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In the luxury sports car manufacturer Ferrari which has captivated generations from all over the world with its cars of timeless elegance celebrates its seventy year anniversaryFor this occasion Formula photographer Rainer Schlegelmilch has captured and added the companys most recent models in all their glory for this new and revised edition of this reference title on Ferrari This beautifully illustrated book with detailed text traces models and outlines the amazing and faschinating evolution of the brand Ferrari from the earliest sports cars to the most recent luxury vehiclesThis seventy year journey begins with a preface from former Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo in which he describes a deeply held personal conviction Ferrari today embodies the.


Ferrari: Jubilee Edition

Logical evolution of a tradtion based on decades of history After that the Man Enzo Ferarri is introduced With a detailed story of his past including many fascinating anecdotes it is easy to comprehend how and why Ferrari has become such a celebrated symbol over the last seventy years Before being introduced to the cars themselves we are treated to a concise description of the Ferrari brand and how it developed throughout historyWhat follows are over of the most famous Ferrari models of all time From the Spider Barchetta Touring of to the GTC Lusso from each model is presented with the stunning photos from Schlegelmilch along with a brief description of it s history and features The detailed specs of each creation round off this book which is a must have.

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For the Tifosi all around the worldMore than copies of the previous editions sold worldwide Rainer W Schlegelmilch studied photography in Munich A highly regarded photographer of Formula and sports cars he has contributed to many magazines and publications and has exhibited his most spectacular pictures on many occasions He lives and works in Germany A retrospective of his Formula photographs Historic F and Sports Car Races took place at Carmel on the sea California in the late Summer of Hartmut Lehbrink is a journalist and a regular contributor to German car magazines such as auto motor und sport and ADAC MotorweltJochen von Osterroth is a journalist and sports reporter for news agencies such as dpa Deutsche Presseagentur Sport Information Dienst and R.