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AnBest Book of May In Bad Blood the Wall Street Journals John Carreyrou takes us through the step by step history of Theranos a Silicon Valley startup that became almost mythical in no small part due to its young charismatic founder Elizabeth Holmes In fact Theranos was mythical for a different reason because the technological promise it was founded uponthat vital health information could be gleaned from a small drop of blood using handheld deviceswas a lie Carreyrou tracks the experiences of former employees to craft the fascinating story of a company run under a strict code of secrecy a place where leadership was constantly throwing up smoke screens and making promises that it could not keep Meanwhile investors kept pouring in money turning Elizabeth Holmes into a temporary billionaire As companies like Walgreens and Safeway strike deals with Theranos and as even the army tries to get in on the Theranos promise theres a brief cameo by James Mad Dog Mattis the plot thickens and the proverbial noose grows tighter Although I knew how the story ended I found myself reading this book compulsively Chris SchluepYou will not want to put this riveting masterfully reported book down No matter how bad you think the Theranos story was you ll learn that the reality was actually far worseBethany McLean bestselling coauthor of The Smartest Guys in the Room and All the Devils Are Here A chilling third person narrative of how Holmes came up with a fantastic idea that made her for a wh.

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Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup

Ile the most successful woman entrepreneur in Silicon valley Prizewinning Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou tells this story virtually to perfection His description of Holmes as a manic leader who turned coolly hostile when challenged is ripe material for a psychologist His recounting of his efforts to track down sourcesmany of whom were being intimidated by Theranoss bullying lawyer David Boiesreads like a West Coast version of All the President s Men Roger Lowenstein The New York Times Book ReviewCarreyrou blends lucid descriptions of Theranoss technology and its failures with a vivid portrait of its toxic culture and its supporters delusional boosterism The result is a bracing cautionary tale about visionary entrepreneurship gone very wrong Publishers Weekly Starred Eye opening Avivid cinematic portrayal of serpentine Silicon Valley corruptionA deep investigative report on the sensationalistic downfall of multibillion dollar Silicon Valley biotech startup Theranos Basing his findings on hundreds of interviews with people inside and outside the company two time Pulitzer Prize winning Wall Street Journal reporter Carreyrou rigorously examines the seamy details behind the demise of Theranos and its creator Elizabeth Holmes Carreyrou brilliantly captures the interpersonal melodrama hidden agendas gross misrepresentations nepotism and a host of delusions and lies that further fractured the companys reputation and halted its rise KirkusA great and at times almost.

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Unbelievable story of scandalous fraud surveillance and legal intimidation at the highest levels of American corporate power The story of Theranos may be the biggest case of corporate fraud since Enron But its also the story of how a lot of powerful men were fooled by a remarkably brazen liarYashar AliNew York MagazineIn Bad Blood acclaimed investigative journalist John Carreyrou who broke the story in presents comprehensive evidence of the fraud perpetrated by Theranos chief executive Elizabeth Holmes He unveils many dark secrets of Theranos that have not previously been laid bare The combination of these brave whistle blowers and a tenacious journalist who interviewed people including former employees makes for a veritable page turner Eric Topol NatureEngrossing Bad Blood boasts movie scene detail Theranos Carreyrou writes was a revolving door as Holmes and Balwani fired anyone who voiced even tentative doubts Whats frightening is how easy it is to imagine a different outcome one in which the companys blood testing devices continued to proliferate That the story played out as it did is a testament to the many individuals who spoke up at great personal risk Jennifer Couzin Frankel ScienceCrime thriller authors have nothing on Carreyrou s exuisite sense of suspenseful pacing and multifaceted character development in this riveting read in one sitting tour de force Carreyrou s commitment to unraveling Holmes crimes was literally of life saving value BooklistStarred Revie.