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Ti messages on the desk’s surface that could only be from Nico Desperate to help him Kendall stumbles upon some ugly and deadly local history And she’s about to find out just how far the townspeople will go to keep their secrets burie Wow am I in the minority here or what I know there haven t been that many reviews of this yet and most of them are going to be from reading enthusiasts who blog work at bookstores or in some other way get Advanced Reading Copies ARCs Are they less critical than I am or is it simply a case of opinions are like a holes everybody s got oneI usually write my School Library Journal review first and then post something about the book on GoodReads as an afterthought but I was so surprised at what I thought was a fairly poor effort on the part of an author that teen readers really like that I was curious to see what other early reviewers were saying Did anyone else think Lisa McMann jumped the shark For all of you too young to have watched Happy Days with Fonzie and the gang back in the day that was when the writers of the very popular show had officially run out of ideas and had Henry Winkler s cool character do a waterskii jump wearing his leather jacket of course over a sharkI must preface my little pre review review by saying that I uite liked WAKE but was much less fond of FADE so maybe I m not her biggest fan but I have been appreciative of her efforts in the pastSPOILER ALERT Come on here I m supposed to be scared of a desk with the trapped souls of boys who had been whipped on it and somehow died fifty years prior A desk that moves itself around the classroom and speaks intermittently in the capitalized first person plural We carve on Our face between narrative chapters trying to be creepy but for me just being silly Voices within the desk lure unsuspecting kids in a one room Montana schoolhouse to the graveyard of a bad boys reform school where they were compelled to bury themselves alive So we re supposed to believe that dozens of teen boys died without investigation of whippings in 1960 Those trapped souls in the desk get freed if enough kids can be lured to their burial place or something like that I don t buy it Luckily teens are not uite as critical or logical but I didn t expect so many positive reviews from adultsNow just so you know that I am fully capable of some MAJOR suspension of disbelief for an involving narrative I must admit to X Files Buffy Angel Supernatural in terms of TV habits so I can certainly go along for a suspension of disbelief ride I read and enjoy horror science fiction and fantasy when they are well done but this just wasn t That said the main character with OCD was well written and so was her love interest but the core of the story not so much

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The community of Cryer’s Cross Montana population 212 is distraught when Tiffany a high school freshman disappears without a trace Plagued by OCD sixteen year old Kendall is freaked out by the empty desk in the one room schoolhouse and I m pretty sure there will be spoilers in this review I m not so sure yet Hey I can use the new spoiler button feature I m excited now This was my first Lisa McMann novel I want to read her Wake series but someone stole them from the library shakes fist at sky So I received a copy of this from SImon Schuster s Galley Grab and I let out a big ole Napoleon Dynamite Yehsssss Unfortunately from what I read of other reviews this wasn t McMann s best This is about Kendall Fletcher an OCD teen who lives in the small town of Cryer s Cross Montana a place where everyone knows everyone else which makes it doubly disturbing when a 15 year old girl goes missing without a trace Kendall tries to keep it together by playing soccer with her long time best friend or boyfriend depending on who you ask Nico and practicing her dance moves after a long day of working on the family farm That is until Nico also disappears Conspiracy theories aplenty Kendall doesn t know what to think her whirling thoughts fueled by the mysterious Jacian the new and incredibly sexy guy in town Because of her OCD hyperawareness Kendall realizes that both the missing girl and Nico sat at the same desk in their small one room school house Coincidence I THINK NOT Kendall must dive into the darkest history of the town and it s people to uncover the dangerous truth YeahI can t wrap my head around the evil desk concept either I tried to find a picture of a desk eating someone through Google but the Internet has failed me Yet today Kim managed to find multiple images of Stormtroopers gyrating Priorities Google All right this book was okay I m not the biggest fan of third person narration anyway I usually have a hard time connecting with the characters which was the case here None of the characters were bad necessarily they just didn t stand out or make lasting impressions Although Jacian was pretty sexy waggles eyebrow I was really hoping for a nekked scene but I guess shirtless will doThis book was short which is both a good thing and a bad thing Its a good thing because it didn t take me four days to read it but a bad thing in nearly every other regard It took too long to get to the point The first half was pretty aimless wandering around like it had all the time in the world but halfway through the book it was like McMann went Shit I have a hundred pages to finish this thing And time was spent with Jacian offering to give Kendall a ride in his pants home than any supernatural aspects Then it all kind of happened at once I also wish the supernatural was creepier Not that desks aren t terrifying and all but I was expecting a litttttle No biggie view spoilerAnd one thing I don t get is why those boys who got killed wanted to kill people Wouldn t they want to save kids rather than burry them alive What is the point of the that Oddly it is the why and not the how that confuses me most hide spoiler

