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    So thrilled to be able to say that I've read this book almost like a life accomplishmentThe Win Without Pitching Manifesto is considered a masterpiece among creatives who seek to have a respectful profitable and a fulfilling business in the field such as design It primarily discusses how to have the best client creative relationship withou

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    This is a must read for any creative services company Especially in the first 1 3 years of business We do much of what the book preaches now 7 years in but it was a great reminder of how to operate and I still took away some good actionable items

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    To the point and a brilliant read for a creative to learn and assert themselves in the business world Can refer back to it many times too as it is well structured and easy to refer to

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    Good stuff here Anyone running a creative business or thinking of starting one should read this

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    This is a GREAT book for creative people that feel that going into business is selling outIf you struggle with finding a balance between creatin

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    I wish I had read this book 8 years ago and followed it to the letter This manifesto will guide any agency worth their weight to great success Blair speaks TRUTH

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    Putting Manifesto in the title makes it clear that this is an inspirational book not a how to manual And it is a masterwork of that It's not vague and fluffy inspiration It lays out specific goals and clear standards And it's sufficiently different to push your thinkingIt's primarily for creative agencies so if that's not

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    This may be one of the most important books you will read if you ever pitch anything And I have pitched a lot Sometimes I lose miserably and this book can tell you why But important it is telling you not to pitch at all Much better First off

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    I love that the author wrote this from Kaslo I lived in that tiny BC town for half a year when I was six years old and it was a foundational little adventure And since I live with my family in a medium sized BC town right now working remotely

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Ten to inspire owners of independent creative businesses eg design firms advertising agencies to rethink how their services are bought and sold Anyone who sells ideas or advice will find relevance in their teachings. Putting Manifesto in the title makes it clear that this is an inspirational book not a how to manual And it is a masterwork of that It s not vague and fluffy inspiration It lays out specific goals and clear standards And it s sufficiently different to push your thinkingIt s primarily for creative agencies so if that s not you then there will be nuances that don t apply But only subtle nuances For my consulting firm there were a lot of takeaways It s got a good mix of practical talk about money early so you don t waste a lot of time only to find out they can t afford you and strategic move from presentations to conversations and in between make sure you have the final decision maker in the conversation before spending a lot of time and effortA must read for B2B vendors of any type from IT to creative

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The Win Without Pitching Manifesto

