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Im back to London alone and unarmed to confess But instead of facing the gallows he's given one last assignment to prove his loyalty Lovely lying former French spy Camille Leyland is dragged from rural obscurity by threats and blackmail to rescu. Is anyone surprised when I say I ve given this an A at AAR Thought notTo say I ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Rogue Spy is an understatement of immense proportions I ve thoroughly enjoyed each of the books in Ms Bourne s Spymasters series and given the revelations about Pax made in The Black Hawk I ve been on the edge of my seat waiting for his story Naturally my expectations were very high and I m delighted to be able to say that Ms Bourne does not disappoint because this is a highly satisfying multi layered read that sucked me in and kept me enthralled from first to last Thomas Paxton Pax has appeared in other books in this series a trusted member of the British Intelligence Service and over one of a small group of friends and colleagues within the service who have worked together for a number of years and who have grown to trust each other implicitlyBut in The Black Hawk everything we knew or thought we knew about Pax was blown out of the water when it was revealed that he was a Cach one of a group of children abandoned and orphaned during the Revolution who were taken in by the Police Secr te These children were trained as spies and assassins and were later presented to noble andor strategic English families as missing family members their own personalities subsumed beneath the identities they assumed Rogue Spy picks up Pax s story as he returns to the Intelligence Service s Headuarters in Meek Street bearing a signed confession as to the truth of his identity and a list of the ways in which he has betrayed the Service He hates himself for what he has done for deceiving his friends and colleagues and his sense of honour will allow him to do so no longer He arrives grimly determined to tell all fully expecting to be condemned and sentenced to death for treason Like Pax the heroine of this story Camille Leyland is also a Cach A member of the Italian Boldoni family by birth she has assumed the identity of the niece of the two Leyland sisters who are code makers and breakers for British Intelligence Cami is uite content living a uiet existence in the country with her aunts until she receives a letter telling her that the real Camille is still alive and demanding that she attends a meeting in London at which she must hand over the key to the most recent and complex code If she refuses then retribution will be enacted upon the young woman and upon her aunts as wellCami has no alternative but to follow the instructions she has been given But her past life and training as a spy have given her the ability to do than simply do as she s told without making a few contingency plans of her own so it s with than a few sharp metal objects up her sleeve that she departs for LondonMs Bourne s storytelling is masterful her research impeccable and her plot is skilfully wrought complex but not overly so and most importantly it makes sense by which I mean it s tightly honed and the reader never has the feeling that something has been included simply for effect or to force the story in a certain direction These are people playing a deadly game without fast cars mobile phones or the latest gadgetry their only defence being their intelligence uickness of wit and skill at what they do The sense of peril that is generated by the presence and actions of the villain of the piece is genuine I ve said before that the reader really does get the impression that these characters live their lives on a very knife edge in which the smallest of wrong moves could spell disasterThe story flows beautifully as we move around the seedier parts of London in a deadly game of cat and mouse as Cami tries to stay one step ahead of Pax and his colleagues while evading capture or worse at the hands of her mysterious blackmailerPax and Cami s shared history is one of violence cruelty and deprivation and it s clear that they were very close during their years spent being trained and indoctrinated by the French The bond between them has never really broken despite their years apart and the strength of that connection just leaps off the page their move from friends to lovers being completely plausible given the fact that we re shown over and over that here are two people who know each other almost inside outThe characterisation is excellent all round Pax is a wonderfully complex hero a deadly assassin with the soul of an artist truly honourable and deeply troubled by his past He s uiet and unostentatious a man who can blend into the background and just disappear by virtue of his very ordinariness Cami is resourceful generous of spirit and clever and she and Pax make a very well matched coupleThere is a colourful cast of supporting characters in the form of Cami s large brood of London based Italian relatives and I especially enjoyed going back to meet the young cocky Adrian Hawker again His relationship with Pax is brilliantly depicted their often acerbic dialogue masking a deep respect which underpins one of the most strongly written male friendships I ve read Add the hulking imperturbable William Doyle to the mix and you ve got a formidable team each of whom who anticipates the other s moves and thoughts and each of whom would give their lives for the othersIf you ve enjoyed other books in this series then I m sure you ll enjoy this one And if you haven t read any of them while there s enough information in this for it to work perfectly well as a standalone I think there s much to be gained from reading at the very least The Black Hawk beforehand although it s not absolutely necessaryI can say with complete honesty that Rogue Spy is one of the best books I ve read this year There s plenty of fast paced action a tender romance lots of humour and a shocking denouement which had me on the edge of my seat It s intelligently and beautifully written and now I think I need to go and read the entire series all over again Brava Ms BourneBONUS There is a fabulous interview with Joanna Bourne over at AAR too

