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Works both fiction and nonfiction written by one of the country's finest and funniest writers includes a living portrait of Irving's grandmother a new never before published essay six scintillating short stories including the O Henry Award winning Interior Space and two essays on Irving's favorite 19th century novelist Charles Dickens Trying to Save Piggy Sneed is John Irving at the top of his fo. Now I know where Garp comes from This is an essential book to know Irving and his life True there is a bit too much on the wrestling bits The short stories are nice I knew Grillsparzer from before and in this book I really loved Interior Space and Other People s Dreams Interior Space is a germ of a short story many lives many stories and he beautifully crafted everything in I want to read it again I think Did not read into the last bits of the book where its about Irving s homage to other authors

Review Trying to Save Piggy Sneed

Trying to Save Piggy Sneed

Ories written over the last twenty years ending with a homage to Charles Dickens This irresistible collection cannot fail to delight and charmThe first collection of short pieces two of them previously unpublished by the author of The World According to Garp includes memoirs six short stories and essays on Charles Dickens and Gua5nter Grass Reprint TourThis gem a delightful collection of shorter. There are two versions of this book this version contains 8 pieces of workMemoirs Trying to Save Piggy Sneed Fiction Interior Space Almost in Iowa Weary Kingdom Brennbar s Rant Other People s Dreams The Pension Grillparzer Homage The King of the NovelThe other volume of the same name is longer and contains 12 pieces of work including The Imaginary Girlfriend which is available under separate coverMemoirs Trying to Save Piggy Sneed The Imaginary Girlfriend My Dinner at the Whitehouse Fiction Interior Space Brennbar s Rant The Pension Grillparzer Other People s Dreams Weary Kingdom Almost in Iowa Homage The King of the Novel An Introduction to A Christmas Carol Gunter Grass King of the Toy MerchantsI only note this because I was confused myself and thought it would be nice to try to spare other people from the same confusionThat said I won t be rushing out to buy the other comprehensive collection I still have another memoir to look forward to My Movie Business A Memoir and I feel that I m exhibiting uite enough fanboyishness for now after all I am in the throes of reading this author s entire body of work so far in consecutive order and well c mon that s enough for now rightSo what do I think of John Irving as a short story writer Hmm Well put it this way I much prefer his long books It seems to me that some of the tales here are kinda like character sketches than full blown self contained works I can just imagine these characters appearing in any one of his novels but yet their impact being as passing as a pond thrown stoneIt s not that they re not entertaining they are it s not even that they re not well written they most certainly are it s just that they are erm short They are like the flash of a firefly on a gloriously sunny day when I ve become accustomed to the stately progress of a beautiful full moon through a darkened skyIn other words I ve been spoilt by reading John Irving s novelsThereHaving said that I enjoyed reading The Pension Grillparzer outside of the context of The World According to Garp much than I thought I would It s funny how perception and context affect enjoyment When I first read it I only knew it as a whimsical tale written by TS Garp in the context of a much bigger and serious novel by John Irving this was before I really understood his early work as having comedic elements Reading it again gave it a weight and impact that surprised me It was if the text had been edited and improved upon within this collection to tighten it up and make it less throwaway Maybe it was I don t know but that s how it feltOf the other stories Almost in Iowa reminded me unpleasantly of the author s dislike of a story from the point of view of a fork because it kinda anthropomorphisises a Volvo I found Weary Kingdom to be rather sad Brennbar s Rant kinda funny Other People s Dreams intriguing and I can t remember what Interior Space was about oh wait it was about a walnut tree HmmIt strikes me now that I may have missed the depth and beauty of these stories by rushing through them and I know that if I read them through and through properly and attentitively I would be able to glean the shining messages and morals of these talesThing is though I don t want to I want to be entertained I want these books to shine like rays of sunshine on a cloudy day I want my inner world to be lit instantly and dazzlingly I want reward without effort I want to eat a succulent and delicious cake without having made any effort to collect the ingredients lovingly assemble them diligently bake it and present it on the plate like a king on a throne there to savour and enjoy every single morselIn this consumer led madly driven world I do John Irving s work a massive injustice by passing it off in such a brutal and cold hearted manner and I m sorry I apologise from the bottom of my greedy self satisfying heartI m truly sorryNext

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A collection of one dozen short works includes the title piece a loving portrait of the author's grandmother and additional stories including The Pension Grillparzer and Dinner at the White HouseHere is a treat for John Irving addicts and a perfect introduction to his work for the uninitiated To open this spirited collection Irving explains how he became a writer There follow six scintillating st. A forgettable Irving book compared to the likes of OWEN MEANY

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    I'm a huge fan of at least half of John Irving's fiction titles so it pains me greatly to say I can't think of any compelling reason to partake of the Irving salad Trying to Save Piggy Sneed a mishmash of memoir short stories and fawn

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    A forgettable Irving book compared to the likes of OWEN MEANY

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    Trying to Save Piggy Sneed is a most interesting assortment of memoir short stories and essays I enjoyed Irving's stories about wrestling and being a referee for that sport his intriguing short stories and the explanations of them that followed Also he has uite a few interesting anecdotes especially the one about meeting T

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    Buddy of mine gave me this at a party last spring I'd never read Irving and wanted to give him a shot This book is a collection of short works split into three sections The first is memoir This section concludes with an interminable tale of every wrestling match that Irving had either competed in presided over as an official or even heard a story about Scores and moves and competitors names that draw out into the most specifica

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    For Irving completists like me Some memoir some short stories some works praising Dickens and Gunter Grass The stories range from good Almost In Iowa to terrific The Pension Grillparzer The memoirs are mostly interesting with a very very detailed account of his love of wrestling and his wrestling career The Imaginary Gi

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    There are two versions of this book this version contains 8 pieces of workMemoirs Trying to Save Piggy Sneed Fict

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    Irving has put together a selection of fiction and non fiction in this collection of short stories and essays from his literary career He has divided the volume into three parts Memoirs Fiction and Homage Each piece is follo

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    I'm sorry to say I did not love this book I thought reading the memoir of such a creative and talented fiction author would be at least somewhat entertaining Instead I got a blow by blow recap of every wrestling match John Irving has ever been in or refereedor that his sons were inor that some guy he met in college but can't remember his name was in This continues to a point of absurdity and I'm not even sure hardcore wrestling

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    Now I know where Garp comes from This is an essential book to know Irving and his life True there is a bit too much on the wrestling bits The short stories are nice I knew Grillsparzer from before and in this book I really

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    I was almost finished with this book of short stories and essays and then decided not to finish I liked elements of this collection of tales and disliked others So ultimately ambivalent Worth reading not worth finishing Haha

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