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The inuiry into the foundations of knowledge is a systematic inuiry into the problem of truth This problem constitutes one of the three main concerns of philosophical analysis the others being the problem of beauty and the problem of goodness Thus Evangelos P Papanoutsos Greece's leading contemporary philosopher introduces this third book of his Trilogy of the Mind The first two volumes covered aesthetics and ethics; this one is a major work i.

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Foundations of Knowledge

Knowledge range over the topics that have been continually challenging to the modern era of philosophers being and consciousness experience and reason common sense and science and the domains of knowledge including the nature of philosophical knowledge Special attention is paid to the analysis of theoretical consciousness the problems of categorical thinking the theory of judgment mathematics and logic and the limits of historical understandin.

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N epistemologyCombining rigorous analysis with thorough going scholarship displaying an intimate acuaintance with the physical and humanistic sciences and drawing on a deep understanding of philosophical method and the history of philosophy Professor Papanoutsos is held in high esteem by his European colleagues This translation of his masterpiece will enhance his reputation and influence among readers of EnglishThe themes of The Foundation of.