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    My phone started updating just as I was proofreading my review which promptly disappeared so this is my second go and it's going to be brief no

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    A lot of people loved Double Act by Jacueline Wilson Regarded by many as being one of her better written titles it's still popular nearly twent

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    Oh what I will read in the chase for that elusive and dubious honour of having read all the BBC's Big Read books I have 13 to go If not for that I probably never would have discovered Jacueline Wilson I missed these books when I was young and they're not the sort of things I would have otherwise stumbled upon as an adultNote The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can

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    Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge based on the BBC's Big Read Poll of 2003Better than her other tripe but still a bit naff Full review to followBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Shop | Etsy

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    This is a fantastic book It is about twins named Ruby and Garnet Ruby is uite bossy and confident while her sister Garnet i

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    I got this book as a Christmas present from my mother It was kind of a joke because I have a twin sister and my mother knows I like to read a lot It's a short book and uick to read so it was the first of the books I got this Christmas that I decided to read SPOILER ALERT This book was exactly what I expected it to be A fun

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    I love Jacueline Wilson books because they don't shy away from real life She gets deals with real things many kids go through on a d

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    It was a lovely story about two twin sisters and their little adventures together Close to the end of the book the story took a big turn that

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    I really enjoyed this book when I was going through my Jackie Wilson phase I think I perhaps read it four or five times throughout my childhood and early teenage years I also recall listening to the fantastic audio book on tape Ruby and Garnet are identical twins but couldn't be different They live with their dad and step

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    Read when i was very young Was nice to read again

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Perfect double act and that's just the way they like it Soon the twins' life is turned upside down Their dad has been spending a lot of time with his new friend Rose Ruby and Garnet can't stand Rose To make matters worse Dad and Rose buy a bookstore out in the country and the whole family moves Ruby hates their new school but Garnet thinks it isn. Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge based on the BBC s Big Read Poll of 2003Better than her other tripe but still a bit naff Full review to followBlog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy

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Double Act

't all that bad When Garnet befriends some of their new classmates Ruby feels betrayed and stops speaking to Garnet Garnet misses her sister terribly but has to admit it's nice doing things on her own for a change Somehow the girls will have to find a way to maintain their special twin relationship without spending every minute of the day together. It was a lovely story about two twin sisters and their little adventures together Close to the end of the book the story took a big turn that was very sudden but it was very satisfying I would definitely recommend reading this book It s short and fun with a sweet message delivered to the reader

Free read Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ð Jacqueline Wilson

Ten year old Ruby and Garnet are identical twins who do everything together Especially since their mother died three years earlier They dress alike wear their hair the same and sit together in every class In fact everything about them is the same except their personalities Ruby is funny and outgoing Garnet is sensitive and shy Together they're the. A lot of people loved Double Act by Jacueline Wilson Regarded by many as being one of her better written titles it s still popular nearly twenty years after it was first publishedIn fact I ve seen a lot of people lately clamouring for a seuel What they ask happened to the twins afterwardsBut as for me I don t want to know I m not interested in a Double Act seuel for one perfectly good reasonRuby will probably end up deadAfter you ve finished reading that sentence a few times and no you re not seeing things allow me to explain I always thought the point of Double Act was that the prospective step mother Rose is A Nice Person After All and that that was what the reader was supposed to discover along the way with the twins But upon reading it again as an adult I find out that I am WrongVery very wrongWilson is a genius of a kind very few have seen this generation Why this book didn t win the Pulitzer I will never know This is one of the great thrillers of the 20th century you just have to be an adult to see it Actually speaking as an adult it s much easier to see what a complete and utter piece of shit the father is too Richard no doubt named so for being a prize dick is one of the most selfish parents in the Wilson verse His form of selfishness is just a bit subtle than the likes of Sue from Diamond Girls or Tracy Beaker s mum CarlyThroughout the entire book it s clear that Richard is going through a sort of early onset mid life crisis From the beginning we learn that he spends his time filling the entire house with books knowing full well that his mother in law has arthritis and finds it hard to get around He brings a prospective girlfriend home without even bothering to discuss it with his daughters first daughters who traumatically lost their mother three years previously He then goes on to buy a shop not thinking to take his daughters to see it first or to even ask their opinion on a matter that has everything to do with them and will probably affect them the most If you weren t already in awe of his selfishness he even manages to dump his mother in law who spent the last three years raising his kids for him into sheltered accommodation AloneWhat a prick So what causes this change Obviously Richard is entirely responsible for his own prickish behaviour but the catalyst is Rose his slightly dotty new lady friend who sells bric a brac That kind of says it all reallyIf Richard is one of Wilson s subtle crap parents Rose is an even subtler villain After gaining entry into Richard s life she proceeds to leave her mark on him by changing the way he dresses buying him crazy new clothes and throwing out his old ones She even starts to call him Rick a name no one has ever called him before and is done no doubt in order to feed into his mid life crisis Rose it s called enabling and it doesn t helpPhase one of the plan is an immediate success as Richard is made redundant because of the ridiculous clothing Rose bought him which no doubt alerted the rest of the office loud and clear that this man was going through a mid life crisisNow that Richard is unemployed she s able to plant the idea of the bookshop into his head thus leading to phase two prising him away from the clutches of his mother in law She then isolates him in the countryside Not only that but as they both live and work at the shop together she can keep an eye on him all dayRose has already performed an amazing feat She s got her man defeated a powerful rival and dragged her prize into the wildernessIt would all be perfect if it weren t for those pesky twins After finding out that passive acceptance of their antics doesn t go very far in winning them over she uses her numerable wits to surmise that the best way to defeat them is to divide and conuer The twins have a row early on in the book and Rose tempts Garnet downstairs with a kids movie and chocolate She s no doubt figured out that Garnet is the weaker twin easily influenced and taken in However the twins make up and her plan is for now spoiledSo then fate throws her another chance and her Guardian newspaper has an advertisement for identical twin girls to audition for a TV show She leaves it lying on the kitchen table innocently knowing that Ruby in particular is likely to grab at it If the twins become TV actors they ll spend a good chunk of the summer holidays away filming which will act as a temporary measure until she figures out how to get rid of them permanentlyShe encourages them when Ruby announces her plan to go to the audition with Garnet only it is Richard who foils everything this time First he says he won t allow them to become actors incidentally not because he doesn t want his kids exposed to the cut throat world of showbiz but because he can t stand showy off child stars which would no doubt deplete all his recently racked up street cred When the twins run off to the audition on their own he gets there just in time to put a spanner in the works DratBut finally Rose is rewarded for her patience And it is the girls themselves who rescue her plans from the abyss Hoist by their twin petardsAfter applying for a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school Garnet is accepted Ruby is not and the sisters relationship is irrevocably altered Rose encourages Garnet to go from the very beginning knowing full well that she s stirring the pot between the sisters Once Garnet has left for Marnock Heights only Ruby remains The last we see of them Ruby and Rose have formed a truce in which Rose takes Ruby to a drama club on Saturday mornings while she goes shopping Things are left off here and for good reason if Rose suggests palming Ruby off to a stage school even the self absorbed Richard may start to notice something There are only two choices left to Rose frame Ruby for murder and have her locked away in Borstal or just up and kill her As the first could lead to a revenge attack involving the twins switching places during a prison visit sometime in a blissfully unaware future the second option is tidier and ties up all loose ends After all Richard won t mind losing Ruby once he sees the new Harley Rose has bought him And hell he still has Garnet Twins are pretty much the same person anyway Like clones or somethingSo thank you Wilson for sparing us from a seuel that would be of truly grimdark proportions And once again allow me to salute your subtle genius that still books and books later goes almost completely undiscovered