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    Absolutely loved this fresh and insightful excursus into the modernisation of South Asia particularly in Delhi Hosagrahar's theory is an excellent contribution to a knowledge society that is slowly peeling back the effects of colonialism on the conceptions constructions and uses of space It is an excellent meditation on history and identity as it manifests in architecture I hope that this work and its theories will in

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Part one reflects on transformations and discontinuities in built form and spatial culture and uestions accepted notions of the static nature of what is normally referred to as traditional and non Western architecturePart two is a critical discussion of Delhi in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries redefining modernism in a way tha.

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Indigenous Modernities

T separates the city's architecture and society from the objectified realm of the exotic whilst acknowledging non Western ideas of modernityIn the final part the author considers 'indigenous modernities' the irregular the uneven and the unexpected in what uncritical observers might call a coherent 'traditional' society and built environmen.

Read Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ì Jyoti Hosagrahar

This book examines how a historic and so called 'traditional' city uietly evolved into one that was modern in its own terms; in form use and meaning Through a focused study of Delhi the author challenges prevalent assumptions in architecture and urbanism to identify an interpretation of modernism that goes beyond conventional understanding.