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    You can win a copy of this book on my blog 35 Stars From the surface Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft seems to be like any other run of the mill paranormal romance We have the girl in the beautiful dress on the cover a synopsis that hints at a female protagonist realizing she has paranormal powers our classic Missing Parent Syndrome and of course a romantic interest Yet when you really begin to read and probe deeper you find that Audrey’s G

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    Three and a half stars A blend of magic romance and mystery and a solid start to a seriesAudrey has this nagging feeling that somet

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    Another Meh book I didn't care for the characters hated all the lying going on The story was ok but it's been d

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    Audrey’s Guide to Witchcraft has a gorgeous cover and inside there is a terrific spell casting character fill

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    Things are changing for Audrey and not in a good way She goes to school one day with the nagging feeling that her mother is in danger When she goes home she is greeted with her supposed cousin Sadie She tells Audrey that her mother is gone to deal with a family emergency Audrey is skeptical though because she has never met

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    Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft is a delightfully gripping page turner A great mix of mystery suspense and romance this book was eually enjoyed by my teenage daughter and myself The full cast of characters feel like friends and family by the end of the book Even the evil ones enforcing the adage you can't choose your familyAuthor Jody Gehrman employs magickal techniues both real and fantastical Real Witches will know the difference

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    This review was originally posted on Melissa's Midnight Musings on October 31 2012I absolutely LOVED this book It was already a highly anticipated read on my list so when Jody contacted me about reviewing it I immediately said yes

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    Coming on the heels of Babe in Boyland I have to say I was sadly disappointed There were a number of reasons but I think

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    This review can also be found on my blog Jen's Book World21st AugustAn entertaining read I liked the cover of the book and especially

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    Did I enjoy this book Sure This was a fun book and it’s right up my alley The characters were a little flat and the major plot twistreveal was incredibly obvious but I still enjoyed the bookI do as always have a few critical comments the first being the title and its relevance Audrey is a chef so the shtick is that she writes recipes in her notebook for not only food but important things in life It’s kind

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Her to get her own magical powers up to speed before everyone she loves is destroyed by the sorcerer intricately connected to her mother’s secret past. Coming on the heels of Babe in Boyland I have to say I was sadly disappointed There were a number of reasons but I think the biggest reason was voice Natalie from Boyland had such a strong distinctive engaging voice her personality was completely there Audrey Audrey is often closer to a stock character There were moments when her humor and personality would come through strongly and I would feel what the book could be but most of the time I felt like you could easily swap her with another character from any uickly churned out paranormal fantasy and not notice too much of a difference She was never completely cardboard not a lost cause by any means but compared to the vibrant Natalie and knowing what Gehrman is capable of I was always waiting for that injection of personality and it made me a little sad and made the book harder to get into when it didn t comeBasically the book felt a little unfinished to me It felthmm it felt like I was reading an earlier version before things were tightened up and streamlined It s never a good thing when I feel myself wanting to redline things but I did have that urge The dialogue needed tightening the magic needed of a foundation and the whole book needed another pass another round of tweaking and perfecting The magic especially just felt too easy too Bewitched wink and nod and POOF magic y all That never works for me especially when it s combined with the suddenly I m magic trope I reuire balance in all things if there are great advantages there need to be great drawbacks And if there are not if this is just the way your magic works I need to know of the Why I need to believe it because if I don t buy that how can I buy anything that happens as a resultI felt the plot needed some tightening too Sometimes it seemed to move too uickly and drop the connections that were needed to build tension and sometimes it seemed to be stuck in limbo leaving me wanting to just push through already It s tricky to review actually because there were plenty of times when it flowed along and did what it was supposed to do pulling me along with it But there were enough patches that left me frustrated and wanting to fix that they marred my overall impressionAnd though I don t want to go into spoiler territory I do want to address the pitfalls of having a suddenly very powerful main character and a sort of nebulous Big Bad Audrey accepts everything way too easily especially for as smart of a character as she is If someone shows up at your house with a boa constrictor wrapped around her neck and says your mom has been kidnapped because she s magick and then all manner of weird things begin happening and hey wouldn t you know it you re magick too and a maybe rare powerful uber magick then please start to uestion everything Because if you the character do not your reader will and they will be put off by the fact that you didn t You don t just accept things like that even in the face of flying shit and proofproofproof because that s a HUGE paradigm shift and you are reuired by law or something to uestion whether someone is playing a really elaborate prank on you or you ve lost your damn mind You just have to at least for form s sake before giving in and saying okay guess I m magick And same with the Big Bad I need to buy it buy who he is and why he s so Eeeevilll or he ll end up coming off cheesy This particular Big Bad just walked that line I didn t fully buy who he was or why he does some of the things he does though I m sure that will be explained in future books But he did give me the creeps so that gets him villain pointsBut all this is not to say it s not a worthwhile read and maybe I should have opened with that before unleashing all of my grievances But I never seem able to do that because I have to get it out sothere you go I think if I d read this when I was younger many of the things that bothered me may not have And maybe if I hadn t read this just after reading Babe in Boyland which I really enjoyed things may not have bothered me as much as they did in comparison I do like Audrey even if she s not uite as real as Natalie There s good tension and romance even if I did wish for depth in both It s very uick and Gehrman s storytelling is engaging and I think there are those who will connect with Audrey and love her and ignore or forgive the story s flaws as a result But I can t help but wish for something memorable knowing Gehrman is capable of it Still I d recommend it for a uick Halloween read without much hesitation but whether I ll read of the series is up for debate

