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Algorithm Design introduces algorithms by looking at the real world problems that motivate them The book teaches a rang. It s an Algorithms book So I know what you re thinking why would I read this book when the standard text on Algorithms is CLRS which is in fact so popular that nobody even refers to it by name but simply as CLRS Bear with me here Algorithm Design is better than CLRSNow it s not as COMPREHENSIVE If you want a reference book to sit on your desk for later use by all means use CLRS CLRS is a great book to pick up flip to the index find the thing you re curious about and read the relevant section on it Virtually everything you encounter in Algorithms is in that bookAlgorithm Design isn t that way There s tons of stuff in CLRS that isn t even touched on in Algorithm Design Basic data structures like stacks ueues heaps trees and such are not taught at all You re expected to already be familiar with these concepts since they should be covered in a Data Structures course not an Algorithms courseAlgorithm Design covers exactly 7 things 1 Basic analysis techniues 2 Graphs 3 Greedy Algorithms 4 Dynamic Programming 5 Divide and Conuer Algorithms 6 Network flows 7 Computational intractability and complexityThat s it These topics tend to show up in graduate courses than undergrad courses so if you re an undergrad this probably isn t the right book for you But if you re taking graduate algorithms this book is fantastic The reason why is that Algorithm Design doesn t merely cover those 7 topics it annihilates themThe presentation of each topic is so well covered so perfectly paced so thorough and so readable that you almost forget you re reading a textbook Topics are introduced slowly and gradually The authors write in a readable style unmatched by any other algorithms book I ve ever read While you are reading the authors may make a claim As soon as they do this they immediately prove it true The proofs are just as readable and followable as the rest of the text I never felt lost or confused with this book it was like having an excellent professor close by at all times Each section is packed with examples it s not enough to prove something true Algorithm Design also delves into enough examples that it makes things extremely clearMy only real complaint is that in the name of readability sometimes the book authors deviate a bit too far from standard terminology As a uick example proving a Greedy Algorithm to be correct one must illustrate that it exhibits a The Greedy Choice Property and b Optimal Substructure These names don t really tell you what they are so the authors refer to them as the staying ahead properties This works well within the confines of the book because the argument is that the greedy algorithm stays ahead of the optimal solution but I can easily imagine a student using that terminology getting confused looks from peers who learned with other booksOtherwise AD is a fantastic book that I cannot recommend highly enough for people studying algorithms within the confines of the limited subset of what the book covers

CHARACTERS Algorithm Design

Algorithm Design

Ng of the algorithm design process and an appreciation of the role of algorithms in the broader field of computer scien. So far so good


E of design and analysis techniues for problems that arise in computing applications The text encourages an understandi. Would definitely recommend this to somebody trying to revisit or strengthen their fundamentals in algorithms It focuses on design principles used by algorithms rather than the algorithms themselves It s fantastic both as a textbook and otherwise Probably not the best as a reference though

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    It's an Algorithms book So I know what you're thinking why would I read this book when the standard text on Algorithms is CLRS which is in fact

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    If you need a handbook on algorithms and data structures get CLR If you want to truly understand algorithm design and analysis this is your book Its one of the few textbooks with a coherent narrative as opposed to the step 1 step2 ED style of so many other textbooks The problems are all really good too

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    Great book on algorithms

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    Would definitely recommend this to somebody trying to revisit or strengthen their fundamentals in algorithms It focuses on design pri

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    Good selection of topics in good organization and order Too thick Can be succinct

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    A great read for newcomers and knowledgable readers alikeThe first three chapters introduce the basic concepts of algorithm design and graphs getting an inexperienced reader up to date with the knowledge reuired for the most advanced stuff later on Those advanced desing concepts are explained in simple terms except a few sections here and there that get bogged down in math and notation that everyone can follow without much hassl

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    Really good book on algorithms and very in depth they made everything easy to understand and read Used for my algorithms and advanced algorithms courses Exercises are good as well

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    Good textbook for graduate class in Algorithms Focuses on intuitive explanations instead of rigorous esoteric formal language

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    So far so good

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    I'm halfway through the book It's fantastic to say the least Rarely does one get to see such clear exposition of nuances in 'Greedy Algorithms' 'Network Flow' I say this because I'm currently reading other Algori

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