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Ters by experts in food history or related topics Each chapter focuses on a particular theme idea or issue in the history of food The case studies discussed in these essays illuminate the general trends of the period providing the reader with insight into the large scale and dramatic changes in food history through an understanding of how these developments sprang from a specific geographic and his.

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The Routledge History of Food

The history of food is one of the fastest growing areas of historical investigation incorporating methods and theories from cultural social and women's history while forging a uniue perspective on the past The Routledge History of Food takes a global approach to this topic focusing on the period from 1500 to the present dayArranged chronologically this title contains 17 originally commissioned chap.

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Torical contextExamining the history of economic technological and cultural interactions between cultures and charting the corresponding developments in food history The Routledge History of Food challenges readers' assumptions about what and how people have eaten bringing fresh perspectives to well known historical developments It is the perfect guide for all students of social and cultural histor.

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