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Borden Chantry

Fair fight Then one dark grim day a mysterious gunman shot a man in cold blood Five grisly murders later Chantey was faced with th. 455Louis L Amour certainly was and still is the King of the Western genre

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E roughest assignment of his life find that savage trigger happy hard case before he blasts apart every man in town one by bloody o. Either you like traditional westerns or you don t They reflect their time racist patronizing at best towards Native Americans and women are almost always relegated to he kitchen They focus on so called tough manly adventures with horses and guns Totally non pc and I completely understand why people hate reading them But we all read stuff that is not pc and this is my vice If you DO like westerns and you don t already know L Amour then you are doing it wrong and are in for a treat This is not a bad place to start It is only slightly related to L Amour s Sackett saga many many books about a single extended frontier family and you don t have to know anything about those books to understand this one it does help to know that there IS a Sacket saga thoughBorden Chantry is a failed cattle rancher forced to become the town sheriff to earn enough money to feed his family It isn t a job he wanted but its one he is really good at But his uiet little town suddenly is plagued with multiple murders and Sheriff Chantry has no clue how to figure out who the culprit isSo he starts to investigate and the killer s attention appears to turn on Chantry So in the end what we have is a very fine murder mystery disguised as a western Well doneNote From the dates read info it looks like it took me a long time to read this Nope I read about 23 in a cabin in the Ozarksbut the book belong to the cabin So I read a couple of books and then got my hands on my own copy and finished it in an hour or so Its a uick read

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The marshal's name was Borden Chantry Young lean rugged he's buried a few men in this two bit cow town every single one killed in a. When I started this book I figured I d enjoy it as I had the few other Louis L Amour books I have read I didn t expect to be trying to solve the murder myself and getting worried anytime a certain character came into the picture At first I wasn t sure who was the murderer as there were so many possibilities but it turned out that my first hunch was correctBorden Chantry was a great marshall and I wouldn t mind living in a town where he was the lawMy all time favorite part though was the judge s talk with the banker That young man is all that stands between us and savagery He s the thin line of protection and when he walks out there on the street his life is on the line every minute he wears that badge Laws are made to free people not to bind them if they are the proper laws They tell each of us what he may do without transgressing on the eual liberty of any other manAs with the other books by this author that I ve read there is swearing mostly using the d word

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Louis L'Amour was an American author L'Amour's books primarily Western fiction remain enormously popular and most have gone through multiple printings At the time of his death all 101 of his works were in print 86 novels 14 short story collections and one full length work of nonfiction and he was considered one of the world's most popular writers Wikipedia

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    An other great story of the west by the Master story teller Full review will be coming shortlyEnjoy and Be BlessedDiamond

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    When I started this book I figured I'd enjoy it as I had the few other Louis L'Amour books I have read I didn't expect to be trying to solve the murder myself and getting worried anytime a certain character came into the pic

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    A historical western murder mystery sounded really good and I wanted to snatch up Louis L'amour Audio stories so it was a win winBorden Chantry the young town sheriff comes back from bringing in a horse thief only to have a dead body on his han

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    455Louis L'Amour certainly was and still is the King of the Western genre

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    Louis Lamour adds 2 things to all his westerns on top of being a fine story teller who writes in an economic easily read script of courseHe likes to spend time with historic characters places and events from those times; andHe always like to ma

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    Second book in the Chantry series follows you guessed it the story of Borden ChantryHe used to be a rancher but a frost wiped out his herd and so he is now a Sherriff in a small townWith his wife and a young son they are making it work even though she doesn’t approve of his profession because she thinks it’s too dangerousOne m

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    Borden ChantryBy Louis L'AmourThe Chantry Series pub 1977 over 200 pagesOVERVIEWA wild west murder mystery who killed the well to do stranger in town? The killer tried to make it look like a typical drunken gun d

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    Louis L'Amour is a ok book the book at first is hard to get into but once you read of it you understand it This book is filled with a western style noble This book is filled with adventure and a little bit of mystery The main characteris Chantry he is a cowboyheriff He is young lean rugged and he has buried a few men in his cow tow

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    Either you like traditional westerns or you don't They reflect their time racist patronizing at best towards Native Americans and wo

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    The book Borden Chantry by Louis L’amour is a thrilling murder mystery that involves a small western town of about 100 people in the late 1800’s It starts when a town Marshall randomly dies by a landslide covering him Then a man who was a cattle farmer but all of his cattle died and he was forced to move to town That man is named Borden Chantry he is then chosen to be the new town Marshall But when a man

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