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D her parents and avenging her lossesTogether with her parabatai Julian Blackthorn Emma must learn to trust her head and her heart as she investigates a demonic plot that stretches across Los Angeles from the Sunset Strip to the enchanted sea that pounds the beaches of Santa Monica If only her heart didn’t lead her in treacherous directionsMaking things even complicated Julian’s brother Mark who was captured by the faeries five y. LADY MIDNIGHT tore me apart then pieced me back togetherthen tore me apart againLOVED this bookA very detailed review will be up on my channel later this week

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Lady Midnight

Ears ago has been returned as a bargaining chip The faeries are desperate to find out who is murdering their kind and they need the Shadowhunters’ help to do it But time works differently in faerie so Mark has barely aged and doesn’t recognize his family Can he ever truly return to them Will the faeries really allow it Glitz glamours and Shadowhunters abound in this heartrending opening to Cassandra Clare’s Dark Artifices serie. 1 City of Bones 2 City of Ashes 3 City of Glass 1 Clockwork Angel 4 City of Fallen Angels 2 Clockwork Prince 5 City of Lost Souls 3 Clockwork Princess 6 City of Heavenly Fire The Bane Chronicles Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy No one is ever the villain of their own story Lady Midnight was completely worth me reading eleven back list Cassie Clare titles for Holy shit this book was everything Everything And honestly this was one of the best things I ve read all year I am so in love friends This world just gets complex the banter gets funnier the cast gets diverse and the stories get and enthralling And this is easily the best book I ve read from Cassie Clare yet But I went into this brand new series that has been building up in the previous series for some time now never expecting the main story to be about a secret murderous cult Like the blessings Basically in Lady Midnight Emma is still unable to let the mysterious deaths of her parents go unsolved even though everyone else thinks they were just the first casualties of the start of the Dark War But it has been five years since then and the Cold Peace is still being held up by the Shadowhunters making it so no one can help or work with the fae Emma and the Blackthorns are living back at the LA Institute and upholding that law even though they know it s wrong That is until they get an offer that they can t refuse And we are thrown into a world of ley lines sacrificial killings necromancer magic and a baffling puzzle that Emma and the gang need to figure out uickly Lady Midnight is truly a book all about forbidden love It is filled with angst heartbreak and pain But it is so expertly done that you ll ask for and say please while doing so Cassandra Clare is just perfecting her writing her stories her characters her plot twists and her diversity with every single book This book honestly blew me away Also yes you need to read all eleven books leading up to his one truly Please use caution reading the rest of this review if you have not read this book and all the series leading up to this book And as always I m going to do a little mini character breakdown on my thoughts and feelings on all the main characters in this book Spoilers aheadPerfect art by Loweana who seriously makes my favorite art for every single fandom The Cruel Prince Six of Crows and now The Dark Artifices Emma Carstairs My ueen my love my entire heart My favorite main character in forever I m not joking I actually like her that much Easily my favorite character in all of Cassie Clare s books Wow The blessings I m not deserving Julian Blackthorn My soft sweet boy Too pure for this world and all the Shadowhunters I will protect him at all costs Also full disclosure I ve had a thing for the dark haired broody tortured artist type since high school and Adrian from Vampire Academy and Julian really is the epitome of that too And some of his one liners God I was swooning so hard These pictures are my heart And if my heart was a canvas every suare inch of it would be painted over with you Mark Blackthorn Mark Blackthorn is responsible for 90% of the angst I felt in this book Why lie is now my favorite ending line of every book and I will be haunted Also what a bi icon My heart Kieran My dude really messed up in the middle of this book but my subconscious just falls in love with all the ueer faeries Seriously it is beyond my control at this point Plus you all know that fae princes are literally my greatest weakness in this life so You are all that exists on the earth and under the sky that I do love Cristina Rosales What an amazing new character Cristina is Latinx and from Mexico and the most precious angel in the world Her and Emma s friendship was so wonderful and just warmed my heart during every scene Gorgeous art by Haunted Duck Princess Livvy Blackthorn This sweet little protector I love Livvy so much but I m so scared how she is going to handle possibly being alone Tiberius Blackthorn Ty is honestly one of the best characters I ve read about in years Cassie Clare has done such a beautiful job with his character and showing that people on the Autism spectrum just learn and consume information differently never wrongly But I don t want him and Livvy to separate I m weak Dru Blackthorn This shy little sweetheart gave me so many feels in this book And again I think Cassie Clare creating a thirteen year old struggling with body image is something I wish I had when I was thirteen Every book every series every new character Cassie just impresses me and And I can t wait to see of Drusilla Octavian Blackthorn My heart always breaks for Tavvy because even though he is only seven all he has ever known is war I mean that s so relatable to our world and that breaks my heart too Diego Roc o Rosales I honestly really like Diego who is also Latinx and followed Cristina from Mexico but I don t want him to ruin my polyamorous dreams but if he s willing to add to them then I will be the happiest human on Earth Thanks But I am really scared to meet Jaime Gwyn Leader of the Hunt and stealer of my heart Give me everything about this man because I am highkey ready to call him daddy Iarlath Someone kill this man uick Anselm Nightshade Vampire and pizza place owner That combination is going to lead to nothing good Arthur Blackthorn I lowkey dislike Arthur I know he has been though SOME SHIT but I just feel so damn bad for Julian every time I think of him and it just really ruins his character for me Johnny Rook This death was hella brutal I was not prepared But I will also say that I was so surprised when this book started out on page one with the Shadow Market and introduced us to this character because I know the short stories that are currently being published are all about this magical place and I can t wait to learn Kit Rook AKA Christopher Herondale DAMN I honestly screamed at this reveal I can t wait to learn everything about him Also this really solidifies that you really should read Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy before starting this book Diana Wrayburn uestionable face tat but I can t wait to learn about her Malcolm Fade If Lady Midnight taught me anything it is that warlocks are so damn over powered Holy moly the power this dude had Also friendly reminder no body no death Okay thanks bye Annabel Oh shit Apparently the 2 AM u up text is powerful I m scared friends Tessa Jem That item that they were after Shit son But seeing Jem build a relationship with Emma So beautiful I don t even have words for it I really hope that they are in Lord of Shadows because I honestly can t get enough of them Clary Jace Holy shit mom and dad are running the NY Institute now Damn they grow up fast Real talk one of my favorite moments of this book was Jace and Mark s heart to heart where he tells him that he has only given witchlight to two people before Ahhh the feels Izzy Simon Um how are my babies engaged Ahhhhh I honestly screamed when this information was presented even though we didn t get to see my favorites in this book at all But still I am so damn happy and they deserve the world and each other and I m honestly just overcome with emotions And you all knew I wasn t going to write this long review and not talk about the budding polyamorous relationship that I think Cassie Clare is building for us I truly think with my entire body and soul that Cassie Clare wanted to have Tessa Jem and Will be in a polyamorous relationship but it was still not that talked about back when The Internal Devices came out But dear reader I think she is going to right her wrongs and give us the relationship of my dreams And with two of the partners being fae Lord this is my actual dreams It was a sort of love few other people could understand It was total and it was overwhelming and it could be cruel But I know that Emma and Julian s forbidden relationship is going to be the actual death of me The only really negative thing I can say about this book is that I think the laws revolving around parabatai and the age restrictions that make these kids pick lifelong and life altering relationships is so unbelievable And let s be real Emma and Julian got done so dirty by their forced arrangement But seeing how this bond is going to maybe ruin them Lord I can t I actually can t And Mark Blackthorn is just going to intensify the angst but I m highkey ready for thatI always appreciate that the heart of every Shadowhunter novel is about oppression and prejudices that impact everyone friends families entire societies The Clave is the political force that makes and implements the rules in this world and much like my own world many are really harmful extremely backwards and very exclusionary And I love seeing young people fight back against the generation that wants to keep them in these broken cycles that are filled with hate and fearAnother cool addition that this book gave us was the talk of Scholomance I feel like I don t remember this being something in the other books and it is like a detective school but Shadowhunter style Diego already attended it and it looks like Ty is going to eventually go to it and I m just really interested to see There is nothing important than love And no law higher Okay let s talk about the sex First off birth control runes Praisebless I loved this than words and Clary is honest to god doing the lord s work The sex on the beach Like it might be a tiny bit unrealistic sand is not your friend during sex I promise but like I had to wait 102 books for Jace to whip out that condom in Hell but Cassie Clare gives us a hot sex scene in this first book of a series The blessings And Julian was the virgin and not Emma The gifts keep on coming Seriously you all I was screaming with joy over everything in chapter eighteen Also huge shout out to Solly for sending me the naughty version of the beach scene because he knows meAlso a big shout out to Lea for sending me the short story that is only found in first editions of Lady Midnight And friends it was perfection Overall this is one of the best things I ve read all year and I am so damn thankful that I read all those other books to get to this one I experienced pure happiness while reading this book from the first to last page And I am literally posting this review and running back to my bookshelves to pick up Lord of Shadows I breathe when you breathe I bleed when you bleed I m yours and you re mine you ve always been mine and I have always always belonged to you Beautiful art by Cassandra JeanYoutube Instagram Twitter Blog Spotify TwitchContent and trigger warnings for murder death loss of a loved one torture blood depictions self harm anxiety attacks PTSD talk of cancer and graphic violenceI read this for the Stay Home Reading Rush OWLs Magical Readathon 2020

