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Not an ambush Not a battle But the final confrontation War In this last chapter in the great of the Guardians of Ga'Hoole the Striga and Nyra join to conjure a malignant power. This book culminates the fifteen book adventure of the Guardians of Gahoole series This last book was an improvement on the last several installations but it comes nowhere near to the uality of the first two or the seventh and eighth Overall I enjoyed it as a passive read but I never felt involved in the story I was planning to rate it 3 stars but the end was so disappointing that I gave it only two Without divulging major spoilers I shall say it this way In the end battle a pivotal character dies and their death is treated flippantly The entire section of battle scenes is so rushed that it s hard to focus and then the death of a major character is glossed over None of his friends even acted all that sorrowful After the initial moment of shock they were like Oh well He s dead Let s just move on with life The dramatic factor to the surprise end was ruined by the other character s passive response and overall ruined the book for me Here is my review of the entire Guardians of Ga Hoole seriesFor the most part I liked the first six books The first two were great The seventh and eighth were absolutely excellent I stayed up all night to finish them From there on the series got less interesting The plot lines grew increasingly tired and although there were some scenes which I enjoyed others were so dull that the books averaged at a low rating The books were uick reads so I still finished the series but I won t re read most of the booksOne of the main things I enjoyed about this series was how it made magic out to be a bad thing Since it was not used in a frivolous way and was shown to hold dire conseuences the story was believable than a fantasy world where characters cast spells left and right Characters had to work hard to succeed instead of using magic to get what they wanted The owls value teamwork learning from history and studying the natural world The young owls are usually respectful to their elders Many owls die protecting loved ones We see that one s birth and childhood don t decide how someone will turn out Sometimes the morals can come across as trite but they re better than what you usually find in mainstream children s fare Here are my major complaints with the series1 I know that this is a fantasy story but throughout there are many illogical things which contradict nature For instance owls fight with ice scimitars Ice only stays frozen under 32 degree conditions but the swords never melt no matter where the owls use them Owls catch coals in their talons and carry them about without getting burned Coals retain their heat permanently when removed from flames This is slightly plausible than the ice swords but the coals should eventually cool One of them was magical which might explain the longevity of the flames but ordinary coals can t stay hot foreverIf the author had given some explanation however frivolous of how this could happen it might sit better with me Simply saying it s fantasy doesn t convince me that this is plausible If a fantasy world is going to seem real it has to suspend your disbelief If the author can convince you that this really could happen in a fantasy world you can enjoy the story If you re thinking the entire time Drop the coal It s going to burn you it s hard to feel dramatic2 Throughout the books there are occasional references to Others humans who once lived in the world but are now extinct This could make for an interesting plot line but it isn t given enough time or thought It would be better left out than just a half baked idea There s also another suspension of disbelief problem here even though Others have been extinct so long that they are little than legends paintings and old books remain It s feasible that stone structures would still be around but if an owl can get to old books then mildew should have gotten to them years and years ago3 The made up swear words and occasional crude jokes are unnecessary and just plain irritatingI don t regret reading this series because it was usually entertaining and mostly clean but I wouldn t recommend it since there are so many better fantasy books on the market

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The War of the Ember Guardians of Ga'Hoole #15

From hagsmire itself When news of their alliance reaches the Great Ga'Hoole Tree the Guardians call to good creatures everywhere gadfeathers kraals polar bears greenowlspuffins. This was the final book of the main series and the one I never knew existed when I blew through the series in middle school I may have cried a little So much nostalgia a great ending and some closure a decade later

