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N to the vile town of Johobin She has escaped slavery and after connecting with the seer Thais knows her sisters are coming to find her Would she finally be reunited with her beloved sisters As fate would have it in front of her is the black winged archangel of her visions Perhaps he is her destiny For information regarding the Gwarda Warriors series and the author Madison Thorne Grey visit her website Look for the other books in this series Magnificence bk1 Sustenance bk2 Recompense bk.

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Silence Gwarda Warriors #4

Silence is an adult paranormal romance with fantasy elements The Gwarda Warriors series continues with book 4 The Gwarda have a plan Locate the archangel Thristan and Keirah’s sister Josel Rescue their Gwarda brothers from the god of death’s prison in Gamlock and slay the evil minions Lucius has created For five long years Thristan an archangel of Vehaven has been behind an invisible shield at a pond in the cursed forest of Surchin Before being exiled to the human realm by his frien.

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D Sorvus he was told that the Gwarda race are his brothers but the only brother Thristan wants to see is his twin Eyramus Is his brother still a part of Lucius’s evil army After all these years a strange new power awakens within Thristan as he watches a beautiful female rush toward the pond and into his life Will he finally have the power to break the shield The druid Josel is on the run with hideous black beasts at her heels She was separated from her sisters many months ago and take.

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    Another great addition to the series Thanks for a great read MadisonI can't wait for the next one

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    Excellent book can't wait for the next

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