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    Good book Basic principles Practical application Recommended reading

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    Dyscalculia is the most common disorder among school children children with dyscalculia disorder gets frustrated when it comes to addition and subtraction of numbers but with the use of counting sticks scratch pap

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Free read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Glynis Hannell

Based on expert observations of children who experience difficulties with maths this book gives a comprehensive overview of dyscalculia providing a wealth of information and useful guidance for any practitioner With a wide range of appropriate and proven intervention strategies it guides readers through the cognitive processes that underpin success in mathematics and gives fascinating insights into why indiv.

Characters Dyscalculia


Eflecting current knowledge Glynis Hannell gives increased emphasis to the importance of training ‘number sense’ before teaching formalities the role of concentration difficulties and the importance of teaching children to use strategic thinking Recognising that mathematical learning has a neurological basis will continue to underpin the text as this has significant practical implications for the teacher.

Free read ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Glynis Hannell

Idual students struggle with maths Readers are taken step by step through each aspect of the maths curriculum and each section includes Examples which illustrate why particular maths difficulties occur Practical ‘action plans’ which help teachers optimise children’s progress in mathematics This fully revised second edition will bring the new research findings into the practical realm of the classroom R.