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Part Yet when Marc appeared in her life fifteen years later the sparks that flew were as explosive as the day they first metNow their reignited passion was changing their lives in ways than one. 2 stars I love you but your mother doesn t like me so we can t be together I d prefer a different plotSTORY BRIEFMari and Marc fell in love as teenagers in Harbor Town When Mari was 18 Marc s father Derry was drunk and caused an auto accident killing himself Mari s parents and Eric s mother Most of Derry s assets were used to pay claims to the victims Marc s mother resented this She had to sell the family home and no longer had any money to pay for her children s college education Eric and his sister used the money to pay for their own college education Mari did not spend her money Instead she saved it for fifteen years and now will use it to fund The Family Center in Harbor Town a facility for victims of substance abuse Mari s purpose is to heal wounds from the pastAfter her parents deaths Mari moved to San Francisco and became a professional cello player She never married Marc became States Attorney in Chicago He married and divorced Mari visits Harbor Town to make arrangements for the Center Marc is visiting his mother in Harbor Town He still loves Mari From the moment he sees Mari he pursues her He still loves her Mari loves Marc but resistsREVIEWER S OPINIONThis is a short Harleuin novel a new genre for this author I m used to her hot steamy sex scenes but the sex in this book is mild as milk which is fine just different As a story there isn t much plot I was disappointed Most of the conflict between the couple is Mari loves him but feels they should not be together So she avoids Marc at different times during the story When they see each other for the first time after fifteen years they spend a wonderful night together and then she won t return his calls Later they start seeing each other again But soon Marc s mother gets sick which reminds Mari that they should not have a relationship and again she refuses to see Marc The repeating conflict of I love you but your mother doesn t like me so we can t be together doesn t make a good story for meWhen Marc and Mari are together they are freuently interrupted by other people I think this happened about five times That s ok but it wasn t as entertaining as it could have beenThe best part of the book is probably the reader identifying with Mari and enjoying the feeling of this wonderful gorgeous guy loving you and pursuing you no matter how often you say noDATAStory length 211 pages Swearing language mild including religious swear words Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 3 Estimated number of sex scene pages 12 Setting current day Chicago Illinois and Harbor Town Michigan Copyright 2011 Genre contemporary romance

characters The Hometown Hero Returns Home to Harbor Town #1

The Hometown Hero Returns Home to Harbor Town #1

At eighteen Marianna Itani thought she'd found the man of her dreams in Marc Kavanaugh the uintessential boy next door That perfect romance flew to pieces when an unspeakable tragedy tore them a. My initial reaction to hearing that one of my favorite erotic romance writers is doing a Harleuin series is the same reaction I have to my favorite PNR authors jumping into the YA genreWaaaait Noooo Stay with us Sherrilyn Kenyon I m looking at you But then I tell myself to stop being selfish and I follow along on the author s creative journey because I want to hear their voice than anything I m excited about Beth s exposure to a whole new group of fans and although I missed my precious wicked hot love scenes and had to keep reminding myself This is Harleuin Not Harleuin Blaze this sweet romance did have much of her signature strong emotional undertone that I m accustomed to in the Berkley titles Fifteen years after a major Harbor Town tragedy has torn apart 3 families including the families of Marianna Mari Itani and Marc Kavanaugh the story opens with Marc tracking down his first love in a Chicago hotel for a night of passion they should have and nearly shared as teenagers Fearing the tension and animosity between the remaining Itani s and Kavanaugh s too strong Mari no shows the next day doesn t return Marc s calls and basically disappears for weeks until Marc spots Mari at a Harbor Town summer parade on the eve of the tragedy s anniversary I keep referring to the tragedy it s a rather uniue set up for a romance novel one that I d rather not spoil Unbeknownst to Mari she s now pregnant with Marc s baby As teens it was perfectly acceptable for Mari s brother to date around but her Lebanese family had a strick hands off policy when it came to their daughter Realizing the unfairness in this Mari rebelled and made out with Marc in secret places all over her family s home But this is not the Mari of today With the stress of the pregnancy that she isn t aware of the actual clashes between the tragedy s victimssurvivors and the icy daggers Marc s mother keeps shooting Mari s way Mari believes that rekindling her relationship with Marc is selfish and dishonoring the memory of her family Marc was really the best part of the story for me I love a hero pursuer storyline and boy does he It takes a lot of patience on Marc s part to convince Mari that they should live their lives for themselves and not give up on a potential future together for the sake of appeasing their families I mean there were a few moments when I didn t even think Mari deserved Marc and I wanted to smack her He s gorgeous He loves you You re having a baby What s the problem babe But then I tempered those thoughts with my lack of understanding for the volatile almost unimaginable position Mari s in on that tragedy and so I gave her some slack Plus Marc s romantic side than made up for her flightiness The love scenes were still sensual and captivating Hello front yard tree wink I m excited to continue with the series and especially looking forward to the stories of Mari and Marc s brothers the cop the military man and intertwining love lives of guilt ridden survivors