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E and innocent victim from a ruthless French fanatic But she finds an old colleague already on the case Pax Old friendship turns to new love and as dark secrets reappear Pax is left with a choice go rogue from the Service or lose Camille for eve. This is part of an ongoing series and I definitely recommend reading at least some of the others first Personally I m going by internal chronological order and that s working out very fine for me At any rate many of the surrounding characters are established in other stories and I think there s definite benefit in knowing them before this one startsI m going to lean on the others to keep this review shorter than I might otherwise do It s like the others in all the right ways ie completely its own story but enough alike that you know it will be well written and with lots of juicy intrigue and harrowing adventure I really loved Camille and Pax is a sweetheart and their relationship was simply outstanding I think Bourne might have struggled a bit keeping them apart for so long in this story because they have a really strong past that binds them together with trust than you d normally have for spies loving spies I think she managed beautifully however and seeing them work together was a real treat I particularly loved Camille s determination to protect the fluffy aunts she has lived with for so long and has grown to love and appreciate They don t get much screen time but those aunts stole every scene they occupied even if often only in Camille s mindSo this had all the rich competence porn I ve enjoyed in the rest of the series and the relationship was probably the best so far It just worked and while the service drama with Pax felt a bit belabored and Camille s family connections went on a bit past the sell by date neither intrusion hindered my enjoyment enough to matter much in the end Okay enough to make me reluctant to round the 4 up but it s still a great story I enjoyed very muchA note about Steamy There are a couple explicit sex scenes and they re a bit gratuitous By which I mean that by the time Pax and Cammi have enough time to er indulge their relationship is plenty trusting and strong and we didn t really need the physical intimacy on screen

