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Iece together who or what could have decimated an entire operation they discover that some things are best left buried and some monsters are only too ready to awak. Follow the bloody footprints they said What could go wrong they said uite a lot apparently 4255 stars 25 Favorite uotesNumbers and data made sense but people were impossible Impossible is just an excuse not to try Nova said You break it down into little steps and then it becomes a bunch of things you can tackle Possible thingsPros Normally when I see recommended for fans of blurbed or mentioned while describing a new release I find that to be a huge turnoff because half of the time my expectations are way too high and I end up being disappointed but this book is recommended for fans of Alien and The Illuminae Files and this time I couldn t agree This was my first reading experience with Erin Bowman s work and I m happy to report that I was not disappointed I loved her writing style the characters and the pacing of the overall story line which is just as important to me as the rest Cons I can honestly say that I had no real issues with this book however as I am trying to be a critical readerreviewer and this book didn t absolutely blow my mind I m giving it a 4 star rating instead of a 5 which I normally would have because I do see that there s room for improvement this being the first book in the series Final ThoughtsComments The only downside to reading this book so uickly after it being released is that I have to wait god only knows how long for the seuel After reading Contagion I am definitely interested in picking up of this authors work and I cannot wait to see where she takes this story and what happens to the characters I ve come to love

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Are deadBut when the crew arrives they find an abandoned site littered with rotten food discarded weaponsand dead bodies Don't set foot here againAs they try to p. Firstly I can t wait for 2019 The seuel for this is going to be amazing I can already feel itThis was honestly such a fantastic gripping story it kept me up reading all night even though I knew what the conseuences would be in the morning They were not pretty conseuences It s one of those rare books that steals your breath and holds you so tightly that you re afraid to tear your eyes away from the pages even for a secondYou can read my full review here on starburnt reads IT GOT IN US What drew me to this book was the synopsis the promise of mystery and disease and death and all the juicy stuff that s horrifying in real life and therefore a wonderful story to read And it absolutely delivered This book is eerie terrifying heartbreaking and almost everything I could want from a sci fi novel Was he still human if he could do inhuman things Was he a monster wearing familiar skin It starts a little rough with a heavy info dump that while necessary didn t do much to interest me in the story although the map and graphics in the front were beautiful Then we start the actual prologue and it s haunting and creepy enough to interest youAfter that things get a little confusing Initially I found the sudden switches in POV to be disorienting and it took about half the novel for me to adjust to the way it s laid out The changes in POV are much easier later on when we know the characters well enough and actually help to add to the suspenseThe vast majority of Contagion is incredibly difficult to put down The tension running through every one of the scenes had me on edge which is something that s hard to achieve with me most of the time having read maybe one too many action books to feel properly terrified any But the pacing is done so well and the chapters from him a mysterious survivor of a mass disaster leave you with so many uestions that I just couldn t tear myself awayThe prose was a little difficult to swallow at times It makes sense and flows smoothly for the most part and fits the genre pretty well but occasionally there would be an odd turn of phrase a misspelled word or missing punctuation I m assuming that these slip ups will probably be ironed out before publication I read an ARC and they didn t really impact my understanding of the story or my enjoyment but it s worth a mentionThere is also some LGBT rep in this book which is wonderful and at several confirmed PoC I find that I don t really have a clear picture in my head of many of the characters and they were mostly ambiguous I enjoyed the personality characterisation and how we were always given reasons and motives when characters acted even if they felt a little flat in some cases Thea s development in particular was something that I found incredibly interesting her character overall is probably the strongest followed shortly by Nova and Dylan I loved the emphasis on strong female leads especially in the STEM fieldThe worldbuilding is also fairly strong We are introduced to the politics and culture of the Trios and the Cradle with ease and at the end our knowledge really does pay off rather than being unnecessary fillerThere is no bad romance or insta love anywhere near this story The relationships develop realistically and this is something that s so refreshing to see in a genre oversaturated with cheesy unbelievable love talesThe conclusion is wonderful It was perfect just the right amount of tragedy anger and hope Also I m dying to know what happens next Cliffhangers kill me everyyy timeI have high hopes for the seuel haha how many times have I said that and would definitely recommend this book to others especially since you don t need to be an avid fan of science fiction to enjoy this thoroughly Thank you to HarperCollins for a free e ARC through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest and fair review initial thoughtshelp it s 116am and I just finished reading this and I don t think I ll be able to sleep now SO GOOD SO MURDERY 425 stars Instagram Tumblr Wordpress Blog

