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A self published novel by June Alison Gibbons one of the Silent Twins Preston Wildey King 14 lives in Malibu with his widowed mother and sister He is literally addicted to Pepsi to the point that all his thoughts and fantasies are focused on it When he's not drinking it he's dreaming about it even creating art and poetry based on it It amounts to his religion Preston coul. Oh my god I cannot believe I have a copy of this book Sure it s a photocopy It s still worth its wait in gold Update I ve just finished this book If the story behind it weren t so intriguing I never would have read it but I m glad I did because it is a fabulously bad book It s so sincerely bad reading it was hard At a mere 130 pages I should have finished it in a matter of days but the prose is so indulgent andlet s face it bizarre it took me longer than it should haveThe Pepsi Cola Addict was printed by a vanity press with no editing or even basic grammar checking whatsoever at one point my eye shocked over the word penin only to realise the sentence was about a pen in someone s pocket It is about a white Malibu teenage boy named Preston who is uite literally addicted to Pepsi Cola He faces many trials due to his addiction his girlfriend dumps him ostensibly over the fact that he won t stop drinking Pepsi Cola He begs her to come back claiming he s done with that stuff He gets caught robbing a convenience store because long after the alarms have gone off and the police sirens rush toward the store he waits around drinking several cans of Pepsi cola He doesn t get a trial or even a phone call before he s in the prison laundry sucking on freshly laundered still wet sheets trying to uench his thirst for Pepsi ColaPreston is an odd teenager mostly because of how much he his sister and his friends amble around He gets seduced by his teacher gets sexually threatened by the warder at the juvenile detention centre In fact no one can leave Preston alone even his best friend can t help himself around Preston It s hard times because all Preston wants is some damn Pepsi cola and his ex girlfriend back but she s planning to move away Life s full of bad luck and it s enough to make a guy want to drink 3 Pepsi Colas Against the odds but a touch too late Preston manages to get the girl back It s tragedyBetter than the convoluted plot is the writing here are my favourite bitsGibbons grew up in cold grey Wales but the book is all about Malibu It s clear that June had an excellent grasp of Malibu s climate the sun is several times described aptly as a fireball in the sky It s so literalPreston thought life is a confusementWhen he s at the juvenile detention centre Preston s mother visits him She asks him how he s doing and he says It s pretty noisythe place is like a prison camp Excellent observational skillsIt s not a great book but it s not famous for being a great book either It doesn t have the star appeal or even the written from behind asylum walls intrigue of Save Me the Waltz But it s an extremely rare piece of cultural history an important door to one of the strangest stories of sisterhood the world has ever known I m proud to have read it


Pepsi cola Addict

D have written Breathtaking Design Strategy the 2009 corporate document elevating Pepsi and its logo to metaphysical glory He is deeply in love with Peggy but she dumps him after an argument over his Pepsi habit His friend Ryan is bisexual and desires him His math tutor seduces him and when he's sent to juvie after robbing a convenience store mesmerized by a crate of Peps. Is there anyone on Earth who has a copy of this book If there is anybody out there who can help me locate a copy of this you will have my sincerest most profound thanks

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I of course he sits down and drinks some instead of running he's molested by a guard Preston's choices and misfortunes are chronicled with that distinctive Gibbons flair full of elegant metaphors uirky slang and over and undercurrents of emotion that take on a life of their own Good luck finding it Only five libraries are known to have it but apparently bootleg copies exi. Hey what fazes you I ll tell you what fazes me the fact that this book is labelled outsider literature and hasn t been re published while the likes of Twilight and 50 Shades are actually sold as books Considering she did not have the advantage of professional editing and proofreading this is all diy it s pretty impressive and shows a lot of potential too bad she stopped writing The Pepsi addiction parodies the cola wars of the 1980s The uestion of whether you prefer Pepsi or Coke is taken to its logical conclusion the eponymous protagonist finds those who favor or promote Coca Cola contemptible I believe the humour is intentional The story reminds me a lot of contemporary teen dramas like Elite Scream Riverdale etc It s better then most YA fiction out there Nevertheless it s potential than finished product and for those of you so keen to find a copy don t worry you re not missing out as much as you think I was able to read it at one of the UK libraries while on vacation it took almost 3 hours As far as I know it s not available anywhere in North America though

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    Oh my god I cannot believe I have a copy of this book Sure it's a photocopy It's still worth its wait in gold Update I've just finished this book If the story behind it weren't so intriguing I never would have r

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    June Alison Gibbons owns the rights to her book I expect if she saw evidence of a lot of people asking for it she might be able to work out having it reprinted Discomania and The Pugilist by Jennifer might be trickierAnother idea might be to contact Marjorie Wallace the twins' biographer The Silent Twins She is

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    So I don't usually write reviews but I can't believe that I got this book I had to jump through a bunch of hoops but I got it at my library It was a very interesting book and I would definitely recommend it

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    Is there anyone on Earth who has a copy of this book? If there is anybody out there who can help me locate a copy of this you will have my sincerest most profound thanks

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    Weird yet uncannily entertaining

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    Like everyone else I became fascinated by the Gibson girls after reading The Silent Twins This was surprisingly good considering there was absolutely no editing and written by a teenager back in the early 1980's

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    Hey what fazes you? I'll tell you what fazes me the fact that this book is labelled outsider literature and hasn't been re published while the

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    I read this in the British Library over two afternoons Bizarre but charming

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    Too much sugar could end your life

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    I think I wanna read How to read ?

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