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The Shadowhunters of Los Angeles star in the first novel in Cassandra Clare’s newest series The Dark Artifices a seuel to the internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments series Lady Midnight is a Shadowhunters novelIt’s been five years since the events of City of Heavenly Fire that brought the Shadowhunters to the brink of oblivion Emma Carstairs is no longer a child in mourning but a young woman bent on discovering what kille. OH MY GOODNESS I don t think I ll ever be able to say it s better than The Mortal Instruments but WOWWWW WAS THIS BOOK ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGThis book was absolutely phenomenal I think it is some of Cassandra Clare s best work to date To the people who say all of Cassie s books are the same I hope Lady Midnight finally shuts you up No stories about orphaned girls who aren t aware of their supernatural powers PS Clary was never an orphan so I don t know why I keep seeing that associated with TMI It was so wonderful to jump into the Shadow world from a perspective we ve never seen before Here s a girl who s been a Shadowhunter all her life who grew up with all of the customs we re so used to learning about throughout the past books who s already lived through a war and survived Even though it s the same world it is so unbelievably different from anything I ve read from Cassie before Given some of that may have to do with the fact that this is the first totally new and full novel I ve read from Cassie Clare in 2014 but I do believe most of it is attributed to the fact that she s grown as a writer and story tellerFrom page one of this book I can already sense a level of sophistication and improvement in her writing There s an unfamiliar level of seriousness I haven t seen in the Shadow World before It s intense it s insane and it s REAL The characters in this book seem way grounded than our beloved TMITID cast I think some of that may have to do with the fact that there aren t jokes 247 thought the comedy in this book is A but each character is extremely individual and realistic in my opinion I love absolutely all of them It was so strange to start a book knowing uite a bit about this group of characters before starting That s a TOTALLY new experience for meI will say this story was a bit slow to start The first 100 200 pages were kind of slow but I think it was just getting used to a new world with new characters and a new story As soon as the book picked up I couldn t put it down From there on this book is a non stop thriller with everything you could possibly want from a new installment of the Shadowhunter ChroniclesLady Midnight has taken the Shadow World further than I ve ever imagined I can t remember ever having so many theories for a series and I am just EXPLODING with all of the new information that s revealed to us I m halfway through the book thinking to myself I need ueen of Air and Darkness NOW because I cannot wait until 2018 to know the truth This story went in so many directions I wasn t expecting at the start and I m dying to see how things play out in the rest of the trilogyThat being said you DEFINITELY need to read all of Cassandra Clare s works prior to this because we get ALL THE TMI AND TID FEELS If there s one thing I love about Cassie s books it s the way she s able to throw in references of our favorite characters so subtly and endlessly give us the satisfaction we desire from her previous books But that means for those of you who aren t totally caught up yet STAY AWAY BECAUSE THE SPOILERS ARE EVERYWHEREAll in all this book was absolutely fantastic I never realized how much I wanted from this book and Cassie managed to fulfill all of those unconscious desires I had for the future of this world I can t remember the last time I loved a first book in a series this much If that review hasn t sold you I hit page 668 and turned DIRECTLY to page one to start all over again Lady Midnight was absolutely phenomenal I m so proud of Cassie for never failing to disappoint me always being an insanely talented writer and continuing on with a world I know is so dear to her heart I hope you all absolutely adore Lady Midnight as I did and I cannot wait to post the spoiler filled discussion I have prepared for my YouTube channel Happy reading my fellow Shadowhunters 3Disclaimer I was sent an advanced copy of this book by Simon Schuster in exchange for an honest review All opinions included in this review as well as my future video are entirely my own

