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Teractive learning supplements a including the popular Cram for the Exam not only help you learn and retain reuired information but also practice applying the concepts and taking the practice broker licensing exam Material for the 30 Hour Remedial Course are available in a separate book ISBN 0324783574 to cover the new material added to the Salesperson licensing reuirement.

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New York real estate for brokers

S effective July 1 2008 Completely revised for enhanced readability the new edition presents all material in simple language using a direct writing style balancing reading comprehension with visual reinforcement The workbook approach is punctuated with numerous examples illustrations and website listings throughout each chapter to engage you and give you real life experien.

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Accurate and well researched New York Real Estate for Brokers 4e matches the content and chronology of the New York State reuired syllabus for preparing for the New York Real Estate Broker's License Focused exclusively on broker reuired information it follows the NYS syllabus including order of presentation learning objectives key terms and outline of material A host of in.