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Their sexual beliefs in a way that encourages sexual healingBy understanding the goals of a sex positive body positive Christianity professionals can find a common language with the person of faith and build an effective therapeutic relationship This book will be a key point of reference for any sex therapist educator or student looking to integrate faith based concepts into their approach.

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Advancing Sexual Health for the Christian Client

Advancing Sexual Health for the Christian Client is an essential toolkit for professionals working at the intersection of Christian belief and sexual health In this book Beverly Dale and Rachel Keller deconstruct potentially harmful Christian beliefs around sexuality to support clients stuck in sexual guilt shame and fearCombining the experience of an ordained Christian clergy with a certif.

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Ied sexologist this guide promotes a new approach to sex and faith for therapists which will help their clients to reconcile a belief in God's love with sexual knowledge and fulfilment Grounded in historical and cultural contexts and drawing from both academic research and scriptural exegesis the authors offer practical clinical applications and interventions to enable clients to re examine.