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F Omega Sector's top agents Four years later her skill at reading people is unrivaled until she meets fellow profiler Brandon Han Paired together to track a serial killer who has been targeting at risk women the two be. Andrea young though only in age due to a painful childhood is in the wrong place at the wrong time yet it actually ends up being one of the best things to happen to her See nineteen year old Andrea can read people s expression and pretty much discern them accurately When three men enter the bank she s in she immediately realizes something isn t right and after uickly making some observations makes her exit just in timeright before shots ring out insideWhile Andrea doesn t completely leave the area she does hide from law enforcement surrounding the bank doing their job until she decides to make her way home but once she overhears a conversation and knows their information is wrong she had to help Thankfully two of those people are familiar with behavior analysis and take her information seriously and it helpsWhen Steve Director of the Critical Response Division of Omega and Grace the head psychologist ask to speak with Andrea later after they ve tracked her down she s shocked when they offer her a job if she passes the testing reuired for the position of which they have no doubt she will If for some crazy reason she fails then they ll help her start a new life far away from her previous one For Andrea it s a win win situationFour years later Andrea loves her job and excels at it yet she can t shake the fear that at some point she ll lose this new life so much so that her past has remained a secret from her co workers as she doesn t feel she fully fits in with anyone A belief that leads to her keeping herself apart from everyone elseBut Steve surprises Andrea yet again when he assigns her a serial killer case involving a victim found near her hometown But she s not working it aloneBrandon Omega s profiler and resident genius will be her partner for this case This will be a little tricky as both prefer to work alone and each have their own personal reasons for wanting to maintain distance between themselves Brandon knows Andrea has secrets and in his experience those can be dangerous then add in his attraction to her and he decides it s wiser to avoid the temptation she represents For Andrea not only is she highly aware of Brandon whenever he s near she also can t help that he makes her feel with no knowledge on his part less than just by being himselfAs Brandon and Andrea work closely together the attraction that has always been there grows stronger as does the need to form of a connection entailing secrets being shared trust being given and just maybe hearts as wellCan they remain focused on their professional objective while exploring their personal connection Will Brandon and Andrea discover who the killer is Will Andrea finally realize her true worth is not related to her past Can this talented profiler and natural analyst look deeper than the surface and their preconceived notions of each other Can Andrea accept and help Brandon cope with both sides of himself Will Brandon discover the real Andrea beneath the protective facade she displays to others Or when literally confronted with her past as she goes undercover will Brandon s feelings and opinion of Andrea change Will she accept that overcoming said past only proves her strength Is this case related in any way to her history in her hometown Is the case that started her on this path truly behind her or is someone out for revenge Or is it a completely different option Will Brandon and Andrea get their HEAOne click this book now While it is part of a series and I highly recommend reading them in order you ll love them I do feel you could read this one and not feel lost as the author does a nice job of sharing enough information from the previous books so you aren t left feeling lostI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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Man of Action Omega Sector Critical Response #4

Come entangled beyond the case Their mutual attraction deepens as they get closer to the truth But when Andrea's own sordid past surfaces they will both be forced to uestion everything about the assignmentand each othe. I loved this book It was fast paced and had great characters Andrea didn t have a very good childhood didn t finish high school and was dyslexic But she overcame her past and became a behavioural analyst for Omega Sector Brandon had a completely different upbringing He came from a loving family and was given the opportunity to pursue his education getting several degrees He later became a profiler for Omega The suspense began in this story when they were paired to find a serial killer While Andrea was ualified for the assignment it brought her back to the town she grew up in She only had bad memories of that placeThis mystery had me on the edge of my seat while wondering who the killer was At the same time I enjoyed the building romance between Brandon and Andrea hoping they would have a happy endingIf you are a romantic suspense fan and like a story with intense life threatening situations you ll like Man of Action

