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    45 stars One thing was sure This was not the fairy tale she had been looking for Life dealt Cady Drake a rough handOrphaned nearly at birth she bounced from foster home to foster home throughout her childhood each time growing and jaded Cady

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    NOW AVAILABLE ”But no one else pays attention to the uiet carver who fills the halls of the château with the scent of freshly saw

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    I received an ARC of this book for free from the publisher Berkley Books in exchange for an honest review This was such a charming and

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    When I finished this book I was left feeling underwhelmed I guess I was hoping for something given it had eleme

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    GIVEAWAY FOR THIS BOOK ON MY BLOG AT THIS LINK wouldn’t want to go to Paris and photograph carousels? Cady was excited to head to P

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    I am drawn to stories that take place in France so when I saw The Lost Carousel of Provence I knew I needed to read it plus the cover is beautiful I am a fan of one of Juliet Blackwell’s earlier books The Paris Key and th

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    Intriguing atmospheric and upliftingThe Lost Carousel of Provence is an alluring tale predominantly set in the majestic southeastern region of France during the early 1900s as well as present day and is told fro

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    45 stars ✨ Thank you to Berkeley Publishing for sending me an ARC in exchange for an honest review Some books you just know that you’re going to love even before reading a single page This was one of those books for me Cady has just lost Maxine who was like a mother to her at a loss for what to do her friend Olivia suggests going to France At first Cady is hesitant until she happens to find an old photograph inside an antiu

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    Still reeling from the death of her dear friend and the woman who took her in when the world wanted to forget her Cady Dra

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    I almost didn't reuest this book but I am glad I did I found I got so involved in the storyline I couldn't put it down instead read far into the night I had problems reading the parts of the Nazis occupation of France I felt that Ms Blackwell did an outstanding job of blending the three time periods so the story flew togetherCady Drake is recovering from the death of her mentor and agrees to accept a job in Paris of p

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An artist lost to history a family abandoned to its secrets and the woman whose search for meaning unearths it all in a sweeping and expressive story from the New York Times bestselling author of Letters from Paris Long lonely years have passed for the crumbling Château Clement nestled well beyond the rolling lavender fields and po. NOW AVAILABLE But no one else pays attention to the uiet carver who fills the halls of the ch teau with the scent of freshly sawn wood and the scrip scrape tink tink of her work her passion her joy Cady Drake has never really known how a family operates she s never really had one Having been raised in a long string of foster homes she never knew the feeling of belonging She is socially awkward but she does has a friend Olive who is always trying to get her to step outside herself be a part of the world and less hidden The only other person that has given her a reason to trust is Maxine an older woman who had taken Cady under her wing as a younger girl And then Maxine is gone Getting by in life has always been hard for Cady a local photographer taking on school portraits weddings events and other similar jobs even though her aspirations are higher creative But when Maxine passed away it felt as though a part of herself was missing One night she stubs her toe and in a fit of frustration she takes it out on Gus and kicks himGus has been a part of her life for a while so when he falls over slamming against an edge of granite and now he lies on the floor broken disfigured Gus is her antiue carousel figure whom she named Gus the Rabbit it is Cady s belief that Gus was carved by Gustave Bayol a master carver of the 20th Century But in breaking this figure that has been used for her photography business and has been the object of so many of her photographs her heart breaks a little And even though antiue dealers have assured her that Gus was almost assuredly not carved by Bayol she s always held on to the belief that perhaps they are wrong And then she notices that there appears to be something hidden inside Gus a piece of pink fabric is showing through the hollow she has created What she finds is a photograph that is a mystery along with a note This story travels back and forth in time told through different characters different points of view with relatively short chapters separating the varying eras and voices In order of appearance this story begins in 1901 at Ch teau Clement in Provence France through Josephine who begins by sharing the sights of the gardeners and servants grape pickers and kitchen staff have been joined by Monsieur Bayol s crew of men hammering sawing sanding and painting the newly arrived carousel Returning to present day Oakland California with Cady Anne Drake only to be returned to Ch teau Clement in 1915 with Yves Clement and then to 1900 Angers France at the Carousel Factory of Gustave Bayol Back to 2001 Oakland only to return to 1900 Angers at the Carousel Factory with Ma lle then to 1993 Berkeley California with a five year old Cady to 1944 Paris And so on If you think this would make you feel like after watching a ping pong match it didn t for me The story builds slowly in each timeframe adding layer upon layer and little by little we know about the mystery behind Gus the RabbitA girl has to hold onto her dreams and so with the offer of an assignment to take photographs of the carousels in France that her friend Olive finagled through her publisher connections at Sunset Magazine she doesn t hesitate and heads to Paris In Paris the City of Love one can assume there is a love story and while there is a bit of romance it doesn t really drive the story but it also doesn t take away from the charms of seeing Paris Provence and the older handcrafted carousel animals Still there is than just romance in this there are family secrets to unravel and a mystery to solve and some rather unfriendly characters that might need some persuadingPub Date 18 SEP 2018Many thanks for the ARC provided by Berkley Publishing Group

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The Lost Carousel of Provence

Pular tourist attractions of Provence Once a bustling and dignified ancestral estate now all that remains is the château's gruff elderly owner and the softly whispered secrets of generations buried and forgotten But time has a way of exposing history's dark stains and when American photographer Cady Drake finds herself drawn to th. I am drawn to stories that take place in France so when I saw The Lost Carousel of Provence I knew I needed to read it plus the cover is beautiful I am a fan of one of Juliet Blackwell s earlier books The Paris Key and this book is just as good I was also intrigued by the subject matter the carousels of France and the focus on a particular historic master carver named Gustave Bayol The mystery is entertaining and intriguing I knew very little about carousel making and Blackwell provides just enough detail to educate the reader without going overboard with details that one might not need or want to learnDual timeline stories usually result in one story line that is appealing than the other While both times and stories were interesting I definitely liked the present day tale about Cady Drake and her pursuit of the origins of her wooden rabbit carousel piece allegedly carved by Bayol the best Her search for community and an understanding of her past was endearing and at times my heart broke for her I really enjoyed The Lost Carousel of Provence and wish I was headed to Paris soon to tour the city and see and ride the many beautiful historic carousels that still exist there today Listen to my podcast at for fun author interviews For book reviews check out my Instagram account

Read & download ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB â Juliet Blackwell

E château and its antiue carousel she longs to explore the relic's shadowy origins beyond the small scope of her freelance assignment As Cady digs deeper into the past unearthing century old photographs of the Clement carousel and its creators she might be the one person who can bring the past to light and reunite a family torn apa. Intriguing atmospheric and upliftingThe Lost Carousel of Provence is an alluring tale predominantly set in the majestic southeastern region of France during the early 1900s as well as present day and is told from three different perspectives Maelle an independent hardworking young woman struggling to showcase her talents and prove her worth in a male dominated environment Fabrice a lonely elderly man who has sacrificed endured and lived a life weighed down by deception regret and unreuited love And Cady an intelligent independent young woman who endeavours to photograph all the lost carousels of France and uncover all the stories and secrets that surround themThe prose is expressive and elouent The characters are scarred complex and authentic And the plot is a sweeping saga filled with familial drama introspection love loss life family friendship community mystiue heartbreak romance secrets passion loyalty as well as a little insight into the designing and building of some of the most famous merry go rounds of all timeOverall The Lost Carousel of Provence is an informative romantic mysterious tale that is a well written exceptionally researched beautiful picture postcard of the history landmarks culture culinary fare and lost art forms of a country Blackwell obviously loves and knows wellThank you to NetGalley especially Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review