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G the two murders but the locals are on lockdown revealing nothingThe past meets the present when Becca Kingsley who returns to Portland to be with her estranged but dying father runs into Parker her childhood love As the daughter of the former police chief Becca's uickly drawn into the case Coming home has brought something omin. Sometimes it s nice to mix things up within a genre so many times I m craving a fast paced and exciting thriller with twists and turns galore and then other times I m in the mood for a really well written slow burn and River Bodies fits the bill perfectly It s funny because the pacing itself wasn t even slow at all but the writing style and the way the story unfolded was subdued so it was almost a mix between the two Either way it worked well for me and was an intriguing readThis was character driven and really focused on the relationship between Becca and her estranged father but also between Becca and her longtime boyfriend as well Besides Becca you also hear from Parker giving it a subtle police procedural vibe and then John a local outlaw who is part of a biker gang All three were complicated and interesting and I just saw on Goodreads that this is the first book in a new series with the next installment set to be released next summerI m a sucker for old cases and new ones colliding and there was plenty of that here Throw in some fantastic and evocative writing and a tricky mystery and I was all in Recommended for those looking for a rich character driven story with a great setting and a few surprises along the wayRiver Bodies in three words Subtle Layered and EngrossingOverall rating 45


River Bodies Northampton County #1

Ous to the surface memories long buried secrets best kept hidden Becca starts uestioning all her past relationships including one with a man who's watched over her for years For the first time she wonders if he's predator than protectorIn a small town where darkness hides in plain sight the truth could change Becca's life or end. Check out my A Elevator Ride with Karen Katchur Learn the inspiration behind this standout new thriller series and some fun and interesting facts about the author Thanks to Karen FUN FUN An emotionally resonant tale of fury tragedy guilt and redemption The first in this exciting new series Northampton County A page turning psychologically rich both character and plot driven a gritty multi generational complex suspense thriller of two brutal crimes twenty years apart The past and present connect when a murder investigation with the same MO reconnects old childhood acuaintances and estranged parents while dark family secrets threaten to destroy present lives Talented suspense novelist Karen Katchur returns following The Sisters of Blue Mountain and The Secrets of Lake Road with her latest novel RIVER BODIES Taut prose flawed characters and a dark side that weaves through the lives of the small towns of Northampton County with the introduction of this new bold series The author creates a strong sense of place positioning itself ideally for the setting of this intriguing new series leaving readers anxiously awaiting the next addition An edgy intense deep and darkly compelling psychological suspense whydunit thriller with plenty of attention to detail Katchur skillfully explores the frightening and gut wrenching mental state of each character The journey from past to present the traumas and fears are bringing them to the present nightmare as they confront their monsters Setting Set in the small rural town of Portland Pennsylvania in the autumn season alongside the Delaware River banks with small connecting towns in Northampton County Pennsylvania and the Jersey side CharactersBecca Kingsley was born here the daughter of the controlling and demanding police chief Clint Her childhood does not hold fond memories Becca is now a grown woman age thirty single and living with Matt a patent attorney who is cheating on her She is a runner a veterinarian and the owner of Romy her faithful and much loved German Shepherd Her practice is in Columbia NJ not far from her hometown She has always loved animals They were of comfort to her during her turbulent childhood a demanding father a womanizer and never faithful to her mom which he drove away Years ago a scared child she stumbled upon something that frightened her She happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time She tried to tell her dad but he instructed her never to speak of this again She carried this secret and buried it deep in her mind Did her father send her away to protect her from harm She did not know why She never understood Her mom and dad separated Now her dad is dying They are estranged Her mom thinks she should visit him before he passes Could her dad hold the secret to the murder long ago and the one in the present John Jackson very complicated was older than her by fifteen years He had been a part of her childhood John s dad Russell was a stepbrother to her dad Clint John had a troubled youth as well He is a hunter His dad was part of a motorcycle club gang called the Scions His dad had no patience for mistakes and no tolerance for the cowardly John had no children and his late wife Beth died of