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Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft

Falling in love baking a magical cake fighting an evil necromancer it’s all in a day’s work for Audrey Oliver seventeen year old witch in training Wh. Three and a half stars A blend of magic romance and mystery and a solid start to a seriesAudrey has this nagging feeling that something isn t right She tries to soothe her nerves in cooking class by baking creme br l e but she just can t shake the feeling that her mother was abducted by this strange man with cruel eyes When she torches the sugar on the custard something mysterious happens A face pushes forth from the custard cup What is happening to her When she gets home she confirms her fear her mother is missing That evening a spunky visitor in bright red boots arrives with a menagerie of animals Sadie claims to be a cousin sent to look after Audrey and her sister Meg while their mother attends to a family emergency Something just doesn t add up for Audrey When her strange powers continue to manifest she learns the truthshe is really a witch and her mother was sent to destroy the same sinister man she was seeing in her mind Audrey just knows that her mother is in danger Can she learn to wield her new found powers and rescue her motherWhat I Liked I always enjoy books that feature witches and Audrey s Guide to Witchcraft fits the bill It is a fun magical book with everything you love about witches There is also a sweet romance and a mystery that will keep you flipping the pagesOne thing that I absolutely loved about this book was the way that Ms Gehrman stimulates all the senses with her writing She paints colorful images that you can see in your mind and describes rich aromas as well as pungent odors The chapter with the chocolate cake tasting scene is so well done that you can practically taste the chocolate melting on your tongue if nothing else it will leave you craving chocolate cake Thankfully Ms Gehrman provides us the delectable recipe I love books that engage all my senses as it totally heightens and enriches the reading experienceAudrey is one of those characters that shows tremendous growth In the beginning she is a nerdy shy teenage girl who stands in the shadow of her beautiful and talented sister She feels awkward around boys and she lacks courage As the story unfolds she learns that she has some incredible powers She slowly starts to hone her magical skills and as she does she transforms I liked that her growth is slow but by the end she stands up and shows that she is capable and she notches up her self esteemThe romance in this one is particularly sweet When Audrey meets Julian she immediately assumes that he will be into her sister so she is hesitant to believe that he is really into her This relationship begins on shaky ground but the chemistry and the sparks between the two are undeniable I loved that Julian refuses to give up despite the fact that Audrey is not able to tell him the truth and there are plenty of misfires A delicious chocolate cake manages to catch the romance on fire I appreciated that this one was slow to develop and full of missteps No insta love or love triangles in this oneI enjoyed the sister relationship between Meg and Audrey It felt very real to me in that Audrey felt like she was Meg s shadow since Meg is a talented musician and beautiful but Meg feels insecure in Audrey s footsteps as well Sibling relationships aren t always easy and while the two get along the relationship reflects all the difficulties that are present in sibling relationshipsI liked all of the main characters but Sadie was my favorite She strides on scene in knee high candy apple red boots with a python and iguana in tow This girl screams charisma from the get go and I was never bored when she was in the scene For the record I totally want her to stop by and give me a magical witch wardrobeAnd The Not So MuchThis one starts out a little slow and the story line is familiar a teenage girl suddenly taps into mysterious powers and learns that she is a witch While the beginning is not exactly original I was pleased to see that the story managed to take