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    A fun light look at some of the lesser known characters in the Star Wars UniverseReleased around the same time as The Force Awakens the short stories focus on aliens who appear in the movie mostly in non speaking roles in Maz's castle The collection is aimed at younger readers but its perfect for any age if you're into Star Wars The highlights for me High Noon on Jakku and The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku M

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    35 starsLight fluffy Star Wars fun in the vein of Tales from Jabbas Palace or Tales of the Bounty HuntersNothing to expandenhance canon greatly but these uick reads give us some insight into some minor characters from Force Awakens and are uick fun reads

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    It would be amazing if all the interesting bits distribuited across the books eventually build up to something we could see on the movie The clone trooper and droids here Lando's gift pistol in Aftermath the Lei

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    So this is technically a collection of YOUNG READER level short stories However considering this book cost me 8 for the hardcover too and is compiling 6 of the 27 Disney canon short stories I decided to give it a go They’re all short fun uick reads High Noon On Jakku 3This story was a cool western like police story with a samurai looking constable and his two cousins as his apparent only deputies The desert

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    Four of the novellas featured in this book were released in digital form prior to The Force Awakens coming out I read all those novellas then and absolutely loved them It added to my viewings of The Force Awakens

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    Having read almost everything in the new Star Wars canon I'm coming to a conclusion I enjoy Star Wars most as a story for kids Maybe it's because I grew up with Star Wars myself and it formed the biggest part of my imagination when I was a kid But I know that of all the books I've read in the past year I've really enjoyed the ones aimed at a primary schoolmiddle school level and I've really disliked many of those writt

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    A great collection of stories that echoes past compilations like Tales of the Mos Eisley Cantina or Tales of Jabba's Palace among others except that all stories in this book are by author Landry WalkerWe got stories from some of the colorful aliens that populate Jakku and Takodana the most interesting places we

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    This book is like a short story anthology but with multiple genres rather than just one or two It was pretty cool to have something different to read in each story and I really liked seeing how the author remixed the elements of the various genres to make them fit into the Star Wars universeEach story is its own thing although a cou

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    I read a bunch of these short stories in 2016 a year after The Force Awakens had come out  I loved them all and I was excited to find that they

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    The writing was definitely nothing spectacular here but the stories were very clever to the point of absurd at times It was

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characters é E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Landry Q. Walker

The worlds of Star Wars are full of countless alien species each stranger and fascinating than the last Here you'll find six stories for kids about just some of the amazing aliens who appear in the smash hit movie Star Wars The Force Awakens Featuring a dashing tale of piracy and double crosses the story of a wise Jakku constable and an unfortunate droid and a mystery that can be solved only by the gruff cook at Maz. It would be amazing if all the interesting bits distribuited across the books eventually build up to something we could see on the movie The clone trooper and droids here Lando s gift pistol in Aftermath the Leia scape on Bloodline etc

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Tales From a Galaxy Far Far Away Vol 1

T his match in the twisty tale True LoveBobbajo the Crittermonger spins a tale of bravery against impossible odds in the fable All Creatures Great and SmallWhen his sous chef turns up dead the cook at Maz Kanata's castle holds an unusual competition to find the culprit in A Recipe for DeathAnd pirates gangs and bounty hunters alike race to find precious cargo in The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dook. I read a bunch of these short stories in 2016 a year after The Force Awakens had come out I loved them all and I was excited to find that they were now in a book instead of digital only ebooks There are even two bonus stories in Tales From A Galaxy Far Far Away that I hadn t read yet The bonus stories A Recipe for Death and True Love are exclusive to this collection The four other stories can be purchased as separate ebooks and are free on kindle prime and unlimited Since this is a short story collection I m going to review each story separatelyHigh Noon on JakkuThis is a cute fun and simple bank robbery mystery The characters were my favorite Everyone thinks Zuvio is angry because he s always suinting but it s actually because he can t see well and on the harsh world of Jakku better to let people believe he was angry pg 6 All Zuvio really wants is peace and uietI loved this uoteCZ IG5 stared at the blaster he was golding in his stiff white hand Anyone who knew the droid well would have thought he lookedsad Landry Walker Tales From a Galaxy Far Far Away Vol 1 Aliens pg 17I know droids can t look sad but for some reason I can imagine exactly what this poor droid looks likeA Recipe for DeathWell that wasn t what I was expectingand neither was that I think Landry Walker is a master of short stories because he packs so many twisting plots and rich characterization in such a short time This story was a mix of murder mystery and a Star Wars food competition the likes of Chopped on Food Network to find out who the murderer is So fun So creative The main character Strono Tuggs aka Cookie works for Maz in case you were wondering like I was where this side character fit inAll Creatures Great and SmallThis by far is my favorite story in the collection Bobbajo is a story teller who is briefly seen on Jakku in The Force Awakens He tells stories about the adventures of his little pet animals and you can t tell if they are tall tales or not One of his stories even has a very cute tie in to Episode IV When the kids who he is telling his stories to don t uite believe him he says But storiesthey are powerful things Neverdiscount theirstrength pg 153The stories in the collection also connect in small ways The kids in the story expect the constable from the first story High Noon on Jakku to help themThe Face of EvilThis has a mad scientistFrankenstein feel to it Like the other stories it has a fun twist at the end I enjoy how all these short stories get straight to the action and this one is no exception The faces on the cover of this story the two little guys with furry yellow heads look familiar to me for some reason I tried watching A Force Awakens and I couldn t see them in the castle even in passing Like A Recipe for Death this is also set in Maz Kanata s castleTrue LoveUnkar Plutt stars in this story and is the most recognizable character from this collection It s another creative and fun story to read I thought this uote was hilarious and described Unkar Plutt s character perfectlyEvery day was the same which was just how Unkar Plutt would have liked it if he actually liked anythingWhich he did not Landry Walker Tales From a Galaxy Far Far Away Vol 1 Aliens Pg 215The constable from the first story shows up again I can t get over how clever and delightful this whole collection isThe Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count DookuBy the time I got to this last story there have been enough twists and turns that I know this isn t going to end the way I think Even expecting a twist it was still surprising to read what happened This exciting pirate story takes the traditional pirate story with storms and ships and treasure hunting and makes it Star Wars with sailing barges sand storms and sunken shipsI liked the preuel tie in to this I know the preuels weren t the best but I like it when they are acknowledged as part of the story and I personally like them even if I didn t love them like the originalsThe characters in this story you can actually see in the movie They are the pirates that Finn wants to join in The Force Awakens