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Seagulls and dire wolves An army of free creatures marches swims and flies to the Hot Gates of the Beyond where the fate of the six owl kingdoms will be decided once and for a. I thoroughly enjoyed the Guardians series While they re surprisingly violent for books targeted at children I still think of them as a good easy read and do recommend them The first few books especially were marvelous though I must admit my favourite part of the entire series are the three books written about Hoole and Grank honestly I think that those three books would have been better suited to the film adaptation than the ones actually chosen though there were problems with the film that stretched far beyond the choice of material or adaptation decay that I won t get into here Actually writing out the legends instead of relating them piecemeal via exposition or dialogue was an excellent idea on Lasky s part especially considering what came after them in the series However I felt that it was after To Be A King that the series really lost its momentum and it ultimately lets this final installment down Most of the book is uite good The whole lead up is engaging and interesting and the tension builds uite nicely And then the battle begins When I realised how few pages were actually left in the book by that point knowing that a good portion of the end pages would be taken up by a glossary of characters I did wonder to myself how the climactic confrontation of this fifteen book series could play out in such a small space with the kind of tension and action that it deserved Previous installments featured some engaging suspenseful and well handled battles between the Guardians and the Pure Ones and with the entirety of this book being one huge lead up to the final battle of the series I was expecting something suitably epic the battle to end all battles as it were I don t feel this was an unfair presumption The massing of the Guardians forces and the numbers of the enemy a horrifying last minute revelation implied that this was supposed to be the most serious confrontation in the series I was sadly a little disappointedFor the titular war and conclusion of the series I admit I was expecting something a little like the other battles early in the series which I felt were far compelling and better written than this one Which was a right shame since it can be uite easily inferred from the lead up to the final battle that the War of the Ember was intended to be seen as being dire and important than the one at the end of the Hoolian legends which was much better written The impression I had by this point was that perhaps the author had become burned out or the story had been drawn out far too longI have read that the author originally didn t intend to write this many books and I feel like it really showed in this last entry The Golden Tree and Exile in particular seemed like rehashes of the same core concept with different approaches cultsuperstitionreligious ceremony and indoctrination is bad not that I necessarily agree or disagree but it felt uite heavy handed in those two books While I don t think that these two books in particular were poorly written or boring in fact I found Exile morbidly compelling especially when the fanatical book burning reaches its obvious next step it did feel like the core spirit of the series had been on a downward spiral once we return to Soren and Coryn after the Hoolian legendsThe build up is perhaps ironically what lets this book down the most The Pure Ones and the Dragon Owls have gathered an immense force They re hatching an army of hagsfiends evil demon owls who were driven from the world when Hoole became king The good guys have the puffins gaining some ambition the polar bears and wolves joining up and all sorts of birdy riff raff coming to help who were otherwise derided or disliked by the owls for the entire series like seagulls crows and kraals owl pirates It s all building up to be a huge epic battle between good and evil Reader expectations are raised and when the actual fighting starts I guess my expectations had a little too far to fallOne of the disappointing things for me personally was the absence of hagsfiends in the final battle Largely this was because of the way the force of hagsfiends being bred by the villains was dealt with in the narrative I must admit I wasn t sure what to make of the sudden idea that the baby hagfiends would be ready to fight within hours of their hatching It felt like a contrivance intended solely to create tension in the context of Namara s mission Reading the book I can see what was being aimed at the uncertainty of whether or not Namara actually succeeded in destroying the hagsfiend eggs is played upon The scene of Namara s battle was omitted from the narrative with no further clues given during the story However the suspense and tension I imagine this was supposed to generate in theory just didn t work in practice when it came down to the final battle itself The Pure Ones came across as nonthreatening and impotent and I kept expecting hagfiends even a handful of them to show up so that the tension and stakes could be ratcheted up to the point where it would feel like the Guardians would be at greater risk When the good guys have polar bears wolves and numerous other birds including martial arts owls and coal throwing colliers even if the Pure Ones technically outnumbered them it failed to feel like a high tension battle and like an unfair fight tilted in the Guardians favour We are led to believe just before the battle that the Pure Ones severely outnumber the Guardians by about two to one or so which makes the presence of the Guardians allies even important to their victory But when the battle actually starts perhaps because of the confusing way it is written it really comes across that the Pure Ones have no real advantage at all This is a real contrast to previous earlier battles in the series which had great tension and pacing Even the strategy felt a bit contrived wedging an enemy force that can fly perfectly well into a corridor to be assaulted by polar bears was a little hard to wrap my head around I have a theory about where this came from which I will get to shortly Nonetheless I was willing to suspend a bit of disbelief here and convinced myself that they were being driven down Which they probably were and this is of course what I mean by the description of the battle being confusing some of the time I didn t have much idea as to what was going onWhich leads me to my real big gripe It s uite probable that I would have just read the book and shrugged a little at the shortcomings that I noticed during the climax as I tend to do when I m thoroughly engrossed in a book However something took place early in the battle that jarred me straight out of the story I laughed I was probably not supposed to laugh This is the serious part of the book where everything comes to a violent head And after reading this part I found it very difficult to get back into the story When it is first suggested by the characters that they use a place called the Hot Gates in the Beyond as the centrepiece in their strategy I had a flashback to the film 300 No big issue really since it s a rather ordinary and logical strategy when you have the advantage of that kind of geography But then during the battle Nyra calls for a parley and says this to Soren and Coryn while trying to convince them to surrender and give up the Ember By noon tomorrow your flame suadron your Strix Struma Strikers your Frost Beaks will be finished because our hagsfiends will blot out the sun and you will dieThen we shall fight you in the shade Coryn repliedBe sensible Lay down your weapons The Striga stepped forward on the perchCome and get them Coryn said in a deadly voice that range out A wild cheer went up from the colliers of the Sacred RingI stopped reading here for a moment I did laugh and at first I thought it was cute and then I re read it and my assessment of cute turned to awkward The middle of the climactic battle of the series was probably not the best place to put something like this It s made worse by a confusing piece of dialogue that takes place shortly after where the wolf Namara captures a traitor Namara tells them that the Pure Ones have been shown an old caribou trail and they re coming in from the rear It was painfully obvious that this section of the battle is some kind of odd homage to 300The 300 Spartans which makes an awkward kind of sense when one considers the coincidence that Zack Snyder directed both that film and the adaptation of the Guardians series If you ve seen the film 300 than once the references here are numerous and laid on thick It turns the whole section from a serious battle into an uncomfortable jarring Narm moment It doesn t work in the way it s been used It s completely distracting and left me feeling awkward and weird about the whole scene In a way I feel like it really ruined the climax with its shamelessness by disrupting the momentum of the actionOne of the other things that bugged me after the fact was thisThe death of a major character during the climax of the book felt like it was tacked in there purely to amp up the drama While in terms of the narrative and the conclusion to the series it was an obvious choice to end that character s role in the story the brevity of its handling made the whole scenario seem completely arbitrary It didn t help at all that this happened at the end of what was a somewhat awkwardly written climax between the main heroes and the main villains Visually I m sure it would have looked spectacular but the whole thing read very strangely off the page Initially the climax of the battle was great once it got underway And then it stopped dead in its tracks so during the pivotal scene that takes place in the caldera it was hard to visualise some of the action Once the writing picks up again suddenly an important character is dying And then dead The disappointing part is that it feels glossed over and hardly mourned which is perhaps why it felt that the death was arbitrarySo ends the series and though I ve waxed at length on why I was so disappointed with the ending bear in mind that this is all in the last 30 or so pages of the story The rest of the series is uite good I wouldn t have spent my time reading 15 books about the characters and world if I didn t enjoy it I ll drop a book in the first few pages if it bores me after all However endings are important and as the ending to such a long series I naturally felt let down that the conclusion to this book wasn t as grand as I was expecting Others may think differently and as I did really enjoy the other 14 and a half books in this series and am currently enjoying The Lost Tales of Ga Hoole I still recommend giving it a read even if you only read as far as book 6 which you can I think stop at and still have a well rounded story or even read up to To Be a King since I feel that the legend of Hoole is well worth a read too

