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The deeper he falls the he fears the devastation sure to come when he loses her too When secrets are revealed and the past threatens the present Caden uestions whether Makenna deserves than he can give Maybe they’re just too different and he’s far too damaged after al. 3 35 a tad bit disappointed STARS Then it s you and me til the end In the darkness and in the light I skimmed through at least 30% of it Yes I did It wasn t bad don t get me wrong The author s touch on clinical depression was point on and uite impressive even but for some reason I just couldn t get into the story or the romance OVERALL Book 1 is and will always be one of my all time favourite romance books EVER If you still haven t gotten into it I strongly suggest that you do asap RELEASE DATE January 12thhyperventilatingOne of my fav books EVER is getting a seuel guys This must be how heaven feels like

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Love in the Light Hearts in Darkness #2

Introducing her tattooed pierced and scarred boyfriend to her father and over protective brothersMust fight for love in the lightHaunted by a childhood tragedy and the loss of his family Caden never thought he’d find the kind of red hot love he shares with Makenna But. 4 StarsI still remember how much I enjoyed Hearts in Darkness the first installment in the series How uniue and intriguing I found the premise and how much I fell for Caden and Makenna the two main characters Needless to say when I heard it will be a continuation of these characters story I was beyond excited It s been two months since Caden and Makenna got stuck in the elevator together That encounter changed their lives for the better They are still together and their relationship is still going strong Makenna not only she cares deeply for Camden she has fallen in love with him However she prefers not let Camden know about her new feelings In his experience happiness didn t last Instead it was ripped from you when you least expected tearing you from the ones you loved and leaving you all alone Camden is still tortured having nightmares and anxiety attacks He still remembers the accident that took his mother and brother away from him and completely destroyed his family On top of that he has his own fears and insecurities He doesn t truly believed he s perfect for Makenna He believes that she can do better than him but his biggest fear is losing her in one way or another Makenna is willing to do anything to show Caden how wonderful he is and how great they are together If she managed to destroy his walls she will eventually succeed in showing him how perfect he is for her She didn t love him despite of all of his issues she loved him because of them Or rather because they were part of who he was And she loved who he was With everything she had I enjoyed this second installment even than the first Despite the short length this second book has a great plot and both Caden and Makenna were well developed characters I loved them together even than before They were simply perfect together and their connection was still tangible I still felt for Caden and for what happened with him so many years ago but watching him learning to cope with everything was really great Makenna was a wonderful character here I loved her Her positivity and acceptance warmed my heart and I simply adored her maturity and the way she loved Caden Tell me what you want His dark eyes blazed at her You she said pulling her shirt over her head Just you He kissed her shoulder the swell of her breast her nipple through her bra You have me he said You always have The sexy times between these two were sweet andor sexy and I loved them all Their chemistry is still strong and I never doubted for one moment they were a perfect match I really have to mention the ending which was the perfect ending Sweet and wonderful an ending that will warm your heartOverall a great really enjoyable read

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Two hearts in the darknessMakenna James and Caden Grayson have been inseparable since the scorching night they were trapped in a pitch black elevator But they’re not strangers any and Makenna hopes that night put them on the path to forever All that stands in the way is. 4 45 stars I read Hearts in Darkness back in 2012 and it was one of the most memorable novellas I ve ever read I was intrigued by the concept and I wanted of these characters It s been a while since it was released but better late than never Love in the Light gave me that I wanted from the novella I loved getting of Caden and MackennaIt s been a few months since that fateful day that Caden and Mackeena got stuck in that elevator together A day that changed both of their lives They re together and they re happy But things aren t perfect Caden still has things he deals with from his past Mackenna loves him regardless She didn t love him despite of all his issues she loved him because they were part of who he was And she loved who he was With everything she had I loved the direction the continuation of this story took I felt so much for these characters Watching Caden with his PTSD was devastating but watching him eventually learn to cope with it and grow was wonderful It s easy to get lost in the darkness and difficult to get out but it helps when you have someone that is on your side no matter what For all of you that have read Hearts in Darkness you will most definitely want to pick up this book I love the writing the feels and the closure we get with Caden and Mackenna Thank you Laura Kaye for giving us a sexy emotionally charged conclusion to such a beloved novella You own me Red Do you know that There isn t a part of me that isn t yours completely

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    FOUR YOU AND ME TIL THE END STARSARC Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest ReviewShe was the light to Caden's darkness and had been since they'd been trapped in that elevator If anyone could take some of the weight off his shoulders if anyone could make it easier for him to breathe it would be her I rea

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    4 45 stars I read Hearts in Darkness back in 2012 and it was one of the most memorable novellas I’ve ever read I was intr

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    15 2 StarsThis was a disappointing seuel in my opinion and I am having a hard time rating it I am also having a hard time putting my thoughts into words this morning because you know But I'm sure I shall overcomeSo stand by to stand by NowThe reason I am having a hard time rating this is that despite wanting to DNF this bad boy s

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    4 StarsI still remember how much I enjoyed “Hearts in Darkness” the first installment in the series How uniue and intriguing I found the premise and how much I fell for Caden and Makenna the two main characters

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    It’s hard to see the light when history has put blinkers on youDo you sometimes get bubbles of emotions that boil up inside when reading a book? I do I’m one of those crazy chicks that read a book and cry in the emotional bits Doesn't matter if I’m happy or I’m sad my eyes leak In Love in the Light the bubbles were popping all over the place Some of them were the happy bubbles that leave you with a g

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    4 Stars Two hearts in the darkness Must fight for love in the light Hearts in Darkness is one of my favorite favorite novellas even to this day I read it years ago when it just came out and yet it's still a book

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    3 35 “a tad bit disappointed” STARS “Then it’s you and me ‘til the end In the darkness and in the light

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    4 One LifeOne ChanceNo Regrets Stars Ok so I think many of us GR reviewers agreee that Hearts in Darkness was and is one of our favourites short stories We all wanted when it finished and I was over the top excited when Laura Kaye announced she was writing a seuel And I really really enjoyed it ; Love in the Light is the second and final installment in the Hearts in Darkness series and it continues the story of Caden Grayson a

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    4 STARSThe second part of this duet was a lot heavier than I anticipated but also good It begins two months after that fateful night where Caden and Mackenna were trapped in a dark elevator for over four hours with each otherTheir together and trying to navigate a relationship with the reality of life and the daily pressures around them This story took a look at the harsh reality of PTSD and clinical depressio

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    There's going to be a seuel to Hearts in Darkness??

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