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Is relieved when her boyfriend Nico takes the seat And then he goes missing too An increasingly anxious Kendall finds herself drawn to the desk If she sits there will she also vanish But instead of vanishing something appears eerie graffi YA NEEDS MORE GOOD HORROR LIKE THISI m just saying Young adult novels as a whole today have a deep void a precipice if you will where horror should be And not the glittering pussy it has fangs lets call it horror type of horror either The good horror The horror that has you looking over your shoulder sleeping with a nightlight or just not sleeping at all I saw this in Cryer s CrossNow I have to say my expectations for a horror novel is pretty high and while Cryer s Cross didn t hit the top it was still up thereHere s a story not bogged down with romance point 1 Yeah it s kind of there but it s not front and center and the point of the story It proves for a good distraction but that s about itIt relies on the creep factor point 2 It s not about gore It s about scaring the everloving crap out of the main character She s not supposed to have a good time She s supposed to be worried She s supposed to be hearing voices She s supposed to be pushed to the edgeIt s filled with fearless author point 3 I haven t read McMann s other works but let me tell you she s wearing her ovaries on the outside for this one She is fearless with her characters No one is safe No one s sacred and everyone can be a victim Love it She s taken that security blanket you were holding on to and damn near strangled you with it You should feel uncomfortable You should be worrying about whether Kendall makes it out alive You should feel insecure Nothing is clear and everything s fair gameIt has evil history point 4 It s the basis of so many good horror novels The little hick town hiding a deep dark secret and now that secret is salivating for the children of those secret keepers It s kind of like Freddie but without the unadulterated access History alone can be the monster in the closet No need to have actual monsters in the story And McMann utilizes that Buried secrets were all she neededIt doesn t end happily Not really point 5 There s always that lingering thing The problem s solved For now Until the secret finds a new home and a new way to manifest And from the looks of things it could very well do that This should loop you back around nicely to point 3 and feeling ill at easeNow what I wish the story had was of the dark history I felt it was such a fleeting element in the story brought in to serve a purpose and then brushed away I would have been wholly happy with another 50 pages fleshing the history out a little As I read I kept wanting to pull it out will it further away from the pages and into life I felt it was always just out of reach It was there I could see it But I could barely touch it It kept slipping out of my fingers I wanted I wasn t all that convinced with Kendall s OCD though I felt it made things a little too easy I get the hindrance becomes a help factor with it all but I felt it played too seamlessly into the story I like my horror a little rugged a little harder to earn While I like that Kendall did suffer as demented as that sounds the stepping stones were placed a little too neatly for my liking That s not to say it wasn t good It was fantastically written but like I said I like my horror a little rougher around the edges A little less neatPlease please PLEASE I m begging the authors of YA to write horror like this Ms McMann please tell me you have creepy stories up your sleeves I honestly can t get enough of these stories and I think there s such an excellent gap waiting to be filled with a proper creepfest Cryer s Cross is an excellent throwback to the YA horror of yore where it was about keeping you up at night than keeping you swooning the rest of the time You want horror Read Cryer s Cross Preferably with the light on And if you happen to have an antiue school house writing desk in your home you ll probably want to get rid of it after you finish this You don t want it to start talking to you or anything

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    25 stars rounded upI am fairly certain this is the last Lisa McMann's book I will ever read Both Gone and Cryer's Cross just

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    For me to give a proper review of this book I have to tell a uick short story from when I was in 10th gradeI was in a class with 9 other students and none of us wanted to be in this class Well one day we walked in and sat down and noticed the teacher was reading this book one of the students asked what it was about and she told us then thought for a moment and asked would you guys like me to read it to you We

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    I'm pretty sure there will be spoilers in this review I'm not so sure yet Hey I can use the new spoiler button feature I'm excited now This was my first Lisa McMann novel I want to read her Wake series but someone stole them from the library shakes fist at sky So I received a copy of this from SImon Schuster's Galley Grab and I let out a big

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    The UK title is The Missing Personally I much prefer the US title The UK one is unbelievably generic Neither of them are exactly uniue thoughMy feelings about The MissingCryer's Cross fluctuated hugely Here are my thoughts in chronological orderTHE BEGINNING Whoooo I love minimalism Like Lauren Strasnick in Her and Me and

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    YA NEEDS MORE GOOD HORROR LIKE THISI'm just saying Young adult novels as a whole today have a deep void a precipice if you will where horror sh

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    I've only read one other book by McMann before but it seems like for me her books are always lacking one very important thing In Wake I felt that she had an interesting story and concept but I didn't care about her characters In this one however I liked the characters but thought the overall plot was dumb Hopefully the next book she writes she can create characters I care about AND a compelling storyEven though I found

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    Wow am I in the minority here or what I know there haven't been that many reviews of this yet and most of them are going to be from reading enthusiasts who blog work at bookstores or in some other way get Advanced Reading Copies ARCs Are they less critical than I am; or is it simply a case of opinions are like a holes everybody's got oneI

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    I rate this book a half star; I would honestly give it NO stars if I could This is one of the worst books I have ever read in my entire life First of all it was supposed to be scary a la Stephen King I suppose but it's hard to be scared when the antagonist of the book is a SCHOOL DESK Yes you got that right An evil school desk An

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    The summary from the front flap of Cryer’s Cross and its eerie excerpt from the back of the book instantly captivated me I had no choice but to buy the book Seventeen year old Kendall Fletcher lived all her life on a farm in the tiny town of Cryer’s Cross MT population 212 residents Nothing ever happens in this uiet rural town until on

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    “Haunting and just plain scary McMann gives you chills as her story unfolds”I am a fan of Lisa McMann’s previous series and I was wondering how Cryer’s Cross would compare Holy Ass kicking Batman Lisa’s story of Cr

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