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Ing Besides rumor had it that Brad would soon marry possessive Monica FallonIn fact rumors surrounded Brad's affairs and Sara had the strangest notion that some of them were tru.

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Bonded Heart

She was old enough to make her own decisions Sara partially blamed her brother for her predicament she had nowhere to live So when he tried to prevent her from working as a li.

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Ve in housekeeper for Brad Garwood she took the job to spite him It would have been better if her employer hadn't been such a disturbingly virile male But it was an honest liv.

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    Scooby Doo meets Harleuin complete with haunted Southern plantations costumed balls a malevolent ghost putting curses out suspicious accidents and a hint of paranormal activity all culminating in the unintentionally hilarious unmasking of the very human villain of the piece Utterly ridiculous but wildly entertaining

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    Pretty cute the h and H are both nice people although he plays it too close to the vest while she misinterprets everything he says eg she comes down to breakfast in a robe with sleep tousled hair and sleepy eyes and when he gets agitated and tells her to go get dressed she assumes it's because he's irritated that she doesn't look

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    Clean romance with a hero who is not the typical hateful 80's harleuin boor

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