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This book is a stunning exploration of Leonardo Da Vinci's secret number '26' which he all over his works This enthralling spellbinder traces this hidden number ‘26’ all over fine art literature and structures throughout the history of human civilization It is the most prolific and profound statement ever uttered by man its use unmatched and unprecedented in our history It is traces it all the way back to the Greek and Egyptian gods It is traced via the goddesses.

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Da Vincis REAL Hidden Secrets

Of fertility in the oldest Egyptian Temples the city of Petra and through the Trojan War artifacts The mystery worship of the fertility goddesses seemed to morph into each other in the various cultures and times yet remained the same The common denominator was the hidden number ’26’ This book reaches far back into the Trojan War to show that this same number '26' is sacred knowledge derived from that era or earlier Indeed as desirable as the coveted Helen of Troy.

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It appears to be the cause of the Trojan War Enjoy the adventure The number '26' is traced through the surge for world dominance by Alexander the Great and through the following surge by the Romans It is traced through the history of the church from the reign of Justinian to the fall of Constantinople The number '26' is traced through the Faust literature Most astoundingly this book illustrates how the hidden number ‘26’ is still embedded in our contemporary cultu.