on a life of its own I was a bit frustrated with some predictability You just know when Sadie tells Audrey that she wants her and Meg to stay home on Halloween because she has a bad feeling but yet she lets them go out anyway that something bad is going to happenand then when Meg starts hanging around the surfer guy with the bad aura Audrey and Sadie don t stop it and do nothing to prevent ityou know that nothing good is going to come from this I wished that Audrey s mother was prominent The book opens with her abduction and she is absent almost the entire book You have no idea what her mother is like and what kind of relationship she has with her daughters There are a few snatches of information but I felt that having a better understanding of the mother and daughter dynamic would allow me to feel anxiety with the disappearance of the motherI personally would like Audrey s guide to be prominent Audrey keeps a journal full of recipes and she writes down everything of importance so naturally when she learns to be a witch she begins to record spells I really enjoyed the written spells and some of the recipes that were included I totally want to bake Audrey s cake I enjoyed the journal and craved Audrey s Guide To Witchcraft is the perfect witchy read for the season It is fast fun and features an electric romance and a mystery If you are looking for a book that is not over top the scary grab this one With its great characters and tantalizing writing you are sure to enjoy this Halloween Treat Favorite uotationsHow can magic ever find you if you won t let it inApparently she was perfectly willing to accept the impossible so long as it came with coffeeWhat if this was all an elaborate ploy to recruit me for some wacky cult I didn t want to turn into a bald girl in a caftan banging a tambourine at the airportThe smell of magic still hung about her like standing in a grove filled with fragrant dripping trees after and earth soaking stormI didn t want to accidentally bust a witchy move and set their super hair sprayed hair on fireSometimes knowledge is power and sometimes it s a deadly liabilityAll day at school I felt ebullient With a home football game scheduled the mood on campus matched mine though for different reasons I could almost taste the simmering excitement as my peers anticipated on field violence post game keggers furtive groping under the bleachersJust last week he d kissed me for the first time and my heart felt like a massive magnolia opening petal by petal Now that flower lay brown and shriveled at our feet its petals bruised and trampled All because of me The ocean appeared as I reached the crest of the hill The waves exploded on the beach spitting piles of foam their curves silvered by starsBut some people love the slutty Halloween approach as if getting half naked automatically makes it a costumeWhat is insanity though Audrey He flashed a feral grin A vein throbbed in his temple Isn t that just the word we use when people won t conform to our limitationsI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I was not compensated and all opinions expressed are my ownPosted Rainy Day Ramblings

Summary ñ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Jody Gehrman

En her mother goes missing and her mysterious cousin shows up out of the blue Audrey knows something’s gone horribly dangerously wrong Now it’s up to. Audrey s Guide to Witchcraft is a delightfully gripping page turner A great mix of mystery suspense and romance this book was eually enjoyed by my teenage daughter and myself The full cast of characters feel like friends and family by the end of the book Even the evil ones enforcing the adage you can t choose your familyAuthor Jody Gehrman employs magickal techniues both real and fantastical Real Witches will know the difference and perhaps wish we knew how to harness the esoteric arts But enjoy the far reaching ones all the same As a practicing Witch and the author of Sexy Witch I was happy to received a review copy of Audrey s Guide to Witchcraft And I m even happy to be able to give this fun exciting tale an A As this is the case one could say that Audrey s Guide of Witchcraft is Witch endorsed