The Ranchers Christmas Match ebook author Brenda Minton

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Rn the building into a thriving business Falling in love isn't part of the planbut with this injured veteran it's a gift that's hard to resist. This is a new to me author This was a great single mom story And falling for the rancher

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The Ranchers Christmas Match

A daddy for her daughterCan their Mercy Ranch Christmas become foreverstruggling single mom Rebecca Martin hears a philanthropist in Oklahoma. Loved the little girl in the book

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Is offering buildings rent free for a year she can't pass up the opportunity And cowboy Isaac West is just the unexpected help she needs to tu. Visit Hope By The Book to read my review

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    I love struggling single mom stories and this one really tugged at my heartstrings especially when the plot takes on some hard hitting angst I pretty much felt my way through this story which is my favourite way to enjoy a

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    I loved ❤ this book's storyline This book's storyline was sad 😥 I loved ❤ the Christian theme in this story I loved ❤ Rebecca's character My heart broke 💔 for Rebecca I loved ❤ Isaac's character My heart broke 💔 for Isaac I loved ❤ Allie my heart broke 💔 for Allie I loved ❤ the ending Awes

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    Loved the little girl in the book

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    Visit Hope By The Book to read my review

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    This was my first visit to Mercy ranch but it definitely won't be my last I love this place of hope and healing Such a cute story

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    'The people who should have been there for her prayed for her loved her had been the ones throwing stones She still felt the bruises of the words hurled at her by well meaning church members'I love love Brenda Minton's books She writes with a depth of heart and crafts characters that seem almost real to the reader I eagerly await each one she writes Highly recommend this author

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    We bought this book a few weeks before Christmas along with 3 others just got to read this one and wow Great story Rebecca and Isaac make such a nice couple and her little girl just so adorable A must read anytimeYES I recommend thi

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    This is a new to me author This was a great single mom story And falling for the rancher

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    I LOVE Brenda Minton's books Isaac with PTSD Rebecca an unwed mother of nine yr old Allie who has seizures and Jersey the service dog Welcome back to Mercy Ranch

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    A wonderful uplifting story well worth reading