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His groundbreaking astrology book offers clear step by step instruction and practical application of his original work's methods Pinpoint your soul's evolutionary stage by locating Pluto in your natal chart Gain insight into your psychological makeup identify your soul's evolutionary stage and discover your true purpose in.


Evolutionary Astrology Pluto and Your Karmic Mission

Every aspect of the self from our ambitions and motivations to the soul's evolutionary journey can be traced back to Pluto This powerful planet of transformation is the key to understanding the factors in your natal chart ultimately revealing your karmic mission Inspired by Jeffrey Wolf Green's best selling Pluto Volume I t.

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This life Fascinating case studies of famous figures throughout history such as Richard Nixon and Nostradamus lend a vibrant and personal touch to the core principles of evolutionary astrology As you master these techniues you will reconnect with an evolving sense of purpose and actualize your potential for spiritual growth.

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    I loved it Very insightful I learned a lot I now can better understand the dynamic between Pluto and the NodesIt was my first book about Evolutionary Astrology specifically I would recommend it to people who already know the basics of astrology

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    I had to read this book three times before I understood it It is that deep and an excellent read There is no proof other than personal experiences and interactions with clients that evolutionary astrology works It works for me and my clients and friends This book is not for the lay person but for someone who already has a strong foundation of

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    This is ok if you haven't read her dad's books on Pluto don't bother if you have