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Sex magic has always been an area of great interest in my work but I have never found a book that would speak about it from the perspective of the Western Left Hand Path magic There are plenty of books on Tantra workbooks teaching you how to start your sex magic practice and general guides to the subject but I’ve never come across a working manual for a modern practitioner of the Left Hand Path With this book I hope to fill this gap and show that sex magic is an important part of Left Hand Path practice and it can enhance your rituals in many ways and teach you how to use one of your greatest powers the power of sexuality to awaken your inner potential and to manifest your desiresIn Rituals of Pleasure we will look at chosen areas of magic and magical techniues discussing their use in sex magic and showing how they can empower your sex magic rituals and how sex magic can empower other workings We will discuss the use of sexual energy both of physical results and for initiation and self transformation Rituals and techniues presented here will show you how to use the knowledge of the body and the power of sex and lust pleasure and pain desire and fulfillment to gain gnosis interact with spirits and improve your day to day life and wellbeing All of this is written from the perspective of an active practitioner of left hand path magic for other practitioners who like myself want to experiment with their sexual energy for the sake of personal developmentLet’s have a look at the list of contents to see what you can find in the book and what you can learn from it The chapters of the book are as followsDream Lovers Chapter 1In the first chapter you will learn about myths and legends of succubi and incubi We will take a look at ancient accounts of medieval folklore discussing the nature of sex with spirits and speak about how much truth is in all these storiesSex Possession Drea.

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Rituals of Pleasure

Ances and liminal states magic potions and ointments practices of exhaustion and sensory deprivation and many othersThe Vampire Chapter 7In chapter seven you will learn about astral vampirism and sexual vampires We will take a look at the folklore of vampirism and see how much truth is in the legends of sexual predators assaulting people in their sleep Here you will also find out about practical techniues of astral vampirism and learn how to summon a vampire spirit for dream magic and how to transform yourself into an astral vampireThe Witch Moon Chapter 8Chapter eight is dedicated to female magic witchcraft and the use of menstrual blood and female sexual energy You will learn here how the blood of the moon can be used in a practical way alone and mixed with male sexual fluids and what magical values and ualities these substances had in legends and how they can be used nowBlood Sacrifice Chapter 8In chapter nine we will discuss rites of domination and submission bondage and pain workings of deprivation and exhaustion and magical trances induced by the gnosis of fear and depletion We will also go back to the very roots of sacred sexuality and discuss the role of the Angels of Prostitution in sex magic on the example of a ritual of Naamah as a sacred harlotThe Alcove of Fornication Chapter 10In chapter ten you will learn about pacts and long terms relationships with spirit lovers We will speak here about possible advantages and disadvantages of sacred marriages with spirits and deities and I will provide a sample ritual of entering a pact with a spirit loverDemonic Children Chapter 11And in the last chapter we will speak about how you can use sex for self creation instead of procreation We will also discuss the concept of “magical children” presenting myths and legends behind such practices how to create them and how to work with them on a daily basis in a modern context.

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M Magic Chapter 2In chapter two we will talk about sex magic in general and discuss magical techniues that are used in the book to work with sexual energy These techniues include astral magic and lucid dreaming evocation and possession evocation and spirit encounters working with sigils and talismans and inner fire Kunda practices We will speak about advantages and disadvantages of working alone and with a partner and we will also take a look at potential dangers of sex magicIn The Garden Of Lilith Chapter 3In chapter three you will learn about Lilith her realm on the dark side of the moon and her role in sexual initiations of the left hand path We will also discuss methods to summon a demon lover and I will present them with an example of the ritual of lipoth showing how to work physically with an incubus or succubus by using sexual energy as a vehicle for astral and dream experienceErotic Dreams Chapter 4In chapter four we will speak about sex without any physical contact or the so called non corporeal or out of body sex and we will discuss astral and lucid dreaming techniues to work with sexual energy Also in this chapter you will learn how to become an incubus or succubus yourself and have sex with whoever you want wherever you want and in whatever way you want itFeast of Flesh Chapter 5In chapter five we will discuss the physical aspects of sex with spirit and deities and we will work with the body as a temple through rites of invocation and possession This is presented on the example of Lilith and Samael and we will discuss how to work with them and how their sexual alchemy can be used for the sake of self initiationUnholy Sabbath Chapter 6In chapter six we will take a look at sex and the Witches’ Sabbats We will speak about the folklore underlying the concept of the Sabbat nocturnal governings and their symbolic meaning and traditional Sabbatic techniues such as tr.

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