[PDF] Encounters with Rauschenberg A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture By Leo Steinberg

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In his insightful and engrossing lecture Leo Steinberg surveys and critiues the work of Robert Rauschenberg one of the great American post war artists He also discusses his own experience as a critic in the exciting and turbulent art world of New York in the 1950s and 1960s The result is a rare glimpse not only into Rauschenberg but also into SteinbergWith the sharpness and confidence that can only come from a critic who has long been involved with Rauschenberg's work Steinberg offers an in depth discussion of such major pieces a.


Encounters with Rauschenberg A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture

S the Erased DeKooning Drawing Bed and Monogram He explains the subtle differences between his interpretations and those of other critics such as Clement Greenberg and Hilton Kramer He candidly reflects on how he has changed his mind over the years and defends his new ideas about Rauschenberg's work with precise fresh arguments He critically evaluates Rauschenberg's recent work and addresses how it falls short from the artist's earlier workFrom Rauschenberg's silk screen prints of the 1960s to the vegetable dye transfer prints of.

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The 1990s Steinberg warns against the dangers of overinterpretation and iconographic enthusiasm He argues that the unifying strand through this great artist's work is his drive to appropriate to take objects and images from the world and make them his own by making them become a part of his artProvocative intelligent and beautifully articulated Steinberg's words shed light on one remarkable artist and on the post war New York art scene on Steinberg's particular appreciation of Rauschenberg and on his life's work as an art critic.

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