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For years he's lived a lie Now it's time to tell the truth even if it costs him the woman he loved Ten years ago Thomas Paxton was a boy sent by revolutionary France to infiltrate the British Intelligence Service Now his sense of honour brings h. Massive spoilers ahead35 starsBuddy read with the lovely Lyuda Thanks for the b r and for your patienceSo yesterday I finished Paxton s book Rogue Spy and wondered whether it would be a good idea to write a review straight away Here s the thing all that went through my head wasI do not want to give Paxton s book three starsI do not want to give Paxton s book three starsI do not want to give Paxton s book three starsI then went uickly through the ratings of my GR friends and I can absolutely see why they loved it And strangely I still think it s a brilliant book But it was one or two too many plot twists for me to enjoy it until the endWhen I was reading the formidable The Black Hawk a few months ago I can still remember how utterly shattered I was about the shocking revelation at around 60% Thomas Paxton a character that has always been there lurking in the background uiet efficient deadly but a member of the team around Doyle and Hawker I d come to love had been a French spy all along It was one the of many poignant moments of The Black Hawk when Hawker gives his old brother in arms a head start before turning Pax in But Pax being Pax and knowing Ms Bourne s excellent talent I knew that she d somehow converge the several story arcs that I d been following ever since I read my first book of Ms Bourne s The Forbidden Rose and find a way out of a situation I didn t see how could be resolved But I also knew she d make it work somehowSo Rogue Spy begins with Paxton sitting in a pub only a stone s throw away from Meeks Street headuarters of the British Intelligence ready to turn himself in when he sees a woman giving a letter to an errand boy to be delivered to Meeks StreetSomething is odd about her and once he sees the letter delivered he has a look at it and instantly knows this letter could have only been sent by a Cach During the early days of the French Revolution until Robespierre s death a small group of the Police Secr te had started to train a group of orphaned children to become spies who were to be sent to England and placed in strategic households All these children were to play the role of long lost last survivors of English citizens killed during the frenzy of the revolution going back to their relatives or places they know will take them in in England thus providing the Police Secr te and the Cause invaluable access to information In Paxton s case it s the British Service as the real Thomas Paxton s father used to be British Service Paxton follows the woman and it is indeed another Cach V rit or now Camille Leyland niece to the elderly Leyland sisters who are England s best codemakers and codebreakers V rit Cami had shown particular talent in codes during her terrible time at the Coach House the place where these children were trained under the most horrific conditions And as in The Black Hawk Oh Wow What a first meeting after ten years when Camille and Paxton were nobody else but little V rit and Devoir friends and fellow sufferers at the hands of the sadistic men who ran the Coach House What a surprise for them both All the memories of the Coach House painfully coming back but also those memories where Pax and Cami helped each other and the other Cach s comforted each other And what a standoff Because Cami can t have DevoirPax there She s being blackmailed and is about to meet this mysterious blackmailerJoanna Bourne uses all her talent and skill to evoke the pain the imagery of suffering children huddled together Paxton s shame when confronted with his superiors the special bond the spies of the British Intelligence have the shock at the realisation of both Pax and Cami that they re not children any longer and the feeling of mutual attraction And it is as masterfully done as everThe first half of the book had me sighing at the beauty of it all The prose the clever setup of the different story arcs of the previous books slowly converging but also throwing in new twists and turns Cami and Paxton Not to forget the beautiful dynamics between Hawker Doyle Galba and Paxton And I thought Yes I have a winner Us Germans have a saying Zu fr h gefreut which very loosely translates into a Schadenfreude like You ve been too uick I ll not give away the whole plot Firstly it would be way too complicated and secondly and importantly Rogue Spy is still a fantastic book despite my rating However I will reveal the two plot points to showcase my frustrationLet s begin with the one that really threw me out of the brilliant atmosphere Ms Bourne had built up At around 50% the pacing started to stutter a little with Camille not being forthright about the blackmailer At this point Pax and Cami know that he s the common enemy and that they have to work together and yet valuable time is wasted on Cami not simply saying what she knows Still not a big problem but at the same time Ms Bourne introduces us to a sub plot that led to a story that felt forced and convolutedSee Camille is not really V rit She is Sara Bardoni member of the infamous Bardoni family who have their hands in almost every European country all knowing almost a law unto themselves This twist leads us to the home of the Bardoni s where the believed to be dead SaraV rit Cami is taken in with open arms Imagine every Italian clich you ve ever seen in commercials advertising Italian products with a huge family uncles aunts cousins and bambini everywhere throw in a good measure of The Godfather Goodfellas and a little bit of The Sopranos and you get the picture It beggars belief that a family as supposedly powerful as the Bardonis had been unable to find Cami in the Coach House when it s made clear that nothing escapes their ears and eyes Hoookay I could have lived with that chapter however Had it stayed there a little in the background Rogue Spy would have still got a solid four star rating if not even because one weakness doesn t have to define the whole book I ve given books with that sort of a flaw five stars and never looked backThe moment where the book lost me is actually a rather insignificant one but still significant enough for me that I could feel myself disconnect from it especially from Cami Shortly after their visit Cami remarks upon Pax s hair and how it needs dye and then she says the following My cousin Maria would have done it for you She s good at things like that Huh How to explain my reaction The book had been up until the Bardoni sub plot already very heavy on the spy plot When I read romance I m a romance reader at heart and I want to see the romance What I wanted to see here is Cami and Pax time But I knew with that uote above that that wouldn t be the case The Bardonis would now be filling valuable page time Whilst buddy reading this with Lyuda I said that I had the impression Ms Bourne was trying to be a little too clever too sophisticated Why put into the plot and take away time from the romance when everything was going for the book already Paxton s betrayal Doyle and Hawker trying to find a way back for Pax to Meeks Street Cami s time at the Fluffy Aunts Leyland Her incredible talent as a coderdecoder of secret missives The villain The Merchant his background his connection to the MC s the threat he poses Additionally she set her own book up for plot holes The Bardonis as I said before a law unto themselves with endless connections in every major European city couldn t find SaraCami in the Coach House in the middle of Paris Really And Cami who is 22 after at least eleven or twelve years remembers her cousin Maria being better at dying hair Hm The next weakness of the book was the Fluffy Aunts I m sure they were meant as a sort of comic relief just a little And again too much too clever too demanding on my willingness to suspend my disbelief Lyuda had a proper but absolutely justified rant here msg 29 But I ll uote the best bit of what she said because I couldn t have said it any better I thought the French side was portrayed pretty stupidly of how they prepared their agents but now the English sideWhat kind of spy operation is this on the English side where everyone did what they wanted without any rules leaving others in the dark And I have no answer to that other than the author trying too hard to show us what clever characters she d created Both plot points the Bardonis and the Fluffy Aunts were unnecessary created inconsistencies and took valuable page time away from Pax and Cami So once finished I was wondering whether to round it up or down But looking back despite having actually enjoyed the book very much I can t overlook my annoyance at those two sub plots It simply wanted to see of Cami and Pax And there everything had been set up for them perfectly up until the 50% markWhat a bummer

