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    I would have loved this book if LFD had posed the obvious conflict of Cade's jealousy over what Mariah did with dear old dad to be entitled to that cabin The whole town should have had than a few comments over that issue too but there wasn't even a single slight I know Mariah is honourable but stillLoved Cade's dryness and am looking forward to meeting his three missing brothers

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    Very homestead I've read another one of this series I don't think I like interconnecting books I'm also not sure about the balancing act between presenting your characters as poor and struggling to pay the bills but giving them a socking big ranch full of livestock and barns full of valuables that they can sell

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When he left Montana thirteen years ago Cade Coulter swore he'd never return But Joseph Coulter's first born couldn't turn his back on the ailing family ranch Or the woman who'd been given a home at the Tri.

Characters Cade Coulter's Return

Cade Coulter's Return

Ple CWith his irresistible blend of danger and potent masculinity Cade was the uintessential cowboy But Mariah Jones believed that beneath the loner's gruff facade was a man who secretly longed to reconnect.

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With his family Why else would he have come back to Indian Springs She'd made a promise to Cade's father one she intended to keep And now she was in danger of losing her own heart to the sexy guarded ranch.