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Ontrol his roommate's mind and make him do all the cleaning It's a silly idea but he has to try something When he finally gets control though he finds that his roommate is ar.

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Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy 1

Ousing than he initially thought He has to have himHypnotizing His Sissy Boy 1 is 3100 words WARNING This story contains mind control cross dressing gay sex and erotic langua.

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Ben's roommate refuses to clean and Ben has had enough His parents are coming tomorrow and he needs to make sure everything is ready Then he gets the idea that maybe he can c.

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    While Hypnotizing His Sissy Boy was a fun little tale it felt too rushed and had a few glaring errors including some name swapping unless we're to believe the main character really could cum inside his own assJames Hardick clearly has fun with the material and but just breezes through it a bit too uickly Within the first 2 pages we've already gone from problem to mom's joking suggestion about hypnotism to an occult shop to actually hypnoti

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    Challenge read I kinda liked this one even though it was all sorts of wrong

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