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Girl With No Job

Ital culture Sometimes the best lessons are learned the hard way and her journey hasn’t been without its punch in the face doses of humility But like anyone with a relentless desire to be popular she dusts herself off and finds a new better way forward With humor and uniue insights Claudia examines the nature of social media celebrity the many sides of fandom and cancel culture If there’s one thing she knows for sure she was born thirsty and she’s here for another roun

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A laugh out loud funny look at pop culture and social media stardom from one of the most popular funemployed millennials today perfect for fans of Next Level Basic and The BetchesAs the creator of the breakout Instagram account GirlWithNoJob Claudia Oshry has turned not wanting an ordinary career into a thriving media company and pop culture focused podcast and morning show The origins of her pop culture obsessions can be traced back to household debates over boy bands and h

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Er flair for the dramatic to her young emulation of Blair Waldorf When she started GirlWithNoJob Claudia entered that world herself as a social media influencer sharing her unbelievable and unbelievably awkward encounters with some of her favorite A listers as she navigates her incredible access Now in this juicy behind the scenes look at the life of an Instagram sensation Claudia leaves nothing out as she contemplates staying true to yourself while hustling in today’s dig

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    I’m trying to learn about people in the digital space so I read this book I still can’t understand what she does She basically has some celeb news podcast copies jokes reposts memes and is absurdly richThis whole book was some pity party about how she was a victim of cancel culture while her sisters all post about MAGA and her mom is an infamous anti Muslim far right conspiracy theorist It’s not to be ignored she’s extremely well known for rallying dangerous hate groups so much so that she is BANNED FROM THE UKHow anyone supports this is beyond me and how Claudia sees this as a failure of people to see “perspective” and give “second chances” is even wilder while this family incites the violence on other people that she claims is done to her If she wants a platform she shouldn’t support her family’s platform that is used to endanger other people’s lives but she’s out of touch enough to believe the problem is only her old tweetsAnyways she is just another example of how you can avoid accountability with enough privilege In fact they might even give you a book deal

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    I've read my fair share of social media and influencer books and this one stands out as being particularly insightful Claudia Oshry strikes a perfect balance of life story and examination of what it means to be a famous person Where this book really shines is in the chapter diving into the difference between follower and fan and the chapter on the rise of cancel culture Fandoms aren't new but this level of access to celebrity is How these celebrities and influencers stay relevant while also steering clear of the tweet storms and cancelations is like walking a tight rope This book is perfect for anyone that has followed Claudia or is interested in the turbulent path to becoming and staying famous online Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with an advanced copy of this book for review

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    Thank you to NetGalley for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest reviewSigh Okay I follow Claudia on Instagram and while I know she is problematic I do find her funny sometimes But this bookwas bad I will say that I enjoyed her Bravo references and I thought that the chapter on body image was perhaps the only honest and authentic section and that part was well done But there were soooo many celebrity name drops soooo many references to her “fame” Sheis very fond of herself that much is clear I also did not feel that she fully felt bad about her tweets and problematic behaviors She apologized and said that she was taking responsibility but then she kept going on about how terrible cancel culture is and idk Wasn’t for me Certainly did not make me like her

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