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Until uite recently Western scholars have tended to accept the Chinese representation of non Han groups as marginalized minorities Dru C Gladney challenges this simplistic view arguing instead that the very oppositions of majority and minority primitive and modern are historically constructed and are belied by examination of such disenfranchised groups as Muslims minorit.

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Dislocating China Muslims Minorities and Other Subaltern Subjects

Lklore and creation myths; the role of pilgrimages in constructing local identities; and the impact of globalization and economic reforms on non Han groups such as the Muslim Hui In the end Gladney argues that just as peoples in the West have defined themselves against ethnic others so too have the Chinese defined themselves against marginalized groups in their own socie.

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Ies or gendered othersGladney locates China and Chinese culture not in some unchanging essential Chinese ness but in the context of historical and contemporary multicultural complexity He investigates how this complexity plays out among a variety of places and groups examining representations of minorities and majorities in art movies and theme parks; the invention of fo.

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    I read this book 10 years ago as an expat living in China This was a great book at the academic level exploring the relationship between the majority Han in China and the minorities There were several groups of Muslim minorities in the south Hui people and of course the Uighurs in the northwest Gladney really dives in and explore even the divides within the Han I got a lot of out of it and it's a good primer to explain perhaps how other

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    Gladney makes a persuasive case that minorities are central to majority Han self definition while at the same time stressing the regional differences internal to the Han that are obvious to the Chinese themselves but lost on many Western China handsPrecisely because Gladney's work is such a crucial critical intervention its disappointing that as a book Dislocating China is so poorly done Gladney refers to his own work