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A Bill Peet nurtured his childhood drawing talent and was awarded a scholarship to the John Herron Art Institute in Indianapolis where he studied painting and design After a brief apprenticeship period he went to work for Walt Disney as a sketch artist eventua. Both my parents swear they read this to me but while I remember every other Bill Peet book in near perfect detail I had no recollection of either the story or illustrations in this when I tracked it down this year It blew me awayCapyboppy is different from all his books not only in the way the illustrations are black and white but in the whole tone of the story It is essentially a nonfiction recounting drawn from his own life and featuring a pet rather than wild animals But what a pet The story is very much a time locked one try imagining a world today where a wild animal bites a child hard enough to make him bleed and instead of bringing in police and lawyers it just makes a fun newspaper story Of course it does force them to reevaluate his suitability as a household pet but I think that s another product of the time in the first place How many capybaras have you seen in your neighbors backyardsThe illustrations completely capture the animal s cuteness and then some and the way he describes its sound as a tweetle tweet is charming The imagery of a pile of cats flying in all directions at the brain breaking sight of a giant rodent invading their territory is priceless There s even something about the idea of him chewing his grass in sullen silence that I love I can just picture the expression on its face All in all a brilliant book no matter your age I love every word in this so much I can t stop reading it The only drawback is that now I can t stop wishing I could have just one night spent reading on a loveseat with a sleepy capybara curled up next to me

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Lly becoming a screenwriter and helping to produce such beloved films as Fantasia 101 Dalmations and Peter Pan In 1959 Bill Peet published his first book Hubert's Hair Raising Adventure going on to write and illustrate over thirty successful books for children. Going on a Bill Peet binge and one that isn t even close to being finished yet I chose to read this particular book out of my pile that I have since it was related to an actual true animal character As a result this book explores the small bit of time when the Peet family opened up their house to their son s strange pet reuest of a young capybara and what it was like to have this giant rodent take up residence whether the results were good bad and ugly With only the simple and yet entertaining tone that decorates most of his books Bill Peet allows the reader yet again into his home The reader gets an entertaining memoir that not only looks back in time but also educates the reader upon the biggest rodent in the world and why as is most often heard it isn t wise to keep wild animals even if they start off as cute adorable youngsters Further Bill Peet s adorable and signature illustrations help to bring the story even alive to the readers Capyboppy keeps a charming and yet animal like face throughout the book while the illustrations on the neighboring cats mimic the humanish traits that decorate the majority of Peet s well known fictional characters All in all it was a great read and one that children will most definitely enjoy if they are into Peet

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The creator of whimsical fantasies featuring a bevy of lifelike and lovable creatures Bill Peet consistently combined excellent storytelling with enduring illustrations becoming one of the most popular picture book creators of our time Born in Grandview Indian. A reread of a favourite Bill Peet

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    I thought this book was cool It’s a memoir or biography about life at the Peet household At first I thought it might be fiction but then we get to see inside Bill Peet’s studio and there are drawings of Chester the Worldly Pig It was an A

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    I really enjoyed this true story of the Peet family's attempt to welcome a capybara into their home garage yard Peet's artwork is winsome and engaging I particularly liked the drawing of Capy lying on the couch

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    A reread of a favourite Bill Peet

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    Both my parents swear they read this to me but while I remember every other Bill Peet book in near perfect detail I had no recollectio

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    Although the ending is very sad especially if you know Capyboppy's ultimate fate the book is very nicely drawn and the story is touching Plus it is the only book currently available that features a capybara and that is worth a lot

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    A blast from the past as this was a childhood favourite of mine from my Primary School library I loved the illustrations and the very exotic capybara As a child I felt sad for Capy after he was kicked into the pool Upon re reading it as an adult and knowing about the trades in exotic animals as pets I still feel sad for him but also angry as animals such as Capy should not be taken from their own environment to be kept as pets

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    Going on a Bill Peet binge and one that isn't even close to being finished yet I chose to read this particular book out of my pile tha

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    Capyboppy is a sweet little children's book filled with Peet's whimsical artwork The book relates the true story of one family's experience with trying to turn a capybara a giant South American rodent into a house petThis being a book publis

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    Charming story true if I understand correctly of a family who raises a capybara for the pet and then discovers it just isn't working out and how to responsibly give the animal a new home I had never really heard about this large South American rodent until recentlyand I enjoyed reading this book aloud over two da

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    Hardcover here too Absolutely my FAVORITE children's book Bill Peet was at his best with this one If I had kids of my own I could justify making sure I got every book Bill Peet ever did Actually that's a lie I might do it anyway even if Antonio never develops an affection for the stories I hope he does though I love Bill's art I particularly remember still checking this out of the library in 4th grade ahem just because it was my f

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