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Psychoanalysis and Dreams explores some of the cornerstones of Antonino Ferro's theoretical model but also attempts to extend the dreamlike boundaries of the model Based on Bion's theory of alpha function and the analytic field Ferro has developed his own original theorization of transformations in dreams and of work in the analytic session as a.

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Psychoanalysis and Dreams

Two minds at work At the centre of Ferro's theoretical proposal stands the transition from a psychoanalysis of contents to a psychoanalysis which develops the apparatus for thinking based on the conception of an unconscious in a perennial state of construction and transformation which must be dreamed and which continuously expands as it is dreame.

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Waking dreamClearly highlighted in the book is Ferro's theory that transformation in dreams is the activity which is constantly carried out in the mind of the analyst who nullifies the reality status of the patient's communication and considers the patient's narrative as a dream which must be constructed in real time in the encounter between the.