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Ers are presented in hilarious and dramaticepisodes Kite flying medicine taking school days and arerecorded against the backdrop of rapid political chan.

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Walk good Guyana boy

Now in Second Printing a novel about growing up in BritishGuiana 1940's 1960's Written in colourful Guyanese creole a paradeof comic and unusual charact.

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Ges in the formerBritish colonyThe theme of Walk Good Guyana Boy is universal life iscomic ironic and tragic and human nature usually rises to theoccasi.

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    Read this book circa 1998 Reading each storychapter takes one back to the placebuilding or person mentioned in the book of our beautiful country Br Guiana now known as Guyana

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    I felt so nostalgic when I read this book even though I'm an 80s born Guyanese almost every possible story belief or saying

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