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As carols and dreaming of Christmases yet to betogetherBut on the eve of Christmas a night of joy and forgiveness would Dillon find the strength to give him and Moniue their second chan.

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Second Chance Dad

Christmas Bells Wedding BellsFive months before Christmas his old love gave to hima child he never knew he had But Dillon Bell had been betrayed once before by this woman; dare he belie.

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Ve Moniue's son was truly hisThree months before Christmas Dillon was embracing daddyhood but now faced a different dilemma For Moniue had warmed his icy heart Had him whistling Christm.

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    I fell in love with Angela Benson's writing when I read one of her later reads Delilah's daughters for a book club discussion last year Thankfully I was able to find some of her older works at the library and lo

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    This is my third time reading this bookI so love this story

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