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He was a man of action especially when it came to protecting his new undercover partner At nineteen Andrea Gordon's life was forever changed After proving herself instrumental in a bank hostage crisis she became one o. Very good book that drew me in right from the start and didn t let go until I d read the last page Both Andrea and Brandon were fascinating characters Andrea is introduced first when at the age of nineteen she s already been through trauma than most people experience in their entire lives Then she becomes instrumental in preventing a slaughter during a bank robbery and her life changed forever Her talents earn her an offer of training and a job enabling her to leave her troubled past behindBrandon s life was almost exactly the opposite He was the son of loving parents who were supportive of all his endeavors When he misbehaved as a child they uickly figured out why and took steps to solve the issue As a result he has multiple degrees and an excellent job with Omega Sector as one of their top profilersFour years later Andrea and Brandon are tagged to work together to solve a serial murderer case in her old hometown Brandon prefers to work alone ever since the death of his previous partner and isn t at all happy to be forced to work with Andrea She can sense his antagonism which adds to her own insecurities Though she is respected in her work Andrea keeps herself apart from everyone always afraid that someone will discover her past and judge her for it I ached for her as she always lived with the fear that she was about to be fired because of it even though her boss knows all about her pastBrandon irritated me at the beginning and at several points throughout the book because he comes across as very judgmental He sees Andrea as young and inexperienced in spite of her reputation and thinks that she is going to be a liability rather than an asset It made me very happy to see her prove him wrong right from the beginning It was uite satisfying to see him have to readjust his thinkingAlso from the beginning there is a sense of attraction between them Brandon is taken by her beauty and also finds himself feeling uite protective of her There s a pretty sweet scene where he cares for her after she s had something of a flashback to her previous life She opens up to him a little bit about her early life but doesn t reveal her biggest secret to him afraid of what his reaction would beWhen the case that they are working on gets to the point where they want to draw the killer out Andrea volunteers to go undercover Intellectually Brandon knows now what she did in her previous life and claims to be fine with it but when he actually sees her doing the job his reaction is very different I was very angry with him over the way he acted especially since he knew he was being an ass but kept doing it anyway I hurt for Andrea who had started to come out of her shell thanks to Brandon s belief in her and her abilities Feeling his negativity hurt her so much because she had begun to care for him I loved the way that comments from their boss and a lecture from one of Andrea s former coworkers made him feel like the jerk he was I did like the fact that he was able to admit his stupidity and apologize for it though I wish she had made him work a bit harder for her forgivenessThe suspense of the story was really good Both Andrea and Brandon have complementary skills when it comes to figuring out who the killer is Together they are a great team I could feel their frustration at the way local law enforcement was less than totally committed to the investigation because of who the victims were The tension was a slow build as they followed the few clues they had to narrow the field When Andrea went undercover I was just waiting for the killer to go after her I was right there with them when the evidence pointed to the lead suspect even though both of them wondered how they could have missed the signs What came next was a complete surprise with an added twist that doubled the intensity of the final confrontation I liked that it had realistic conseuences for Brandon and that it was Andrea s turn to be there for him There was one loose end left hanging that I suspect will be addressed in the next book

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    45 StarsFast paced actionmystery; I did NOT guess the killer always a plus in my book good romance; fade to black sex scenes

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    Very good book that drew me in right from the start and didn't let go until I'd read the last page Both Andrea and Brandon were fas

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    There were a variety of aspects that made this a good romantic suspense Both the hero and heroine's very different backgrounds shaped who they were and how they related to each other The hero did let me down for a little bit however the plot complicity made up for it Andrea excels at reading people and is paired with PhD Brandon to catch a s

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    Andrea young though only in age due to a painful childhood is in the wrong place at the wrong time yet it actually ends up being on

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    How did I miss the middle two books in this series? Fully Committed and Ard Attraction ? Must Fix Soon Man of Action is another race against time to find a killer ahemkiller s with just enough of a romance to satisfy The killer wasn't obvious though I did manage to figure it out ahead of the characterswhich had me screaming No Don't do it when Andrea came across the real baddie while Brandon and the others thought they had the perp in cus

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    This hero was so incredibly frustrating because of all his slut shaming I know the book was generally trying to point out that shaming a woman for choosing to be a stripper andor server at a strip club is bad which I appreciated but the fact that the hero goes on and on about how terrible it was that the heroine had done that workick And he takes way too long to come around and then his apology is not all that great Nope nope nop

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    I loved this book It was fast paced and had great characters Andrea didn't have a very good childhood didn't finish high school and was dyslexic But she overcame her past and became a behavioural analyst for Omega Sector Brandon had a completely different upbringing He came from a loving family and was given the

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    The last thing Brandon Han wants is to work with someone Ever since his partner died he wouldrather work alone The Directo

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    You know what I love about reading a book by Janie Crouch? I know I’m going to enjoy it before I’ve even read a word This book was no exception I’ve seen Brandon pop up in other books before and was curious enough to want to read his book

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    After a bank robbers where Andrea proved herself useful on the case it was then that the police seen some use for her being able to tell clues