characters é E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Landry Q. Walker

Kanata's castle this collection will bring thrills and chills as it takes you deep into the corners of your favorite galaxy far far away Constable Zuvio must get to the bottom of things when a faithful droid commits a bank robbery in High Noon on JakkuThe Frigosian cryptosurgeons of Takodana give a criminal on the run just what she asks for in The Face of EvilThe repugnant scrap trader Unkar Plutt may finally have me. Four of the novellas featured in this book were released in digital form prior to The Force Awakens coming out I read all those novellas then and absolutely loved them It added to my viewings of The Force Awakens to know stories about a few of the background characters I ve always loved the Star Wars background characters I have the action figures to prove itBelow are my reviews of each of the stories in this collection The two new stories are listed first A Recipe for Death and True Love I highly recommend this book I give the overall book a 55 Since it says Volume 1 on the cover I m hoping for I d love to see Star Wars written by Landry Walker Title A Recipe for DeathThis story takes place in the kitchen of Maz Kanata s wonderfully uirky castle The sous chef is dead and the head chef has been framed An investigation takes place in the form of a cook off It s like a cooking reality tv show meets murder mystery Like many of Landyr s stories this story is both playful and dark There are plenty of wonderful details that make sure you know this story takes place in the Star Wars universe I want to see what a Mon Calamariuarren hybrid looks like I give this story a 55Title True LoveUnkar Plutt gets a message from a dating service I liked to see modern uses of technology shown in the Star Wars universe that was created before the Internet was a household thing I enjoyed learning about the junker and seeing Jakku but this was probably my least favorite of the stories in this collectionI give this story a 45 Title The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count DookuThis was my favorite of these short stories Ever since I first saw the Crimson Corsair in the Vanity Fair spread I thought he looked cool I wanted to know about him This story follows him and his crew in a race across a desert planet against other pirates searching for a lost treasure Captain Sidon Ithano as he is also known is an awesome character There s a toy coming out of him and his first mate that I think will be one of the few The Force Awakens figures I actually buy This story has it all Like a lot of the new canon it takes inspiration from all the Star Wars films and tv shows It even starts with a Hondo uote Fans of The Clone Wars tv series MUST read this I found myself using wookiepedia to get accurate ideas of what the characters looked like The Ortolan pirate known as One Eye is such a cool image The chapters are very small which made it very easy to read This story is full of adventure as well as comedy I love when Star Wars stories make allusions to classic lines and such in creative ways I never had a bad feeling about this book while I was reading itI give this short story a 55 I want I am so much intrigued by the character of the Crimson Corsair I want to follow his crew on many adventures I really hope Walker gets to continue writing their storiesTitle High Noon on Jakku I have not yet seen The Force Awakens but from promotional material it seems like Constable Zuvio is the character most featured in the film out of these four stories In this story he is the good guy keeping the law in order I m interested to see what his role will be in the film This short story is a great introduction to Jakku It sets up how the planet works and the minimal law enforcement that is present The design of Constable Zuvio is really cool and I ve seen the action figure but I didn t realize him and his cousins are members of an already existing Star Wars specis They are Kyuzo which is the same species as Embo the bounty hunter from The Clone Wars This is a crime story with a bit of heist I really enjoyed the way it played out I give it a 55Title The Face of EvilWith this story we get our first look inside the castle of Maz Kanata on Takodana There is an Edgar Allan Poe feel It is a dark and stormy night There s something in the basement There s also a Frankenstein like feel to the science When I first saw the fluffy yellow creatures featured in this story I thought they were ridiculous even for Star Wars But I like their characterization I want to explore Maz Kanata s castle I give this short story a 55 It is a fun and creepy read Title All Creatures Great and SmallThis was the first creature we were introduced to in the Force for Change promotional video And again at Comic Con In this story we get to meet this unusual storytellerI like how uncertainty and believing in the implausible is at the heart of this story Although it does get kind of outrageous I d be interested to learn about how he is aware of such details The story told within this short story is a tale of the unsung heroes of Yavin who aided in the destruction of the Death Star This story was fun and interesting It s a story that makes you wonder about stories I give it a 55