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    OH MY GOODNESS I don't think I'll ever be able to say it's better than The Mortal Instruments but WOWWWW WAS THIS BOOK ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGThis book was absolutely phenomenal I think it is some of Cassandra Clare's best work to date To the people who say all of Cassie's books are the same I hope Lady Midnight finally shuts you up No

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    THIS FIRST PART WAS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN IN 2012Jesus the book isn't even out yet and you guys are trashing it already Seriously wait at least until it comes out read it and THEN give your opinion Right now it's just useless and pissing all of us fans off She's not milking this If she really just wanted money she wouldn't work so hard on all

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    Update After 2017 RereadI still absolutely love this first book It is a solid start to what is most likely going to be an amazing series However I disagree with former me's review down below I think I was still high on the adrenaline of the finale while reading that because personally it is not better than Clockwork Princess I mean that was a very bold statement What was I thinking? It's amazing but nothing can come to Clockwork Princess

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    LADY MIDNIGHT tore me apart then pieced me back togetherthen tore me apart againLOVED this bookA very detailed review will be up on my channel later this week

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    By far the most rich story Cassie has put out to date

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    1 City of Bones ★★★2 City of Ashes ★★3 City of Glass ★★★1 Clockwork Angel ★★★4 City of Fallen Angels ★2 Clockwork Prince ★★★★5 City of Lost Souls ★★★★3 Clockwork Princess ★★★★★6 City of Heavenly Fire ★★★★★ The Bane Chronicles ★★★ Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy

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    It took me three weeks to finish this book THREE But that doesn't mean I didn't like it on the contrary it was just because this was a really eventful month and it messed up my reading schedule badly for two weeks I read onl

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    “Entreat me not to leave theeOr return from following after thee For whither thou goest I will go” The parabatai oath always make

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    SUCH A GREAT NOVEL THE SECOND TIME AROUND I'm so happy I decided to reread Lady Midnight I feel it really helped me get a better grasp on the plot and the characters I feel so much in love with this story as if I was not the first tim

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