is a mistake to deny its random magic

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The Book of Ivy

R or he’s not the cruel heartless boy my family warned me to expect He might even be the one person in this world who truly understands me But there is no escape from my fate I am the only one who can restore the Westfall legacyBecause Bishop must die And I must be the one to kill h. 35 starsLately I have been a bit weary of hype Hype can be a great thing because it enables you to find books you would otherwise never have picked up However it can also take the fun out of reading because you practically already know everything about a book before you ve even read the first page This is why I decided to pick up The Book of Ivy which I really hadn t heard that much about previously In this case the decision paid of I really enjoyed this novel it was a very short uick readThe Book of Ivy is a dystopian novel that takes place in the future after the United States has been destroyed by a nuclear war Most people were completely wiped out and there was only a small population left These people came together to establish a new nation but there were two rival sides the Westfalls and the Lattimers The Lattimers won and now fifty years later peace and control is maintained by marrying the daughters of the losing side to the sons of the winning group The story follows Ivy Westfall who is forced to marry Bishop Lattimer at the age of sixteen What nobody outside of Ivy s family knows however is that Ivy is on a mission to kill Bishop in order to restore the Westfall family to power My feelings for this book are bit all over the place so let s break it down shall weWorld buildingThe world building is definitely the weakest part of the novel It was meager at best We got practically no explanations for what happened to the world Although politics are the central issue in the novel they were very simplified and not exploited Having said that though I was surprised by how little I actually cared about the lack of world building This is very unusual for me as I am world building freak it s part of why I love fantasy so much Somehow I found myself enjoying the story and not dwelling too much on the fact that nothing was really explainedCharactersI mostly really enjoyed the main characters even though I did have a few problems with both of themIvy was a very relatable and likeable protagonist She is very compassionate and outspoken yet also impulsive which gets her into trouble At times I did find Ivy a tad annoying simply because she kept repeating the same thoughts over and over again in her head and her impulsiveness seemed uite reckless Her character development was very typical for a dystopian girl starts uestioning and reevaluating her beliefs and realizes that some of the things she s been taught her entire life are in fact incorrect or exaggerated In that she appeared a little indecisive and there were times where I just wanted to shake her However considering the fact that she was only sixteen and had been sheltered her entire life she was a very realistic character and I found myself rooting for her I could really feel how torn she was between the loyalty to her family and her budding feelings towards Bishop In my opinion and I m sure some of you will agree with me there is a big difference between the bookish boyfriends we love to swoon over in our favorite books and the ones we would actually like to date in real life Many brooding dark bad boys might be amazing to read about but if they were real I would probably steer clear Bishop however is the opposite He is literally the PERFECT guy in every way everything anyone could ever want in a boyfriend He is very kind and handsome trusting and considerate intelligent and selfless I want to be someone strong and brave enough to make hard choices But I want to be fair and loving enough to make the right ones And that s where the problem lies as much as I loved Bishop I don t like characters that don t have flaws Not just out of principle but because they are kind ofbland dull He was adorable but not interesting Plot RomanceThe book of Ivy is essentially a love story Yes there are political and ideological elements involved but at its core it s a novel about two star crossed lovers The plot wasn t particularly thrilling but it did keep my attention throughout and the ending was very unexpected I m definitely curious to know what happens in the second installment since it s going to have a very different premise than the first oneI really enjoyed the romance it was very cute and there was no insta love or love triangle Hallelujah Some readers might consider their relationship too sweet I sure thought I would but honestly I found myself completely engaged The one thing I didn t like was that clich towards the end view spoilerBishop telling Ivy he wanted to meet her from the first time her saw her hide spoiler

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After a brutal nuclear war the United States was left decimated A small group of survivors eventually banded together but only after conflict over which family would govern the new nation The Westfalls lost Fifty years later peace and control are maintained by marrying the daughters o. I need the next book now That was crazy

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    A boy who doesn't want to lie married to a girl who can't tell the truth “You’re easy to read Ivy but the whole book of you is complicated” Wow this is the first book that I loved the main charactersIvy and Bishop❤ and no one

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    My name is Ivy Westfall and my mission is simple to kill the president’s son—my soon to be husband—and return the Westfall family to power So the premise is grandiose AMAZING I didn’t want to expect much f

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    I need the next book now That was crazy

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    YES DAT ENDING DOEOkay I was totally prepared to give this like 35 or 4 stars It was enjoyable but there wasn't much going on storywise And then somewhere nearing the end things went exactly in the direction I wanted it to go and the ending even though it's a cliffhanger still left me really really fucking satisfied I thought this book was g

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    A boy who doesn't want to lie married to a girl who can't tell the truth The moment I saw this stunning cover I've made up my mind whatever happened I'll read it Because c'mon Isn't it eye catching? Her white back

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    35 starsLately I have been a bit weary of hype Hype can be a great thing because it enables you to find books you would otherwise never have picked up However it can also take the fun out of reading because you practically a

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    THIS BOOK WAS AMAZINGYou guys you NEED to read this I couldn't put it down I read it in 2 sittings which never happens I loved everything about this book the pacing was perfect the characters were amazing the love story was one of the best I've seen not rushed it was just perfect Bishop is now one of my new book boyfriends for sureIts going to be a struggle waiting for the next book I NEED to know what happens with IvyTh

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    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO This book has shattered my heart into a million pieces and I'll never be the same againI HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT VIDEO REVIEW BLOG REVIEW

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    My thoughts on The Book of Ivy are uite simple I loved itIt's been awhile since I have picked up a straight young adult dystopian book and I have to say that the experience was refreshing This book is a testament to the idea that less can be WAY There is nothing complicated or overly complex about the book and honestly it is part of what made is so enjoyableAmy Engel was able to capture something familiar yet enticing with her balance betwe