cancer three years earlier Two stepbrothers on different sides of the law John had taken an oath to the club twenty years ago and if there was one rule he lived by the rule his old man Russell had drilled into him ever since he was a small boy It was that he put the club before himself always even if it meant giving his life Now John answers to his father s buddy Hap John is a product of his environment Could he have been a different person without his father s influenceDetective Parker Reed is a State Police homicide investigator who works cases throughout Northampton County He is from Portland and he and Becca were childhood sweethearts Now in charge of the current case and recalls the twenty year old case from previous years when he was a child Will he be able to solve the crime before there is collateral damage The Crime Twenty years ago there was an unsolved murder of a man When the man s body is pulled from the Delaware River he had been shot gutted and field dressed as a deer Now there is a similar murder Could it possibly the same murderer A copycat What is the motive Becca John Parker and Clint are connected to the murder How The past refuses to remain buried The Present Becca has been summoned to her hometown Her dad is dying He has a lady friend Jackie Becca swore she would never return She had never understood her father s reasons for doing the things he had done Her father did not like John nor did he get along with John s father Russell his stepbrother Filled with dread and fear when she returns she happens to be a part of the new crime once again Will the new crime bring back the memories she has kept hidden for years and reopen old wounds Could she be in danger Does she know too much Why was this brutal murder so violent What would make a person skin a human as an animal Do humans repeat learned behaviorMetaphorsThere is much to love here Karen takes us below the surface of the human psyche Good versus evil With literary prose there is a constant pull between fear danger protection and love Water the river the woods and nature can be beautiful but at the same time it can be dangerous as with animals and humans we find here Topics and Themes A twisty unsettling yet captivating thriller explores the relationships between fathers and daughters and fathers and sons Highly charged topics psychological repressed memories secrets fear parents effect on a child s behavior as well and marital relationships infidelity narcissism violence forgiveness fear control protection old loves love of animals betrayal friendship love loss cancer and grief plus Whydunit versus Whodunit As with all her books the author skillfully explores powerful complex and high charged topics and emotions The intricacies of parent child relationships and family dynamics I enjoy the intriguing tie in with animals nature and the rich settings in her books as well as the whydunit versus the whodunit A type of detective story in which the focus is not on who committed the crime but what were their motives for committing it I love her book covers and her keen sense of place with her bold and alluring settings that draw you inFor Fans of For those fans of true crime families are torn apart by secrets of the past Why This is the ongoing uestion and the focus of RIVER BODIES The author delivers a complex and gripping standout thriller Written from different points of view and time periods readers will be glued to the pages anxiously awaiting the next in this riveting seriesPerfect for crime fans of Lisa Gardner Karin Slaughter Harlan Coben Gilly MacMillan and Lisa Unger with a mix of emotional domestic suspenseliterary of Heather Gudenkauf Mary Kubica Randall Silvis Diane Chamberlain and T GreenwoodRIVER BODIES is prime for the big or small screen fingers crossed Gripping unsettling and atmospheric Highly Recommend Katchur has outdone herself and River Bodies is her best yet The author knows how to write gripping suspense while also delving deep into her characters minds and the darker parts of the human psyche drawing on her background in criminal justice A dark and twisted well researched multi generational tale with a meticulously woven plot multi layered complex characters with psychological depth A must read new series An ideal selection for book clubs and further discussions 5 Stars Top Books of 2018 list Inspiration One of my favorite interviews Join me Nov 1 A A with Karen Katchur The inspiration behind the novel Ten Facts about RIVER BODIES An Elevator Ride with Fun Facts about the Author A uick teaser from the author much to come When I was a young girl I remember hearing about a man s body that was pulled from the river He was gutted like one would field dress a deer I wanted to know why Why this type of crime Why this specific injury My inspiration for the story came from a mix of curiosity and fear Readers you are in for a treat Cold Bones 2 Northampton County is coming 2019 with from Detective Parker Reed and his new partner Geena Brassard Looking forward to learning about his past Cannot waitIf you have not read Karen s previous books highly recommend Read my reviews here THE SISTERS OF BLUE MOUNTAIN 2017 THE SECRETS OF LAKE ROAD 2015 JDCMustReadBooksHighly recommend the hardcover The jacket is beautiful