A manifesto of business practices for those who sell ideas and advice The Win Without Pitching Manifesto lays out twelve steps in the form of proclamations that owners of creative businesses can take to distance the. This book tells how creative firms can win business by being expert consultants instead of pitching It also tells how to walk clients through the sales process and how to charge and provides other valuable advice There are 12 proclamations in this Manifesto of Business Practices for Creative Firms The writing is intelligent confident professional and sophisticatedThe Twelfth Proclamation contains an excellent summaryWe will see ourselves as professional practitioners who bring real solutions to our clients business problems We will seek respect above money for only when we are respected as experts will we be paid the money we seekI especially like the approach to sales as the expert practitioner determining fit rather than as the persuaderAs I read I kept thinking of ways to use the advice in my web design agency OptimWise I found myself saying we really need to do this or I can t wait to follow this Still I feel that the proclamations are easier for established firms to follow than those that haven t yet built up a strong reputationI read this because it was recommended by The Freelancers Show I read it online Following are my notes for several of the proclamationsWe Will SpecializeExpertise is the only valid basis for differentiating ourselves from the competition Not personality Not process Not price When the client has few alternatives to our expertise then we can dictate pricing we can set the terms of the engagement and we can take controlWe Will Replace Presentations with ConversationsPresentation like pitch is a word that we will leave behind as we seek conversation and collaboration in their placePractitioners do not present Stars do not auditionStrategy First We will not develop nor share with the client creative of any kind before the challenge has been diagnosed and the strategy prescribed and agreed toContinuous Reference to Strategy Immediately prior to presenting any creative we will review the agreed upon strategy with the client Freedom of Execution We welcome the client s input on the strategy and in exchange we ask him to grant us the freedom to explore various ways of executing itFewer Options of Better uality When we present creative options we will strive to limit them to as few as practical There is an inverse correlation between the uantity of creative options we present to the client and the confidence we have in their uality When we present options we will recognize our obligation to recommend one over the othersOnly We Present Our Work Whenever our diagnostic findings strategic recommendations or creative solutions are presented to anyone in our client companies it will be personnel from our firm that does soPresentations in which one party tries to convince the other to hire them build buying resistance conversations in which both parties endeavor to make an honest assessment of the fit between one s need and the other s expertise lower it It is not our objective to sell convince or persuade It is simply to determine if there exists a fit suitable enough to merit a next stepMove from the presentercomplier role to that of the expert practitioner This we do as a doctor or lawyer would through conversation and collaboration and not through presentationWe Will Diagnose Before We PrescribeFully diagnose the client s challenge before prescribing solutions4 phases in client engagements1 Diagnose problemopportunity2 Prescribe therapy3 Apply therapy4 Reapply therapy as necessaryA good client will begin to relinuish control once he has the confidence that the expert practitioner knows than he does or has the tools to learn Formalized diagnostic processes are such toolsWe Will Rethink What it Means to Sell3 selling steps based on client s place in buying cycle1 Help the unaware2 Inspire the interested3 Reassure those who have formed intentThe very best salespeople are respectful selective facilitators of change They help people move forward to solve their problems and capitalize on their opportunities The rest talk people into thingsTake the long road of helping future clients over time to see that perhaps they do have a problem Do this primarily through thought leadership our writings on our area of expertiseWe can build a business with enough people saying no to us every week provided many of them agree to subscribe to our thought leadership and we are diligent about future follow upClosing is all about reassuring When a prospect asks for a written proposal containing free recommendations his primary motivation is fear of making a mistake Find other ways to offer reassurance such as phased engagements pilot projects money back guarantees and case studiesThe Four Priorities of Winning New Business1 Win Without Pitching secure the business before it gets to a defined competitive selection process2 Derail the Pitch get the client to put his process aside and take an alternative first step with us3 Gain The Inside Track participate in the prospect s process but constantly gauge whether prospect is willing to tread you differently and grant the inside track inside information or access to hard to reach decision makers4 Walk Away Good prospective clients who recognize and value our expertise will grant us one of the above If a prospect won t walk awayWe Will Do With Words What We Used to Do With PaperWe are not trying to talk the client into hiring us and where we invite him to say no early and oftenIf the prospect isn t committed to a future date or event then the written proposal is not the tool to help propel him forward If the engagement has not yet moved from his wish list to his to do list then it is still inspiration he seeks We are better off in these cases exploring our previous work for examples of inspiration or examining with him his competitor s work or other best practices from further afield Sometimes such explorations merit a small paid discovery engagement and sometimes they are merely part of the conversations in the buying cycleWe do not begin to solve our clients problems before we are engaged Doctors charge for MRIs Accountants charge for audits Lawyers charge for discovery And we charge for our diagnostic work as well our clients pay us to write proposals via a phased sale that begins with a diagnosticWe Will Be SelectiveIf we are to build a lucrative expert firm then we must regain this balance of a small number of high uality clients Once regained we must accept that our client base will turn over and we must understand that this churn is healthyIf the opportunity is right and we retreat just a little the client is likely to follow The retreat and follow is an important test of how much the client recognizes and values our expertiseWe want to develop the habit of putting on the table for early discussion these or any other concerns we or the client might haveRaise the objections first Instead of waiting to hear You seem expensive we might say I m a little concerned about the ability an organization of your size has to afford us We Will Build Expertise RapidlyThe skills we must possess or acuire in order to succeed in a differentiated creative enterprise are in order1 consulting problem solving advising leading client through engagement2 writing blog newsletter published articles thought papers books etc3 creative work often the commodityWe Will Not Solve Problems Before We Are PaidIf we do not value our thinking the client will not How can we diagnose and prescribe for free one minute and later ask for hundreds or thousands of dollars for similar thinking there is a line that separates proving our ability to solve the client s problem from actually solving his problem We shall not be lured into crossing over this line before we are paidState with polite conviction It is our policy to not begin to solve our clients problems before we are engaged we should not progress so far as to share our diagnosis with the client before we are hired and appropriately paidWe Will Address Issues of Money EarlyIf we were to accept even half of the project work that comes to us then we would find ourselves aimlessly building a tactical firm burdened by too many small clients and projects with the commensurate challenges of poorer financial reward and less fulfillmentWe Will Refuse to Work at a LossProfit margins are higher in the first two phases diagnose and prescribe than in the last two apply and reapply Our thinking is the value added differentiator in the first two phasesWe Will Charge More to our clients the smallest invoices are the most annoying Through charging we will create time to think on behalf of our clients and we will eliminate the need to invoice for changes and other surprises Firms like ours are not fired over the large invoices for strategic work they are fired over the small invoices for tactical work It is the change order that creates the resentment that builds until the relationship snapsWe must price our upfront work right up to the first creative deliverable in big round numbers that end in zeros and thus clearly imply that our pricing for these services has little to do with the hours it takes to deliver them For the reapplication work that follows we are free to charge by the hour

free read ß eBook or Kindle ePUB î Blair Enns

Mselves from their competition regain the high ground in their client relationships and learn to win business without first parting with their thinking or writing lengthy proposals The twelve proclamations were writ. Good stuff here Anyone running a creative business or thinking of starting one should read this