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Tween her and salvation Riko is going to have to fight meaner work smarter and push harder than she’s ever had to And that’s just to make it through the dayFile Under Science Fiction Viral Hitman | Renegade | Nano Shock | Swear On Your Life. Angry Robot has had a way of rewarding us readers with the new and the unexpected when it comes to genre fiction fantasy or science fiction Books that break current boundaries set the stratospheric new heights and also define new sub genres in that process giving us fiction we didn t know we needed Necrotech is the prime shining example of good things to have come out of that process Rebelliously ridiculously good things that rank definitely up there among the best Re defining the scope and boundaries of cyberpunk science fiction thrillers I cannot believe this is a debut I cannot believe K C Alexander hasn t written a book before If this is Chuck Wendig writing under a false pen name I wouldn t be surprised But heck no he s written a glowing endorsement for every foul word that has fountained from under that pen So if you loved Miriam Black series then you will love Rikko The female protagonist whom you will choose to love or hate but just cannot get out of your hair Snarky from deep inside to outer core shockingly violent and as free and foul mouthed a person can ever be She wears her sexuality like a badge doesn t really distinguish between a girl or a guy but just folds it unto her designs to get to her goals with a personality that doesn t win points for being polite or even remotely like able it s a wonder how Rikko gets called up for jobs on the street And what job do you ask She s a splatter specialist in the street Something like an obstacle remover or assassin perhaps In this world where tech integration into your body is an essential way of living religion is just a way to ease up your conscience at the end of bad day and the environmental degradation has forced humanity to seek refuge in Mega cities a bad day for Rikko means she ends up with her memory slate wiped clean watches her lovergirl friend get turned into a tech zombie where the tech or AI sneaks over and takes control of the body through her mind bidding her do ghastly stuff and her reputation on the street goes for a toss she s branded a traitor to the cause of having sold out and abandoned her entire team for money Second book that uses amnesia as a plot device in this month that I m reading but both couldn t have been any different Necrotech is like the eruption of MtFuji drowning you in scalding lava and yet forcing you to suck it up and keep moving forward It s explosive and it s raw KC s writing is like a solid right and left hook combo that leaves you breathless Pacy as hell an engrossing mystery brewing beneath all that blood gore and curses flying all around that kept me hooked to the end The ruthless futuristic world that Rikko is a part of comes alive in a glorious manner throughout the story the tech enhancements the nano tech that helps heal your body the genetic experiments are messy So most characters are characters of color so yeah a lot of diversity here and the names for me distinctly sounded like a mangled up version of Indian names Krouper Kapoor Mallik Nanjali the world itself minus the ozone layer being burned away and prolonged exposure leading to cancer It s all effortlessly a part of the narrative without standing out and I thought this was absolutely cool Coming to the characters of course Rikko stood out First person narrative that allows the readers to get up close and personal insider her flawed and angry head Rikko is an intense character that will overwhelm you With her eruption of feelings and anger issues she s not the most suavest savviest person in the book Nope that title belongs to Mallik cool cucumber Reed but that only made her appealing to me But along with Rikko there were other shining stars Starting with Indigo the linker on her team who s supposed to be the brains of all operations and guide the team on their mission as he s plugged into the information highway and accesses every info bit available about such wasn t the strongest or the coolest around But the raw anguish of having lost his sister to the Necrotech and his mammoth trust issues with Rikko makes for a brilliant characterization Mallik Reed the corporate connect for Rikko who decides to fund roll this new operation for Rikko to uncover her memories and thus the mystery of what really happened to her and her girlfriend now he is a sinister cat alright Ice cool temperament and nerves of steel this guy is someone you don t want on the opposite side of the ring This definitely reads like the first part of a series and therein lies the only grouch I had No payoffs at the end of this book for the mystery Oh we get teasers alright and it only makes life harder There are dangerous glints that can lead off into the speculation alleys but I will rein it in It s a book that you should read Satisfying that massive itch about hard hitting cyberpunk you never knew you had Truly an unexpected pleasure this year


Necrotech SINless #1

Street thug Riko has some serious issues memories wiped reputation tanked girlfriend turned into a tech fueled zombie And the only people who can help are the mercenaries who think she screwed them overIn an apathetic society devoid of ethics. What a great surprise I ve read a lot of machine aug SF and dirty dangerous streets fiction to get a little jaded and ho hum but this one has a great flavor from start to finishIt s all about the voice and this woman both the author and the MC is wickedly delicious Do you like awesome insults Snark The whole UF feel all wrapped up in a shiny dangerous nano package that can eat you from the inside or completely destroy you with a complete corruption of the software How about being on the other side of the law running jobs wherever you can or how about landing yourself in so much damn trouble that your street cred and therefore your life is about to be landed in the bottom of a sewer somewhereIt s CyberPUNK yo This is than a traditional but dressed up to be modern cyberpunk novel This is cyberpunk for a brand new generation with the feel of the neon spiky hair without an actual hair job meant to poke someone s eye out Did I mention this had delicious dialogue and text rolls under some of the best throat punches in the businessWell it does

