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What would you do for love When Abby Minton agrees to host a book signing for Charles Greer in her bookstore she doesn't expect she'll end up giving the man dating adviceor dating him herself As she falls in love with Charles she becomes and petri.

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Crazy Love

Ip is one mishap after another But when Charles finally proposes Abby is faced with the most ridiculous prospect of all introducing him to her crazy family How can she keep the man of her dreams when her family is the stuff of nightmares54000 Word.

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Fied that their relationship would be history if he ever met her dysfunctional family Between her brother's failed bank heist interrupting Charles's book signing and roses from a persistent stalker making Charles think she's taken their relationsh.

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    The family was completely unrealistic just too over the top And both main characters having the same problem with family and doing the same thing to solve their problem was unrealistic Finished the book but it was difficult to force myself In addition sometimes the book didn't flow well like some things were missed during editing

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    This book was hard to get into harder to continue reading Not one i would want to read again I gave it a 3 star