(Pdf kindle) Who's the Daddy? by Judy Christenberry

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Could an expectant mother really forget who fathered her babyWhen Caroline Adkins woke in a hospital bed with amnesia she received startling news she was pregnant She couldn't remember one single night of passionyet three diffe.

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Who's the Daddy?

Rent men were claiming paternitySexy stranger Max Daniels was the only man not previously acuainted with her powerful family But one look into his eyes and Caroline started to fall for him even though he was the least likely da.

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Ddy hopeful Meantime her family was arranging her marriage to a man with proofCaroline was headed toward the altar with the seemingly right daddy but the wrong man Could she and Max prove his paternity in time to stop her weddi.

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    I’ve read this book a couple of times now and tend to make fun of it a lot because the plot is so ridiculous A woman wakes up pregnant in a hospital surrounded by a bunch of people she doesn’t know because she has amnesia and three men are claiming to be the father of her baby only she’s never met them before never mind rec

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    4 Stars Imagine waking up in the hospital with a whopping headache with your family gathered around you but you haven't a clue who they are or who you are for that matter and then the doctor announces that you're pregnant And then imagine again that your father bellows out I demand to know who the father is and

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    I really didn't like it Don't like how the author made the character Caroline sound like well you know I won't use the word here Didn't like how the mom was concerned about her stuff and thought the sister was an childish brat Just really didn't like the story but was curious about Caroline and Max So glad it was a short

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