CHARACTERS River Bodies Northampton County #1

In this dark gripping mystery a brutal murder unearths old secrets that should have stayed buriedA body just turned up in the small town of Portland Pennsylvania The crime is eerily similar to a twenty year old cold case another victim brutally murdered found in the Delaware River Lead detective Parker Reed is intent on connectin. 35 stars rounded up to a 4Becca Kingsley has returned to her hometown after being away for ten years although she wasn t too far away she was just across the river When she receives word that her estranged father is dying she returns home mainly for some time away from the troubles in her personal life but also to say goodbye Returning home always brings back memories as does contact with those from our past When Becca returns home she remembers why she has not returned becomes reacuainted with those she left behind and walks into a police investigationA body has washed up a body that reminds the local authorities of a cold case and a victim that was killed in the same manner Becca s father was once the Police Chief and her childhood friend Parker is now the lead detective on the case The murders both past and present open old wounds bring forth memories and uestion loyalties of various characters in the bookI agree with other reviewers who point out that this book is about relationships family dynamics and loyalty than it is a thriller As a reader we know than some of the characters in the book We are shown various POV s that give us insight and tell us what happened Yes there is some mystery here but for me it was about Becca and her relationships with others We also see several other characters such as John and Parker and their relationships with others as wellThis book also examines loyalty The choices people make to protect others A choice a parent might make to protect their child The choice a member of a group may make to protect the group and to show loyalty The loyalty or lack thereof in intimate relationships The book looks at what people do to survive and how turning a blind eye happens in the name of survivalI enjoyed the writing and the descriptions in the book The Author sets the stage for small town life in Pennsylvania near the Delaware river I found the book to be a fast read but it did leave me wanting Maybe I missed something but I do not feel I was given the reason for the first murder If I missed it then that is one me I wanted of the rationale and reasons for why one character did things We do get some explanation and things do make sense but I also feel there were some gaps in the plot There was a couple of characters that I wished had been fleshed out a little The book is dubbed a mystery a suspenseful thriller etc I feel it would do better if it were marked as a character study on relationships If you are looking for a book heavy on mystery and suspense this may let you down a little I did appreciate how the Author showed how Becca remembered some buried memories the mystery in the book was really for her to come to an understanding about her childhood her past why her father made the choices he did and why she grew up to repeat some patterns she witnessed in her youth This is the first book in a series and I believe that the characters will be fleshed out in the next book Overall this was an enjoyable read that although did not have me on the edge of my seat I was intrigued and wanted to see how the book was going to end The Author drew me in with her descriptions and hints at buried secrets I found this book to be on the lighter side For me it was not a heavy book the reader knows whodunit so there is not much need to do any detective work while reading it was nice to kick back and enjoy the book For some there might be a scene or two that is a little cringe worthy but otherwise the book dealt with the characters and their secretsThank you to Thomas and Mercer goodreads and for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review The thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own

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    35 stars rounded up to a 4Becca Kingsley has returned to her hometown after being away for ten years; although she wasn't too far away she was just across the river When she receives word that her estranged father is dying she returns home mainly for some time away from the troubles in her personal life but also to say goodbye Returning home always brings back memories as does contact with those from our past When Becca returns h

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    I received River Bodies a new novel written by Karen Katchur coming out in fall 2018 through NetGalley Besides having a gorgeous cover and an interesting title the premise was intriguing enough for me to say yes when the publisher of

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    Becca returns to her hometown of Portland Pennsylvania to be with her dying father Becca has been living just across the river in New Jersey

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    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 River Bodies by Karen Katchur was a slow burn of a novel that I didn't consider a mystery or a thriller but I still enjoyed it What it's about Becca Kingsley's dad was the chief of police in Portland Pennsyl

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    Sometimes it’s nice to mix things up within a genre so many times I’m craving a fast paced and exciting thriller with

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    Listed as a thriller “River Bodies” beckoned with all the usual temptations the genre offers I hoped that a

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    Check out my A Elevator Ride with Karen Katchur Learn the inspiration behind this standout new thriller series and some fun and interesting fac

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    45 StarsBecca Kingsley returns to her hometown after many years Her father who was once Police Chief is dying She has mixed feelings about her father he wasn't always the nicest person she knew and he was a serial cheater and didn't much care

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    The story of a young woman returning to the town where she grew up to spend time with her dying father and who is forced to return to the deep dug memories is well conceived and easy to follow A murder is commit

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    Secrets that span generations take the forefront in Katchur’s debut River Bodies and nearly 20 years apart dead bodies are found with alarming similarities In a town where motorcycle gangs have police on their payroll and the lines are seemingly blurred between the good guys and the bad guys lies Becca the daughter of the former police chi

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