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Their champion dogs have given Liz and Barb a wealth of experience from which to draw their insider secrets of the relationship of sled dogs and their people and how those can be applied to everyday life This knowledge and insight is crucial to understand and implement what it takes to accomplish your goals in every facet o.

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Be the Lead Dog

F your professional and personal spheres Through their stories explanations and action tips they lay out a powerful and inspiring case for utilizing the empowering life lessons taught by their sled dogsThis easily digested yet profound book also references additional educational and practical materials on the website includ.

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Brought to you be renowned mushers speakers and entrepreneurs Liz Parrish and Barb Schaefer Be the Lead Dog lays out the foundational lessons you need to be your best Use these strategies and tips to achieve your full potentialin leadership teambuilding communications and life Decades of training racing and being guided by.

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    This was a very informative and interesting read I never thought I would ever learn so much about sledding and their dogs The book starts off by introducing you to a world of sledding Liz explains everything about sledding She explains the roles of each dog the role of the musher and the euipment used She even explains the meanings of the commands This book explains the lessons that are taught and learned by and from

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