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It got in usAfter receiving an urgent SOS from a work detail on a distant planet a skeleton crew is dispatched to perform a standard search and rescue mission Most. I am uite sure this will work perfectly for a certain kind of reader Contagion is a very very fast paced sci fi horror novel about a plague and several deaths As such this might be good for fans of fast paced scifi like Heart of Iron or maybe suspenseful scifi like The Loneliest Girl in the Universe But it didn t give me the same punch I wanted and that cliffhanger ending on what is essentially a thriller just does not work for me I m tired and behind on reviews so here s a uick rundown of stuff I liked and didn t like the writing is really uite good the world is generic as all shit because of course it is ya scifi just really be like that granted it is scary as fuck none of the plot twists were really wild and i guess i tend to like those in my scary books the plot structure is a little lacking and it just feels sort of random strong creep factor again but why are they all so goddamn dumb plot reasons that s why OVERALL the plot just isn t substantial enough to hold up a series opener the two leads are Thea a Korean Turkish intern and Nova an Indian sapphic pilot with visual impairment they re both fairly developed i guess I also totally would ve forgotten their names if I had not written them down the point of view switches come way too fucking fast you do NOT need to switch every two pagesview spoiler the only possible love interest for Nova although never confirmed as being ueer dies because of course she does to be clear though basically everyone dies this bugged me as well I don t like everyone dies books they lack any type of compelling relationship building and this was no exception i also find them very narratively boring and stale this is completely my fault hide spoiler

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    I am uite sure this will work perfectly for a certain kind of reader Contagion is a very very fast paced sci fi horror novel about a plague and several deaths As such this might be good for fans of fast paced sc

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    #1 Contagion ★★★★★#2 Immunity ★★★★☆I am a huge fan of sci fihorror mash up stories whether they’re in books film whatever and after how much I enjoyed Erin Bowman’s Vengeance Road duology last year I knew I had to check this out It was one of my most anticipated releases of 2018 but I was also a little bit nervous because I wasn’t 100% sure whether Erin’s writing would translate as well to thi

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    45 starsOHHHH BABY Erin Bowman I see youThat was a wild ride Zombies in space Y'all know everything is better in spaceWhen an SOS gets sent from a mining crew on a distant planet a uickly assembled team heads off to investigate The number on

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    Firstly I can’t wait for 2019 The seuel for this is going to be amazing I can already feel itThis was honestly such a fantastic gripping story; it kept me up reading all night even though I knew what the conseuences woul

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    Contagion will be my next book after Retribution Rails and it couldn't be different This tends to be a trend of mine; I write in one genre and then follow it up with something polar opposite I'm currently in the middle of a major revision but let me get a few freuently asked uestions out of the wayThe current description is really vague Who are these two teens?Thea Sadik an ambitious seventeen year old with a love for

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    I’m not sure why I didn’t realize this when I started the novel but this is the first of a duology After I finished this and realize there would be a seuel I was bummed There is just something about a solid standalone YA sci fihorror novel that sounded like exactly what I needed but clearly I was wrong about the standa

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    CONTAGION perfectly toes the line between science fiction thriller and horror I couldn't stop reading

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    Follow the bloody footprints they said What could go wrong they said uite a lot apparently 😂4255 stars ⭐⭐

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    I was insane with excitement when I read this synopsis as it has everything I love mass infection and possible zombies Sadly I was disappointed My main complaint about this book is the multiple POVs There are several — than what is necessary in my opinion — and because of that I didn’t get to know any of the characters Everyone felt shallow The minor details we did get wasn’t enough to make me root for anyone Plot wise i

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    This is SUPER well written a sci fi zombie story set in space where a rescue crew is sent to investigate a drill site that h

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