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He news Tony had no choice but to whisk her away to his secret island retreat He claimed he was simply guarding Shannon from the paparazzi But Tony's true goal was to win her backby any means necessary. Miniseries Man of the Month

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The Maverick Prince

Mr November Antonio Medina Stetson clad royaltyHis Past Living without royal constraintsHis Present Dealing with the results of his ruseThe world knew him only as a Texas shipping magnate lover of the. Loved this book as well as the series I highly recommend I will add when I reread this

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Finer things in lifeincluding Shannon Crawford But when Tony Medina's true identity was splashed across the tabloids he could no longer hide his royal heritage Despite his lover's furious reaction to t. so cute love the way that Antonio has proposed to Shannonthe characters are sweet and their story is lovelyopini o completa

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    Now this has got to be one of the best Desire books I've read All the passion and want of Tony and Shannon vibrated on every page Well done All I can say is Thank you can I have another?

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    Loved this book as well as the series I highly recommend I will add when I reread this

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    D2047 Nov10 Rich Rugged Royal #2 and Man of the Month Tony Medina's true identity is leaked on the Internet and pictures dug up and printed and splashed in the tabloids He can no longer hide his royal family Shannon Crawford and her child also have to leave their apartment and she is not happy about leaving Her deceased husband was a crook who had left her to clean up the mess his Ponzi scheme left behind Ton

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    so cute love the way th

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    I always enjoy Catherine Mann's books she is a good author where I have not read one book that I could term bad She will always be an automatic buy for me unless something really changes her story telling

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    Miniseries Man of the Month

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    Just a nice sweet story

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    Loved the description of the island