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Mari was pregnant She was set on putting the pain of the past behind her not reopening scars that had never truly healed And their baby might bring these star crossed lovers back together foreve. A gentle romance set in a small Lake Michigan shoreline town As an original harleuin romance the story is rather short not allowing for too much character development or attachment to the main characters However being a Beth Kery fan I wanted to read it Both Mari and Marc have been touched by a small town tragedy affecting both of their families Once young overs on the cusp of adulthood the tragedy tore them apart It s only when Mari comes back to her home vacation town where Marc s extended family still resides and he visits do they reconnectA pleasant couple hour read

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    Liked it Not as hot as her erotic books In fact the first time they have sex on meeting after ten long years the author doesn't let us in sighI liked both the hH Can't blame them for the choices they made in the past and the separationYoung lovers torn apart by tragedy and fate Literally torn apart from each other's arm

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    This feels a bit strange reviewing a 'non erotic' romance by Beth Kery I think The Hometown Hero Returns is BK's first venture into category romance and it's a little on the 'mild' side compared to Wicked Burn Release Daring Time and Sweet Restraint all true scorchers So it took me a little while to get over the lack of explicit

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    My initial reaction to hearing that one of my favorite erotic romance writers is doing a Harleuin series is the same reaction I have to my favorite PNR authors jumping into the YA genreWaaaait Noooo Stay with us” Sherrilyn Kenyon

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    Well written straight forward no stalkers no paranormal aspects no intrigue romance about high school sweethearts who were torn apart by a tragedy involving both their families and their attempts to get back together It is now 15 years later and they must deal with the events of the past and various family members' unresolved grief loss and resentment Marc and Mari were well developed characters and despite being a little too perf

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    2 stars i guess the characters of marc and mari were nice even though they were a little boring the real issue here is his mother brigit like you're telling me her husband was drunk driving and caused an accident that killed mari and eric's parents yet it's somehow gives HER a license to be a complete bitch to mari because she's upset the other 2 families received settlement money? also her children are fully aware that their mother is a h

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    2 ½ stars I love you but your mother doesn’t like me so we can’t be together I’d prefer a different plotSTORY BRIEFMari and Marc fell in love as teenagers in Harbor Town When Mari was 18 Marc’s father Derry was drunk and caused an a

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    I really enjoyed this The hero and heroine used to be in love their families close but the heroine's parents were against them because of their family's religious beliefs but that didn't stop them and when they were about to consummate their love an accident changed everything robbing the heroine Mari of her parents the hero's drunk father de

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    Some people say you can never go home again but in Beth Kery’s Home to Harbor Town series going home again can be the one place you find both forgiveness and loveHarbor Town is a picturesue lakeside community that is known for it’s white sand beaches charming Main Street gorgeous sunsets and friendly neighbors It’s

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    A gentle romance set in a small Lake Michigan shoreline town As an original harleuin romance the story is rather short not

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    I’ve long been a fan of Ms Kery’s erotic work and was excited to see a new branch in her already successful career Writing for Harleuin is very different from writing for nearly any other publisher on the planet because when you pick up

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