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    This book culminates the fifteen book adventure of the Guardians of Gahoole series This last book was an improvement on the last several installations but it comes nowhere near to the uality of the first two or the seventh and eighth Overall I enjoyed it as a passive read but I never felt involved in the story I was planning to rate it 3 stars but the end was so disappointing that I gave it only two Without divulging major spoilers I shall

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    Just when I started feeling that the series is extending a bit too much it gets interesting to even think of leaving the series alone Book 15 The war of the Ember yes finally the ever ending series of the noble owls of the Ga'Hoole tree has come to a stunning conclusionThe strange maniacal blue owl known as th

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    So this book was totally mazing it is now my all time favorite book of the series It was amazing the final battle at the end of the book near the volcano was crazy I didn't know what was going to happen and how the evil owls would come to an end If you haven't already this is a series I definitely think people should go read This is probably my favorite book series I have ever read

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    This was the final book of the main series and the one I never knew existed when I blew through the series in middle school I may have cried a little So much nostalgia a great ending and some closure a decade later

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    Gaurdians of Ga Hoole War of the EmberBy Kathryn Lasky “Soren your time has come” Those fateful words were empowering and heartbreaking The book was incredible and magnificent and bloody and everything in between My favorite character is by far Teng Shu even though he play only a minor role he has got to be the coolest owl ever Let me put this simply he is an owl who knows kung fu and he is blue A BLUE OWL I think Lasky wrote

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    The book that I am currently reading right now is called Guardians of Ga'Hoole By Katheryn Lasky The story has a mixed amount of main antagonist and protagonists The main protagonists names are Soren Barn owl Gyl

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    THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS This bookseries has a lot of bittersweet memories for me When I finished itand cried it was Christmas Eve Ezylryb will forever remind me of my grandfather who was a true book lover Right about the time I read the part in the series where Ezylryb passed away my grandfather did as well So when Soren

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    This series has had a horrible downfall from the first book Very disappointed the band seems to be Mary suesGary sues now Like Gylfie is the best navigator in the history of the tree A non band one is Ruby she is the best flier in the

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the Guardians series While they're surprisingly violent for books targeted at children I still think of them as a good easy read and do recommend them The first few books especially were marvelous though I must admit my

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    While I certainly did enjoy this series I also feel there was a lot of dragging out of stories chopping out entire stories and in the last few books mountains of retconning I personally think the series could have been ended far far earlier I've noticed with many of these types of books looking at you Warriors that stories are so confusing

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