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Or regulation where fusing tech and flesh can mean a killing edge or a killer conversion a massive conspiracy is unfolding that will alter the course of the human condition forever With corporate meatheads on her ass and a necro tech blight be. Necrotech is one of those titles that left me feeling particularly divisive KC Alexander included a great number of things that I enjoyed but there were also just enough missteps to disappointPerhaps my greatest problem with this book was going into it without the explicit understanding that this is the first book in a series with an overarching plot line Alexander presents a story where the lead character Riko is on a mission to discover what happened to her and her girlfriend during a period of several months that she cannot recall In the book s opening moments Riko wakes up in a lab in time to discover her cybernetically augmented girlfriend going haywire and turning into a savage monster on a bloody tear The mystery behind what these two women are doing in this lab and why they were even there in the first place becomes the crux of Riko s motivation Unfortunately by the time we reach the end of the book s 400 pages there s been zero resolution Riko does get moved into a new and interesting place which is a plus but the story itself lacks any sense of closure The characters and readers are left in largely the same place they found themselves at the outset with the central mystery unresolved We had some neat developments and a few interesting scenarios along the way but the trip itself ultimately felt largely pointless and this left me disappointedOn the bright side Riko is a cool heroine and I have a soft spot for foul mouthed temperamental tough women Riko is a particular type of mercenary known as a splatter specialist and with her gruff violent no prisoners attitude and big bionic arm heroines don t get much tougher Necrotech is a violent book with nearly non stop action At a certain point though the action does get to be a bit too much and a bit too tedious Alexander doesn t slow down enough to really allow her character much in the way of introspection or growth although there are some nice moments between Riko and the other characters Her flirtatious side carries a definite charm which made virtually any scene between her and a corporate secretary named Hope fun and engaging I could have gone for a few of those moments and Riko becomes much interesting when she s placed in situations far removed from her usual elementsMake no mistake Riko s usual elements are gritty and violent Alexander does a great job building the world her characters inhabit and I liked the concept of necrotech a computer virus that hijacks people s implants and turns them into the cyberpunk euivalent of a zombie uite a lot It s a scary gruesome and highly intriguing idea and one that I look forward to seeing the author develop in future booksWhile Necrotech was not the stand alone title I was hoping for and leaves far too many plot threads dangling and unresolved to placate me I am still invested enough in this world and in KC Alexander as a storyteller to see what comes up next Note I received an advanced review copy of this title from the publisher via NetGalley

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    What a great surprise I've read a lot of machine aug SF and dirty dangerous streets fiction to get a little jaded and ho hum but this one has a great flavor from start to finishIt's all about the voice and this woman both the author and the MC is wickedly delicious Do you like awesome insults? Snark? The whole UF feel all wrapped up

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    This book unapologetically throws cyberpunk into a sweaty ménage à trios with AI madness and Cthulhu cum tech zombie foul mouthed insanity The resultant gun slinging two fisted ass kicking action is non stop as is the main character's incredibly incredibly self sabotaging bad attitude NECROTECH is so full of

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    Review originally posted at my blog Silicon of the Internet Title Necrotech Author K C Alexander Genre Sci Fi Subgenre CyberpunkTranshumanist sci fiReview by SiliconIntro HOLY SHIT To say I enjoyed this book would be a massive understatement Do you like ass kicking foul mouthed shit starting heroines? Fast paced plots that just don't stop the punches? Human tech integration with ACTUAL CONSEUENCES and uniue dangers?Publication da

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    Necrotech is one of those titles that left me feeling particularly divisive KC Alexander included a great number of thing

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    Necrotech updates 80s style neon and street attitude cyberpunk for the 21st century This is cyberpunk with an emphasis on the punk It's in your face unapologetic no holds barred asskickery If you love the Miriam Black books you'll love Necrotech

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    Will review better later For now at first I thought this book was going to disappoint I spotted what looked like a few tro

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    Angry Robot has had a way of rewarding us readers with the new and the unexpected when it comes to genre fiction fantasy or science fiction Books that break current boundaries set the stratospheric new heights and

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    45 I was searching for female written female SciFi protagonists when I stumbled across this gem Even better this ualifies as Cyberpunk with the emphasis on Punk very much in the “the street finds its own use for things” kind of way The world is an immersive not too far away future in which climate change amo

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    Some good old school cyberpunk with a suitably large dash of the punk We've got the usuals deckers fixers runners and the like all with suitably updated identities and new technology at their hands The old school still shows through though with a main character's chrome cyber arm and one of the deckers sorry projectors having the DNI ports in his neck and back This book takes the genre kisses it on the mouth a

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    NECROTECH is probably the most entertaining novel I read in 2017 and is the best way I can finish off this year I say this as a huge cyberpunk fan and someone who has often felt the genre has suffered since The Matrix Basically the o