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    35 starsI've read two books by this author one I really liked probably because it was my first ever historical romancespy book The Spymaster's Lady and one that I really didn't care for My Lord and Spymaster This book fell somewhere in the middle between those two When the two main characters first meet it's definitely interesting However the main spy mission ends up not being as exciting and the romance nev

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    This is my first book by Joanna Bourne and I'm glad I've been collecting her books in my tbr pile She's an excellent writer with that rich voice I love so much in historical romance Her characters are complex and the romance drew me in and had me holding my breath I loved Pax Cami was a singular heroine lethal in her own

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    Massive spoilers ahead35 starsBuddy read with the lovely Lyuda Thanks for the b r and for your patienceSo yesterday I finished Paxton’s book R

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    Is anyone surprised when I say I've given this an A at AAR? Thought notTo say I’ve been eagerly awaiting the r

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    Buddy read with the brilliant Bubu whose review said it all I really have nothing else to add except if you are like me and read the previous story The Black Hawk long time ago it would be better to reread it before starting this one Although be warn there is going to be inevitable comparison between Hawk and

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    35 stars The second half was a lot better

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    Before I being gushing and oh yes there will be gushing let me note that while this book can be read as a stand alone I highly recommend reading The Forbidden Rose and The Black Hawk first Not only for the world and events but to build up these characters Joanna Bourne writes the absolute best characters the gushing has begun All three of these books are just fantastic and the wait for a new book literally pains meFor those that

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    This is part of an ongoing series and I definitely recommend reading at least some of the others first Personally I'm going by internal chronological order and that's working out very fine for me At any rate many of the surrounding characters are established in other stories and I think there's definite benefit in knowing them before this one startsI'm going to lean on the others to keep this review shorter than I might otherwise

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    This is the kind of romance that rivals the best popular mainstream fiction in complexity of plot and characters and in writing I feel like a big girl when I read Joanna Bourne She gets my brain engaged in addition

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    There are few tropes in romance I love than a hero and heroine who are capable of killing each other am I weird like that? and Rogue Spy pushed ALL the right buttons for me happy sighI have been stalking the release date for this book for what feels like almost two years and so you can imagine the crazy amount of anticipation I had for it As

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